Monday, December 15, 2014

these are a few of my favorite things {blogmas14}

I am loyal and traditional to a fault. If I participate in something I really enjoy one year you better believe I'm recreating it every year to come and you also better believe I'm holding everyone in my family accountable for traditions they may have started some odd years ago even if they didn't intend for them to become yearly traditions. 

I'm a sucker for consistency and I don't accept change very well so if that means participating in 37 traditions every Christmas... so be it ;)

Here are some of my family/boyfriend/friend/personal Christmas traditions:

// my siblings and I pick out our trees with each parent at the same place every year. One is a neighborhood tree place and the other is a small petting zoo (haha)
// we watch Home Alone 800 times
// my grandparents (now my grandma) take my cousins, my siblings, and I to a movie or play as one of our gifts. Then we have dinner together and make a gingerbread house

this is several years ago and my brother is missing from the pic 
// my grandpa used to drive us around to look at lights and I hope to continue this tradition in his memory
// my siblings and I go with my Dad to Dinkel's which is a German bakery downtown, we buy stollen every year, and then go to dinner at a German restaurant

// going to church on Christmas Eve with my Dad & siblings
// my siblings and I always have a sleepover on Christmas Eve. It started when my brother and sister slept in my room when we were really young and we've continued it ever since. Some may think it's weird haha but it will be one of my most missed traditions whenever I move out

// we watch Home Alone 800 times
// we make our annual gingerbread house
// we go on our Christmas trip instead of giving material items as gifts
// we try to volunteer together every year

Out shopping for our Salvation Army Angel Tree angels :)
// I bake cookies with my boyfriend's mother and her best friend every year. They always plan to bake 8 or 9 different cookies and we always have something comforting like chili mac for lunch. It's such a fun way to spend the day!

// one of my girlfriend's and I used to go to the same park in a little downtown suburb every year to see their lights and decorations. We haven't gone in a few years due to being away from home for college but it was a fun tradition when we did it
// every year all of my girlfriends and I have a holiday party where we all bring apps and desserts and different cocktails. We have a huge sleepover and gossip, eat, drink, and laugh all night. It's very rare all seven of us get together in the same place throughout the year due to hectic schedules so this party means a lot to us as a way to spend time all together

this is from our 1st party! this year will be our fifth one :)
// my boyfriend and I, along with one of my best friends and her boyfriend (who happens to be best friends with my boyfriend), go downtown to the same Italian restaurant every year, visit with our favorite waiter, and then walk around looking at the lights and decorations

 // I watch Home Alone 800 times
// I volunteer with at least one charity every season
// I wrap gifts in the afternoon on one of my free days while everyone else is at work or school. I must have mac & cheese for lunch, a coke or diet coke in my hand, and Home Alone on the television. I did it one year and enjoyed myself so much I do it every year now. It's the little things people, the little things

// I watch all of the classic animated Christmas movies like Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is coming to town. I also try to watch White Christmas which chokes me up everytime.
// I buy the stocking stuffers for each of my parent's stockings (since they're divorced and currently not dating anyone)

Thanks again Tay & Ash for the link up! Can't wait to read what all your traditions are. Traditions are really what make the season special for me so that's why they're some of my favorite things :) Happy Monday, loves & thanks for reading. 
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  1. Have you watched Home Alone 800 times yet?
    I love the wrapping gifts tradition! It's so cute :)

    1. Haha! Close to it. I haven't watched Home Alone this many times in one season before but I can't seem to get enough! & thank you :) I think it's nice to have traditions just for yourself as well.

  2. Aw I love all of your photos!! It looks like you and your family have the best time. And I must say there is nothing better than watching Home Alone over and over again. It's a classic!

    1. Aww, thank you! We do..most of the time ;) & yesss it's such a classic!