Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend Recap

Lots of family (and friend!) time this weekend which did my heart good. 
Let's get into the recapping...

I got home from work on Friday to find a man pillaging through the finds he stole his grandma gave him (she's selling her home and getting rid of a lot of items) when he went to visit during the day ;) he came away with a dart board for the basement, several holiday decorations, and I got some beautiful serving pieces. 

Nothing is overtly my taste, except the white tree candle and the cookie jar (which I about cried upon seeing because it's so darn cute), but I'm happy to have them since they were Sammy's grandma's.

I love these and want to possibly use them as display pieces around the holidays. Such a treat to find out the one with the lid was made in Italy and the dish was made in France. #Legit

After eating dinner outside, we did a little cleaning, and I got to making a lemon pie I wanted to serve on Saturday when Sammy's family was over. Neither of us were with his dad for Father's Day, so I wanted to make him a little something (he loves lemon!) so we could celebrate together on Saturday. 

We relaxed and went to bed relatively early as we were both exhausted from the week.

We got up early Saturday morning and headed over to the farmer's market in town. I've been itching to go and while there weren't a ton of vendors, it was still pretty cute!

We didn't end up buying anything only because I didn't have any recipes in mind to use anything people were selling (I probably should have done a little research prior to going...), but I'll definitely be picking up some stuff to cook with once we have a little more time and plan to be eating at home on the weekends.

After that, we made yet another stop to Home Depot which has quickly become one of my least favorite places. I don't understand how a place so organized can be so difficult to find things in.

But look how handsome my shopping partner is!

Our list consisted mostly of grilling and gardening related items with some light bulbs thrown in for good measure. We picked up some house plants that I'm in love with and I'm so happy Sammy was up for getting them.

We came home and unloaded, Sammy did a little gardening while I started to get ready, and waited for his parents to arrive. We hung around the house for a little while with them before heading over to Three Oaks to meet his cousin (our photographer) and his brother's family for our family pictures.

Our niece was less than thrilled to be there (we think she's teething), so hopefully the group shots turned out okay haha. We took individual couple photos and I'm really excited to see how those turned out.

It was so sunny on Saturday that we had to use an umbrella to shade each other as we all took pictures...Sammy was cracking me up as the "assistant."

After pictures we all came back to our house to hang out with some appetizers and pie before our dinner reservations. I was born to host, I swear. I may not be any good at it, but I was born to do it. It just feeds my soul to host people in our house.

And this little girl has learned how to climb stairs... ;) It was so fun having her crawl and try to walk  all over the house. 

We headed to Da Baffone's around 5 p.m. for dinner to celebrate Sammy's parent's 30th wedding anniversary. The food wasn't as good as the first time Sammy and I went, but it was still a nice meal, and even better to be together to celebrate such a lovely milestone.

Sammy's family headed home after dinner and we went downtown to meet up with our friends who were going out to celebrate a few birthdays. We met up at our friend's brother's apartment who happens to have the best view of the best city in the world.

Got to celebrate one of my favorite girls.

Found this in my camera roll because my super sober self obviously felt this was necessary to capture... my favorite drunk food. For the record, I was told we would not be out this late... girlfriend can't always hang like she used to, but I stayed up for the Goldfish.

I wasn't hungover the next morning by any means but I also wasn't moving at lightening speed either, so I took it easy in the morning lounging around on the couch with Sammy before he went into work.

I watched The Kissing Booth on Netflix which was equally as cringey as it was kinda cute. I did a few things around the house like emptying the dishwasher and watering the flowers outside (which was about all the outside I could take since it was in the mid 90s and humid all day) before my family came over.

My dad opened his gifts before we headed out for dinner and a movie. My brother filled a box with snacks and food items that have all appeared in various Seinfeld episodes and gave it to my dad as his gift haha. Can you tell we're a bunch of nerds? The two of them are obsessed with the show, so my dad got a kick out of it.

My dad wanted Mexican food, so we headed over to Cuco's in Cary for some tacos and burritos. Not as good as our beloved Taco and Burrito Express in Mundelein but it was decent enough.

We went to see Book Club which we all thought was cute! I'm a sucker for anything with Diane Keaton, so it wasn't a hard sell for me. And I now have a big ol' crush on Andy Garcia. I'm telling you, give me a salt and pepper haired man in his sixties and I'm a happy camper ;)

It was a really lovely weekend getting to see both of our families and having them in our home. They've all been over to our house since we've moved multiple times but it never gets old :)

Hoping for a pretty low key week before I head out on Friday for a bachelorette party weekend! 

Have a great week, all. xo

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy, happy Friday, all! Nothing major to report from this week. It didn't necessarily drag on, but it didn't fly by either. I had a not-so-great day on Tuesday, but the week luckily turned itself around. Happy to have made it to Friday!

On to the faves...

One favorite this week was doing all our cooking on Monday night after work so I wouldn't have to cook throughout the rest of the week (Sammy is working most weeknights this week, so dinner is on me). I was in the mood to do it so I figured I better run with that.

We had chicken parm on Monday night and I used the gravy my grandma made and froze for us AND basil from our plant outside which tasted amazing. Of course the picture I took of it where it looked amazing seems to have vanished, so here's this lovely shot.

We had turkey meatball soup on Tuesday night which, as you'll see in the next picture, did not at all turn out looking like this gorgeous photo.

Super appetizing right? Ha! And actually by the time we ate it on Tuesday, the rice had soaked up all the broth so it was more like a stew type consistency? I ate mine with parmesan and crushed red pepper sprinkled on top and really liked it, I just need to play with the recipe. I swear I can't ever make soup properly. I have a feeling Sammy picked out the meatballs and just ate those the rest of this week ;)

 We had slow cooker chicken fajitas on Wednesday night.

Another phenom photo, I know. Anyway, these turned out really well and I would love to add corn and black beans to them next time. I'm obsessed with putting plain greek yogurt on stuff in lieu of sour cream and have made Sammy a convert. So. Good.

I had plans with my dad last night, so Sammy was on his own dinner-wise, but we'll see what he comes up with tonight ;)

The backpack I got on Amazon that I posted about last week ended up having a jacked up zipper, so I had to return it. I ended up at Target over the weekend and I picked up this one and have gotten several compliments on it already. It's more functional than the other one, but I still wish these "fashion" backpacks were a little more functional. Major first world prob, I know.

I do love the lining inside, it's super cute, and when the side zippers are unzipped, the whole backpack gives me Celine tote vibes which I'm totally here for. Now I need to see if there's a way I can makeshift this into a convertible bag...

While at Target, I finally found the wallet I've been looking for. It's SO plain it's almost painful, but it's exactly what I've been looking for. I can't believe how hard it's been to find a black envelope wallet with a snap closure (rather than a wrap around zipper), but I seriously haven't been able to find one. $14.99, a ton of inner compartments, super sold. It makes feel incredibly adult when I pull it out and I couldn't tell ya why, but I really dig it.

We ordered this glass pendant lighting for our kitchen. I'm super excited to see them hung up, which I'm hoping is happening as I type this ;) We ordered the "Edison" lightbulbs as well but they're too dim for the kitchen, so back to the drawing board on those.

For someone who has such a hard time with light fixtures, and seems to hate everything, I really love this piece. We've decided to spray paint all other light fixtures in the house because it's cheaper and I just don't care to continue looking at anymore fixtures haha but if it isn't feasible to spray paint the fixture in the downstairs bathroom, this is the one for us.
I just love how this looks so much.

Another purchase fave I mentioned last week is this lamp. Really love how it looks on our half assed entryway table. Can't wait to fill that frame and get a candle or some flowers on here and call it a day.

I ordered these white wood floating shelves from Jane and I think they're going to look great on the wall over our couch, if it ever gets painted.
I also ordered this lunch box from Jane for $10! It also came with an insulated lunch bag. My mom's exact words when I sent her a picture of it: "Hahahaha. You really like your lunch contraptions." I DO, MOM.

For the last few years, I've gotten my dad Ravinia tickets for Father's Day and we go see a concert together in August. Two years ago we saw John Fogerty, and last year we saw John Cougar Mellencamp. So we have a theme of seeing badass men in concert. This year was no different, got him tickets for Father's Day, although, I'm not sure you'd call Steve Martin and Martin Short badass ;) I mean, I would, but that's 'cause I'm a dork.

My dad and I are super, super about the Father of the Bride movies, so when I heard these two BFFs were going on tour together and appearing at Ravinia, I knew I had to get my dad tickets. I can't wait to see what these two come up with. I just love them so.

The weather has been so dreary lately with a bunch of fog, mist, and gray skies, and normally I can usually vibe with that kind of weather, but it's been getting me down this week, so it was a welcome favorite to see some blue skies peeking through the clouds at the train station on Tuesday morning.

And look at this sky when I left the house yesterday...

Additional faves:
-Having deep dish with my dad last night for our weekly dinner tradition.
-Earlier this week the gears on my bike went out--classic--so I had to use Sammy's randomly one morning. He texted me later that day saying he had gone to the bike shop in town, bought new gears, and replaced them on my bike. How cute is he?


That's all for me!

We have plans on Saturday and Sunday, but they're chill plans so the weekend should be calmer than the last several have been. We're taking some professional family photos with Sammy's family on Saturday and then going out for dinner to celebrate his parent's thirtieth wedding anniversary, and on Sunday I'll be taking it easy and spending the entire day with my dad and siblings and I couldn't be more excited to spend time with them. If you know me, you know how highly I think of my dad, so any excuse to celebrate him is a win in my book.

Have a great weekend everyone! & Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men and father figures out there. We love ya.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Recap

Another jam packed weekend but full of so much family time and that's always my favorite kind of time. 

As I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, Sammy and I were both off on Friday which was so lovely. We woke up slowly, made breakfast, and chilled out for the entire morning on the couch. 

We did a little cleaning, made lunch, met another neighbor who is very nice, and headed out to do some shopping.

We started at Savers and got a bunch of glassware for c.h.e.a.p. which I'm always happy about. We stopped into TJ Maxx, The Dollar Store, Target, and Kohl's (to make some Amazon returns) before finishing off our shopping at the shooting range so Sammy could pick up gift cards for his dad and brother for Father's Day. Nothing says Father's Day like guns...

On the way home, we stopped at Three Oaks because I've yet to see it since we moved! It's maintained really well with a lot of amenities. We're pressing our luck with the weather this Saturday and hoping to take family pictures here with Sammy's parents and brother's family.

Our little Saver's haul ;) so pumped about that Spode Christmas dish for $4.99!

I started dinner while Sammy replaced the shower head in our master with the rainfall shower head we found at TJ Maxx for $9.99 (!!) and somehow found more shit to clean in the house. 

I threw some shrimp in a skillet and combined it with broccoli and a Mediterranean quinoa steamer bag from Aldi and it turned out to be a nice summer dinner.

We were pretty tired from all the walking we did throughout the day, so we took it easy for the rest of the night just chilling on the couch while intermittently doing laundry. Sammy watched the NBA Finals game and I read before heading up to bed around 11 or so.

Sammy got picked up on Saturday morning around 8 a.m. so him and his friends could hop on the train to the city where I presume they promptly started drinking Tito's ;) He spent the entire day outside at Spring Awakening drinking and fist pumping like the Jersey Shore lover he is and then went out to a club until like 4 a.m. I have no clue how that guy functions energy-wise. I would be catatonic by like 3 p.m.

I on the other hand spent the morning lounging around watching New Girl and packing a bag to stay at my mom's that night. My sister came by in the early afternoon to see our house since she hasn't seen it yet and then her and I headed back to Buffalo Grove. I did a quick change at my mom's before going to a graduation party for Sammy's twin cousins. His aunt and uncle always have the BEST snacks at their parties, I was seriously looking forward to it all week haha and I ate my weight in this shit which definitely caught up to me by Sunday.

They order from Avanti's in Mt. Prospect for all their parties, but of course people make additional things like Sammy's grandma's pasta, his aunt's corn casserole, and his mom's mashed potatoes. I mean, could I have more carbs on this plate? What the hell. 

I had to sneak out of that party early so I could head over with my mom and grandma to a family gathering on my side of the family. My cousin and his girlfriend had a baby a few weeks ago and his mom (also my cousin) had several cousins over so we could hang out and officially meet the little peanut. They had the best spread of appetizers too which I definitely didn't need to eat after Sammy's family's party, but I did.

Is she too much or what? River Rose. My favorite baby name to date. 
We had the best time laughing with our cousins and stayed until after midnight. So good for my soul, as cousin time always is.

We didn't get back to my mom's house until after 1 a.m., and because I'm an excellent planner, we still had to make the scones I promised to bring to Sammy's cousin's baby shower Sunday morning. My saint of a mother stayed up to help me because my dumb ass tried to triple a flour heavy recipe which is as messy as it sounds. 

When those were finally in the oven and I was trying to stay awake, I got Christina's shower gift ready. I got her the diaper bag she picked out (an every day bag from Lululemon and so pretty) and added two sleepers and some hats I picked up at Target earlier that day. 

Got up early the next morning so I could trek downtown with Sammy's mom and grandma for the shower. Loved walking up to their building and seeing these balloons :)

Christina's condo is stunning and I loved seeing how they set everything up for the shower.

They served three different kinds of sandwiches, pasta salad, and two green salads for lunch. Followed by fruit, cannoli, tiramisu, my blueberry lemon scones (they were really popular which made me so, so happy--it's not often something I make is enjoyed that much haha), and an obscene amount of cookies for dessert.

The favors were lemon scented soaps and decorated sugar cookies, which my cousin actually made! Christina's best friend has ordered from my cousin (who is a genius cookie maker) several times and didn't realize how we were connected which was a cute coincidence.

Our niece saying "hi" to the baby ;)

We helped unwrap the gifts which made the entire process happen in under thirty minutes which was great. She got lots of super cute outfits and books and I can't wait to see this babe using them!

Sammy ended up stopping by the shower so he could go out to lunch with all the other men and I have no idea how he was still standing haha. We both went back home to BG, so I could get my shit together at my mom's, and so he could hang out at his parent's for a little while. I even got a little snuggling time in with my Benny :)

My mom drove us back to CL and helped Sammy figure out how we were going to get the other half of his brother's couch (which was currently sitting in our garage) into our basement. 

On Saturday afternoon (after Sammy and I had both left our house) his brother and dad came by to drop off the couch and bring it down to the basement. They got half of it down there, but on the second trip down with the other half, they got stuck which resulted in several deep scrapes and holes throughout our basement stairwell. They felt really bad and his dad is going to patch it up and fix it this week, but it's just a project we didn't plan to do. Luckily, his dad is fixing it so it's still not a project we're technically doing ourselves haha. I repeatedly told them it wasn't a big deal, they were doing us a favor by bringing it over after all. Now I just gotta figure out what paint color that stairwell is so we can match it up. 

Anyway, my mom and Sammy figured out a way to take the second half of the couch apart, which Sammy did by himself after she had left, and him and I carried the two pieces downstairs. Not exactly what I wanted to do on a Sunday night haha but glad to have gotten it done. I'm sure he's not looking forward to putting it back together though. 

We spent the rest of the night taking it easy (it seems like we did a lot of that this weekend but the weekend seemed so busy! how is this possible?!) by reading and watching the end of Jurassic Park III (I'm obsessed with Jurassic Park haha) and some of Pitch Perfect 2 before calling it a night. 

Definitely not easy to wake up this morning--week two of this 5 a.m. wake-up is feeling considerably earlier than it did last week--but I'm already looking forward to sleeping in an extra hour this Friday.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week! xo

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