Friday, September 11, 2015

Five on Friday

Eeee, Friday! 

I feel like I can finally breathe by Friday. During the week, I go to night class on the same days I go to work (since I work part-time) so my days are extra long, but the train ride home Thursday night is so relieving because I know I can sleep in and spend my Friday exactly how I want (since I'm lucky enough to have it off). 

Linking up with April & friends for Five on Friday today!

1 // Haircut

Got me a pretty drastic haircut yesterday! I have to guess on how many inches my stylist cut off because when I asked him he said, "oh babe, I don't even know" haha but I'm thinking around 6-7 inches which is pretty significant for a self-proclaimed long hair girl. I'm really in love with it though. Good changes, people. 

2 // Started Weight Watchers

Another change in my life! After starting and failing so many other programs/diets I decided to join the one program I've consistently heard positive feedback (and results!) about. I'm looking to ultimately lose about 30 pounds and I've never felt as positive and inspired as I have since I joined WW. I realize it's only the first week but I'm clinging to anything I can haha. I've struggled with my weight and body image since high school and this is something I would really like to tackle and see progress on. It's definitely been a journey, that's for sure. Anyone have any experience with WW? My Aunt did it and loved it so much she now works for them!

3 // Bath & Body Works Candles 

I realize this is like one of the most cliche products in the blogger world but I NEED THEM ALL. Okay, not all of them 'cause like all the marshmallow, sugary ones make me sick but like all the flannel, apple, muskiness... give me. 

4 // Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Creamer

This probably shouldn't even be blog worthy but, like, what. Amazing. How have I not tried this before now?! Someone at work buys it and I tried it once and am now obsessed. I can't wait to try all of the seasonal flavors! This is my life, people. I get excited about coffee creamers. I'm 73.

5 // Marvel Universe Live

Yes, this is something I'm attending. (Dare I say excited to attend?) How did this happen? Oh, right I've been forced to watch 82 Marvel/DC superhero movies over the past few years because someone I make out with is a lover of all things comic and action packed. In an attempt to not hate my life during this movies I somehow developed an affection for them. Shit. Anyway, I bought Sammy tickets as a surprise and we're going on Sunday! I even have a shirt... We are nerds. 

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend (finally)! What's everyone else up to?


  1. Both my mom and sister did WW and had a lot of success with it. My mom lost over 30 lbs and is even below her goal weight now. She still goes to meetings every week since it's free once you meet your goal. Everywhere we go people comment on how good she looks! And now she's giving me hand me downs of her "fat" pants. Talk about rough. Anyways I think it's a really good program, I just can't really afford it right now!

    1. Oh, that's awesome to hear! & I'm right with you girl. My mom wears several sizes smaller than I do as is. SO FUN. I'm glad I can pay for it on a monthly basis as opposed to a larger annual price so I can choose month by month if I can afford it or not.