Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Today is the last day of #blogtober! Can't believe it. I'm also linking up with AprilChristinaDarci, and Natasha for Five on Friday which I'm so, so excited about. 

Today's blogtober prompt is a costume reveal and before 11pm last night I didn't have one to reveal because I had planned on staying home, eating passing out candy to children, while wearing elastic pants. But, my boyfriend's sister-in-law (who I usually refer to as my sister-in-law because it's easier than saying my boyfriend's brother's wife and also because she's my soulmate) invited us to come over to their house tonight for a little party. So, very last minute by boyfriend and I decided to go as army people, despite my being so not rugged or army-like, because it would be easy. I get to wear my leggings, v-neck, and my army green jacket, which incidentally is my go-to fall look anyway, (also some smudged black face paint and $1 store accessories) and he gets to get decked out in camo which I know he's pumped for. 

Hoping to end up looking something like this:

But with less camo because who needs that much camo in their life? Definitely rocking a dark lip because everyone needs that in their life. 

But also, in yesterday's post, Taylor mentioned that the last post of blogtober could be Halloween themed or related so that's what I'm also going to do (in Five on Friday format of course!). Here are some things I've been loving this fall: 

ONE // 

These two candles from Bath & Body Works. As of late, I'm obsessed with their candles and picked these up when they had their 2 for $22 sale. I used up flannel first and loved it. It's a masculine, musky scent that's warm and inviting. I loved lighting it in the beginning of the fall season because it definitely got me in the spirit. I just broke out the autumn candle this week and love this one as well. It's a crisper, apple-y scent that's very clean but still festive. Love, love, love. Nothing like lighting a candle after a long day. 

TWO // 

Fall dates with my guy. Especially ones that include carving pumpkins (or watching him carve the pumpkin since I'm no good) and cheese fries. 


These adorable glitter pumpkins (from the dollar store!!!) that are sitting cute on my bookshelf.

FOUR // 

This guy as a pirate. I had to hold the fork like that so he would stay still.... also excuse the VS sweats. But don't excuse them because I make no apologies for clothes that feel like a dream. 


He is miserable. But the sleeves. My fav. 

FIVE // 
On my 21st birthday 
My birthday is this weekend so I'm kinda excited for that ;) You can read my birthday wishlist post here if you'd like. Here's to celebrating Halloween, fall, and turning twenty-three this weekend with lots of good food & my favorite people. 
So glad to have participated in #blogtober14. Thanks again to Taylor & Helene for hosting! & be sure to link up for Five on Friday! Hope everyone has a safe Halloween and an awesome weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

the facts

I can't believe #blogtober14 is almost over which means October is almost over which is crazy. Buttt that means my birthday is on the way so not so crazy ;) I loved doing #blogtober14 especially as an incoming blogger who didn't really know (and still doesn't obviously) what she was/is doing. It was nice to ease into blogging with previously chosen prompts which eliminated the pressure of coming up with my own ideas. I'm so lazy. But, it did get me brainstorming on what kinds of posts I'll be doing on my own and I'm excited to get started!

Anyway, on to today's prompt. The facts of me. Like a lot of people have been saying, I really like to read "about me" related posts because I think it makes the individual behind the blog seem more relatable and accessible. Plus everyone posts such hilarious/interesting facts!

So, here are mine which are probably not going to be hilarious or interesting.

-My brother and sister and I all have the same initials. The are ARMS. Yep, arms. Allegedly, it was not done on purpose. And yep, we have a hyphenated last name. Made for a lot of fun in school when your name doesn't fit on a roster and no one knows who the hell you are.

-I've passed eight kidney stones and I have a weird sixth sense-y thing happening telling me I have another one (or several) coming. I've been prescribed medication, for said stones, normally prescribed to men in their seventies who suffer from enlarged prostates. I am not seventy and I do not have a prostate but Yesterday after lunch I told my girlfriend that I was afraid I was going to get heartburn because what I ate was too spicy. She said "I love how old you are". Maybe I am seventy.

-I frequently dream in black and white which everyone in my life thinks is very weird. Sorry? I tried to look up what dreaming in black and white meant but it got a little to technical (aka I got bored). I kind of hope it means I'm old fashioned (I somehow made this connection between black and white dreams and black and white movies...) because I definitely believe I was born in the wrong decade.

-Like Harry Burns, I too read the last line (instead of the whole page) of whatever book I've started. I just love last lines of books and if they're not good I don't really want a whole lot to do with the book. & when I write, I typically write the last page first.

-I do not like salad but I'll make the exception for spinach salads because spinach is not lettuce. I place a hard no on lettuce. Like, why?

-I currently work as a marketing intern for a children's book publisher in Chicago and I love, love, love it. I just placed the first post-it note of my career on my computer screen like a BA. I also snapchatted everyone I know a video of my new office because I'm that girl.

-I love spending days in the city alone. Over the summer I was summoned for jury duty in the city but wasn't picked. I went out to lunch and read my book while I ate, went shopping, and saw the new Woody Allen movie. No one told me "easy on the gravy" at lunch, or that I was spending too much money at Sephora (because there isn't such a thing), and no one stuck their damn hands into my tub of popcorn. Complete bliss.

-The Golden Girls is my favorite show of all time. I watch it before I go to bed every night and know almost every line. It beats out Sex and the City by the smallest little smidgen. I guess I have a thing for hilarious, fabulous women in groups of four.

-One of the things I want most in life is a home that resembles the Home Alone house. I was very upset when it finally sold (since the suburb it's in is only about 40 minutes from my house now). I just needed more time... and a million dollars.

-I'm getting my master's degree at DePaul University in Chicago in Writing & Publishing because I want to stay in school forever and not grow up. Also, rack up tons of student loans.

-My boyfriend and I have talked more about our future pet family than our human family. We've decided on an orange cat named Oliver, an English bulldog named Henry, and a Golden Retriever (because everyone needs one) to be named later. We're weird, in over our heads, but we have fun.

& yes.. I did make this high quality collage. Welcome.
-I have to eat whatever is on my plate in sections. I don't go from the potatoes to the corn to the broccoli and back again. I finish all the potatoes, then all of the corn, etc. I'm not a mixer but I am an exhausting human being.

-I'm super neurotic. I have a hard time leaving when I'm with a group of people because I'm afraid they're going to talk about me. I'm so embarrassed by that but it's very true.

- I know more music from the 30's-60's than I do of what's currently "in". Especially big band, swing, jazz kind of music.

-I would eat mac & cheese everyday for the rest of my life if calories didn't exist although the real reason is if I could afford to it that often (I'm a broke grad student, remember?) because I don't place that much importance on calories.

That's me! Can't wait to read everyone else's lists! Link up with TaylorHelene, & us for the end of #blogtober14!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

birthday wishlist

With my birthday coming up on Saturday I thought it might be fun to put together a little wishlist of some of the things I've been coveting for my birthday. I always like reading other peoples' lists and thought it might be a fun thing to look back on years from now to see what I was "in to" upon turning the big twenty-three ;)

birthday list

1 // The Most of Nora Ephron  & Not That Kind of Girl 
      These are books I've been wanting to read ever since I heard they were coming out. I can't wait to add these to my collection (if not as a birthday gift then by my own purchase at some point).

2 // Clarisonic Mia
      I've heard such amazing things about this product. I really think this will do wonders for my skin.

3 // Disney DVDs
      Never too old, am I right? I decided last Christmas, as I was running out of ideas when people asked what I wanted, that I would ask for dvd copies of my favorite Disney movies so I could have a collection one day for my kids (and myself, obv).

4 // NARS Ita brush
      The most exorbitantly priced brush ever but one that I must have in my collection. I've heard it doesn't compare to any other contouring brush or dupe so what better time to ask for something you don't want to spend your own money on than on your birthday? ;)

5 // John Frieda Hot Air Brush
      I read this blog post on Cup of Jo (one of my absolute favorite blogs) several months ago and vowed to purchase a hot air brush asap. After realizing they sell the John Freida one she recommends at Ulta I decided to wait and let my boyfriend, who has worked there on and off since high school and gets a discount (hellooo), use said discount to get it for me for my birthday. Aren't I so nice? Haha, so I do happen to know I'll be getting this on Saturday (!!!) especially since he called me last night from the store to ask which size barrel I wanted. We're full of all kinds of mystery over here ;)

6 // Smashbox Master Class Palette 2
      Please, please, please birthday gods... send this my way. Just look at it.. how beautiful is that palette?!

7 // Lorac Pro Palette 2
      Another cheat. This is the other thing I asked from my boyfriend that I'm pretty sure I'm getting. I rationalize that he has a discount so it's okay I asked for both things. I'm kind of an asshole.

8 // Acrylic storage drawers
      I'm in desperate need of some storage drawers for my makeup area. Everything is laying all over the place and it's driving my organizing-is-fun-I-hate-chaotic-clutter (because I don't mind organized clutter ;) ) heart nuts.

So, there it is guys! My birthday wish list. Hopefully it doesn't sound super bratty. Minus the two things from my boyfriend I have to give a list of seven things to other people who keep hounding me for ideas. I'm seriously so blessed in all areas of my life that these material items are icing on the cake. But a beautiful cake :)

most embarrassing moment

Ugh. While I definitely live a life consistent in embarrassment, I can't think of a hugely specific most embarrassing moment. But I can think of little ones from my childhood that still irrationally haunt me to this day. Nothing like a girl who can't let go, huh?

-I took ballet when I was in elementary school. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She was kind and reserved which was perfect for the shy little girl I was. Well, after only having a few classes with her she had an accident and broke her leg and had to take a leave of absence from teaching. Her replacement was the complete opposite of her and I remember her making me very nervous. She was loud and bossy and honestly? Obnoxious. Her first day there she had us doing leaps from one end of the room to the other. Each of us went one at a time while everyone stood around and watched you. Of course, I went last and had watched everyone do really well which only heightened my anxiety and pressure to do as well they had. Apparently, I didn't because while I was mid leap I heard her yell to me "what is this, the Mexican hat dance?!" I was horrified and so embarrassed that I had done so poorly. I let her ruin ballet for me and I never went back to another class which pisses me off because I think I would have really loved ballet. See, still bitter.

Guess she was pissed my 9 yr old self couldn't do it like this..
-For some inane reason I decided I needed to give the cutest boy in our grade, the boy every single girl had a crush on, a gift. What was this gift you ask? I put a small cheetah figurine (one that I got as a "prize" for selling a certain amount of cookies in girl scouts... I think it was jungle themed or something that year) in an old jewelry box. Why you ask? Because everyone knew him as a fast runner...I know, I can barely type this. But that wasn't all! I also included... wait for it... a penny. What the actual fuck. I think it was because I was obsessed with Grease at the time and the whole "find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck" thing. So, I assume my intention was to pass along some good luck, although I don't think I can logically assume anything about my childhood mentality. And the worst part was I actually gave it to him. Nothing like getting a gift made up entirely of recycled, pre-owned items. Also worth mentioning is that I had never spoken to him before so walking up to him randomly and handing him this box of ridiculousness made absolutely no sense. Thank god I, embarrassingly enough, ran away after giving him that because I don't think I could handle having the memory of his facial expression after opening it. There is zero explanation for any of this except that I was a very dramatic child always wanting to profess some kind of admiration for someone. I also had to go to school with him from kindergarten until we graduated from high school, so, there's that.

Swear to God that's the cheetah (to the left). Can't believe I found a picture. Again, wtf...
Thank god my boyfriend handles my drama because little did he know he was next (actually he was first but I took a break from him to deliver that cheetah...idiot) good thing he took me back ;)

After those memories, I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's embarrassing moments! It's comforting that we can look back and laugh at ourselves. 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Shockingly, I'm not really a superstitious person or what people would consider to be conventionally superstitious. I don't believe black cats are bad luck (my dad has two black cats and they're little loves) or that stepping on a crack will break my mother's back.

I do believe in more spiritual practices that some might consider superstitious. I believe in burning sage to cleanse homes or specific rooms or spaces. I believe in spirit. I believe in mediums (hello Theresa Caputo my favorite person alive) and that we all have the ability to connect with our loved ones who have passed on.

Something that I do believe in is in the power of dimes. This is something that is specific to my family and the family of which the story originates. The story goes like this: one of my cousins lost her son (my third cousin... we're Italian so we don't count first, second or third cousins.. we're all just cousins) when he was only fifteen years old in a hit and run accident. After she lost him she was dragged to a support group she wasn't sure she'd like. While she was there she got to talking to another woman who had also lost her son. The woman told her a story about how when her son was little she would give him one dollar has his allowance. He would bring it upstairs to his room and bring down a dime and give it to his mother saying, "here Mom... this is for all that you do for me" and she'd smile and she saved those dimes. After he passed away, she went into his room to vacuum, like she always did when he was alive, and after she vacuumed the whole floor and was about to leave she saw a dime on the floor with his birth year on it. After she told my cousin this story she told her to look for dimes for herself and know that when she saw them it was her son speaking to her from heaven.

I remember my cousin telling me that she didn't know what to believe. She didn't know if this was just a story a grieving mother was using as a cushion to get through each day or if there was something to believe in the story she was told. Well, one day after she had just swept the laundry room she accidentally knocked my cousin's (her son's) jacket off a hook and onto the floor. She picked it up and went into the other room to look through the pockets to see if there was anything of him still left in there as well as to just sit with it and smell it. When she went to hang it back up she looked on the floor, that she had just swept, and there was a dime with her son's birth year on it.

From there on out dimes have become a symbol for my entire family that someone you love is trying to speak to you from heaven. We are always finding them in the most random places especially just after we clean an area. We'll turn back around and there will be a dime. I also never find any other coins. I never see pennies or nickles laying around but we do see dimes.

Maybe we're a little crazy, we know we are, and that's okay (I know my boyfriend thought it was a little nuts until he started finding them too and now he's on board). We find comfort in it and we always love telling people the stories of where we find them. Like, my cousins found dimes in the church pews at my grandfather's memorial service which brought my grandmother a little bit of comfort on one of the hardest days of her life. Whenever I see them it brings a huge smile to my face. They're a reminder that our loved ones are always with us. My cousin never did go back to that support group but she always looks for dimes.

I found this dime while I was packing for a trip to Florida with my boyfriend's family. I put that white shirt down, left to get something else, and when I got back there that was. 

This dime I found right after we checked into our (freshly cleaned..) hotel room in South Dakota. I walked past the desk to put my suitcase down and saw it. 


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Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear, me

I have a hard time telling you things you could have done or changed or warning you about things to come because they have made you who you are today.

I could tell you to be less cautious and to be more autonomous but you learn that on your own. You didn't need anyone to tell you. You needed the lessons. So, I'm not going to give you any lessons but instead maybe some words of encouragement or wisdom. Some words to put you at ease because sometimes I know that's all you need.

-Don't worry about being liked by everyone and don't let go of the friends you've always had for the "popular" ones. Don't be worried about being alone. The friends you have right now are the ones you'll still have over a decade later. They're still the best (especially for sticking with you).

-Don't worry about your parents getting divorced. The bad times will end and you'll realize the amazing relationship you have with each of them couldn't exist today if their relationship with each other didn't change. Always remember, "But if there's love, dear, those are the ties that bind, and you'll have a family in your heart forever." #mrsdoubtfireftw

- Don't worry when you "break up" with this guy in the 4th grade. And maybe don't rip this picture in half in front of everyone during indoor recess in your usual over dramatic fashion (but do go home and tape it back together like I know you will). He'll be back soon enough.. and he'll tease you about that forever. 

Sorry for the terrible quality^ but I had to ;)
-Never feel guilty about missing that movie or sleepover with your friends when it means spending time with your grandparents. When they're gone, you'll have no regrets and it will be one of your greatest accomplishments.

My handsome papa :) miss you, always.
-Take all the hints. Use a lighter hand when it comes to your eyeliner. You're not the lead singer for Green Day. Also, it doesn't photograph well, at all.

-Don't straighten your hair of middle school. You'll change the chemistry of your hair and your gorgeous curls will be gone forever only to be replaced with limp waves. I'm still bitter, girl. 

-Don't make your mom spend all that money on Hollister and A&F. They're a shit company with horrifying values and you'll be embarrassed later that any of her money went into their hands. Also, you look kinda dopey. 

-Please, please, please love your body. It's the smallest you're ever going to be (sorry... still workin' on that one) and you look beautiful. Don't beat yourself up and compare yourself to other girls so much. Focus on your inner beauty instead.. you have so much of it people don't always get to see. 

-Continue to accessorize the hell out of life. 

-Keep writing, and reading, and don't let anyone else dictate your passions. You'll still love it years later and you'll appreciate your dedication to what you love most. 

-These people below? They're going to be your best friends for life. They're going to be the ones you experience everything with and they'll always know more about you than you think. Don't be so attitude-y with them. They're some of the only ones who know exactly what you know about life and family. They're some of the best kind of people. Love them fiercely. 

-Trust your instinct. I know I don't have to tell you this because even though you are cautious and over think you always go with your gut and it has seemed to work out well for us.

-Try to live each day and appreciate as much as you can. Revel in simplicity and enjoy your childhood because you're given the best childhood ever and you'll forever be reaching to get it back. 

-Remember that better things are always to come. That fight with Sammy? You'll work it out. You didn't make Poms? So not the end of the world. You didn't win the writing award in the fifth grade? (yeah, you're still so bitter about this too) You'll get a better one later on. There will always be better days so don't worry so much about the ones that seem so bad. 

-& please, for the love of God, always love food this much.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Me & Julia

Who would play me in a movie? I'm not sure who would willingly play me in a movie but I know who I would absolutely love to play me in a movie.

Now, before I say who it is... my choice does not in anyway mean that I live in some delusional world where I believe I bare any kind of resemblance to this woman except maybe both having brown hair.

I've loved Julia Roberts since maybe fifth grade when I would watch her as a runaway bride over and over again in the small, VHS player attached, tv my parents had in their bedroom. I've loved anything she's ever done and I think she's just one of the most effortlessly beautiful women in the world. She seems like such a kind spirit with the most goofy laugh which is what I would like to be emulated about me if there was ever a movie made about me (god help movie go-ers everywhere).

^I have coveted this wedding dress ever since I saw it in Runaway Bride which has resulted in embarrassing amounts of research to see if' the designer is still designing. She is.

^I have wanted to recreate this look for Halloween for many years now but haven't gotten around to losing thirty pounds it. (speaking of weight.. my goal has always been a size 6 because she's a size 6 in Pretty Woman. Lofty ambitions, I know).

^Plus, who doesn't wan't  Richard Gere as your love interest over and over again? Come on.

^One of my favorite movie lines, ever. I just love her! I'll be watching this eight times tonight now. 

Link up with TaylorHelene, & the rest of us for #blogtober14! I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous weather with my guy who is just as swoon worthy as Richard Gere. Guess I'm a little more like Julia than I thought ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

my lovely Nora

Today's #blogtober14 prompt is causing this girl some anxiety. It's hard to ask a lover of books for her favorite book. Honestly? I don't know if I have one.

I have books that I love so much I could re-read over and over again and never get sick of them, absolutely. But a favorite? I think I find comfort in believing that maybe I haven't read my favorite yet.

There are so many books in the world that I have a hard time claiming one as a favorite. So instead of choosing a single favorite I'm going to mention a writer I've been reading a lot lately who is, not only one of my favorite writers but, one of my favorite people and has written some of my favorite books to date.

Nora Ephron 
 I think she's absolutely one of the smartest women who has lived. Perhaps a grand statement but one I will fully support, always. Her books are such easy reads but not the easy reads that make you feel guilty for reading them in the first place. They're relatable, and smart, and hilarious. She's so funny and witty. I haven't spoken to one person who hasn't loved her work.

So far I've only read two of her books. One novel, Heartburn, and a book of essays called I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman. Her essays are brilliant. I have this book on my birthday wishlist this year.

One of my favorite quotes from Heartburn ^^

She was such a beaming light and talent it is such a shame she was taken from us so soon. For those of you who don't know, Nora Ephron didn't only write novels and essays. She also wrote plays and many screenplays. We have her to thank for When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail along with many others. I weep at the end of You've Got Mail (Tom Hanks coming at you with a Golden Retriever in a beautiful, magical garden in NYC with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" playing... come're not human if that doesn't get you) and if you don't like When Harry Met Sally I don't want to know you.

She's quite literally everything I hope to be as a writer and a woman. Clearly, I highly recommend her ;)


Link up with TaylorHelene, & the rest of us for #blogtober14! I'm off to walk my ass up and down every aisle at Target and enjoy every minute of it. Happy Saturday, lovelies!

Friday, October 24, 2014

"A girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick"

I'm addicted.

Not my collection.. I wish 
I can't walk past Sephora or department store make up counters without stopping by. I only allow myself to subscribe to two beauty gurus on YouTube (Jaclyn Hill & Casey Holmes) because I become so involved in watching their videos that it's now 2 am and I have a melted Reese's under my arm. 

Casey Holmes // Jaclyn Hill 

I have rationalized paying obnoxious prices for the smallest jars of skincare products but I won't pay $30 for a sweater. It's one of my goals in life to become a VIB Rouge member at Sephora. I'm happier than a kid in a candy store in MAC.

I'm obsessed, you guys. It's usually irrational and I often times get far more excited about a new eye shadow palette than I should but it all makes me so happy. 

Although, as a disclosure, before everyone thinks I'm some obnoxious, bratty, high maintenance, girl... I'm not, I swear! I go bare faced more often than I wear makeup but when I do wear it I just really love doing it. I love playing and trying new things so it's more about having fun and experimenting with whatever look I'm feeling that day than anything else. 

More often than not I look like a version of this ^ ;)

Anyway, when I saw that today's prompt was about the one beauty product you can't live without... I said no. That's a hard no. Not living with just one, ever. But in lieu of a 30 product list I'd love to share the top 5 products that I almost always use no matter what look I'm going for that day. These may be products you've already seen, heard about, or even use so bare with me if this is boring! I just love talking make up :)

// MAC Margin
Margin Blush
This blush is absolutely stunning. I can't believe how much I love it. I'm pretty sure this was a Jaclyn Hill recommendation and even after I had picked it out at MAC I kept picking it up at the display to swatch it not even realizing it was the same one. I'm drawn to it every time. It's described as having a "frosty" finish which I'm glad I never heard before I got it because I would never have bought it knowing that. I disagree though, I find that it has a golden, highlight worked into it but nothing that I would call "frosty" (but I'm no expert!). This has looked amazing on every one of my friends who has asked me to do their makeup and they all have vastly different skin tones. I think it is my favorite MAC purchase to date. I would recommend it to anyone. 

// Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
This. I can't even. It is just too good. I'm a highlighter, bronzer, blush girl. While I love a good eye and playing with shadows and smoking things out, I just love playing with blush and highlighter. It's my favorite part of every look to do and this highlighter is just the best. I also love using each individual shade as shadow, especially in the tear duct. I also love the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter and have been wanting to try the Becca highlighter  in Opal.

// MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder

Skinfinish Natural Powder
Going right along with the "face" make up is MAC's mineralize skinfinish natural powder. I looove this stuff. I use it to bronze the temples of my forehead and a little bit on my cheeks but also to contour when I'm in a rush. This powder was recommended by a friend who works at MAC and I'm so glad she did. I have very oily skin and this works really well for me. 

// YSL Babydoll Mascara

Babydoll Mascara
This mascara was actually a Casey Holmes recommendation (I said it's an obsession...) that I was a little iffy about purchasing only because of the price. I took me a while to rationalize a $30 dollar mascara but there's something about Sephora that makes you throw caution to the wind, along with your bank account balance, and buy the designer mascara. After the cringe worthy price shock, I can honestly say that I won't ever use another mascara again. It's the best that there is and totally worth the price. It lengthens like nothing I've ever used (and it smells amazing!). A close second: Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

// MAC Media
Media lipstick

I know this looks dark but it is seriously the most gorgeous, vamp-y color for fall and it comes out as a warmer plum color on the lips and not as dark as it appears in the tube. It's so gorg and my favorite matte lipstick from MAC to date.

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end, you guys! You're the best. I.can't.wait. to see what products you guys are loving! 


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