Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Five

Hey, Friday. So glad you're here.

 Linking up today with AprilChristinaNatasha, and Darci for Five on Friday & I'm so glad to be back. Today's five are pretty random because I'm 23 years old and much of my life is random. Let's get to it.

ONE // Obvious quality time with my significant other

Anyone else love "spending time" with their significant other while doing completely opposite things? No? Just us? Don't get me wrong. We definitely spend actual quality time together while participating in the same activity but sometimes it's nice to be together and still do our own thing. Here I am catching up on blogs {clearly April is a favorite of mine} while my guy got increasingly aggravated watching the Chicago Bulls. #solidbondingtime

TWO // The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe

I was so pumped to get this palette in the mail last week. Thanks to Jaclyn Hill {who I'm totally obsessed with} I'm now a product junkie and Sephora is one of my favorite places, ever. So, when she curated a palette for Morphe I pre ordered it as soon as it was available. Aren't the shadows beautiful? I was really happy with how the look I did today came out. {also, we're ignoring my floral, thrifted, grandma pajama shorts, okay? Floral, thrifted, grandma pajama sets are my kryptonite, OKAY?}

THREE // The Mindy Project being cancelled

K, I'm sorry but what? I was so upset when my girlfriend told me about this yesterday. I love this show! As if there wasn't a reason to hate Fox before there certainly is now. Rumor has it that Hulu may pick it up and I certainly hope they do. Also, I know the above picture isn't from The Mindy Project but I found it fitting. Also, The Office was genius so it's always fitting. 

FOUR // Stuffing my face at my boyfriend's grandmother's

We went to visit and have dinner with her last night and, ah, Nana Tina, bless this woman's heart. Going to her house for dinner is like going to a Disneyworld for diabetics. Everything is fried, stuffed {typically with breadcrumbs}, and full of carbs. Just the way I like it. She breaks out the gold trimmed dishes and the crystal glasses when we come like we're frickin' royalty. And the above plate? That was just the antipasto {or the first course}. We ate three more after this. She's the best human. 

{a mushy} FIVE // Life with this guy

I know this picture is incredibly blurry but I snapped it quickly in front of his grandma's house because I thought he looked so handsome and I wanted to remember this moment. I've been thinking a lot about the future lately {something I typically falter between being excited out of my mind for and terrified out of my mind for... I have growing up issues sometimes} and I can't wait to see what is in store for our future together. I love life with this guy. 


Looking forward to spending a low key weekend filled with a date night, baby shower prepping, and a relaxing Mother's Day. Can't wait to see everyone else's Friday posts. Here's to them being a little more pulled together than mine. 



  1. We do that sometimes - I might use my tablet while he watches a show or movie. We still feel as though we are spending time together.

  2. YES! I am so with you on #1! I enjoy doing my own thing so much more with Eric by my side! (But obviously I love doing stuff WITH him as well, ha ha!)

    1. Thank God! Love him but I gotta get my stuff done too! ;)