Tuesday, September 8, 2015

{Labor Day} Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend was definitely something. Packed to the brim with plans which I simultaneously love and hate all at the same time. I'm constantly at war with myself over loving a filled calendar and wanting to lay on the couch all day eating Trader Joe's cheese curls and crying during every episode of Girl Meets World (that was entirely too specific, I know). 

It was exhausting but a good kind of exhausting that makes you so very grateful for all the blessings you have. Eggplant parmesan sandwiches, concerts in the park, tilt-a-whirl rides, family dinners, little league games, and cuddling up with one of my favorite people are all my kind of blessings. 

Here's how this past weekend went down…

Friday after work, Sammy and I packed up the car with our chairs, blanket, and empty picnic basket before heading to Trader Joe's to grab a few snacks and then head over to Ravinia (which is an outdoor concert park near our houses) to see Frank Sinatra Jr. perform. I've been an avid, beyond obsessive Frank Sinatra fan since I was a toddler when my Grandma began forcing me to listen to him and I'm so glad she did. He is my favorite sound and I was thrilled to be able to see someone in his bloodline in real life. 

We kept it pretty simple and did some baguettes, salami, provolone and bocconcini, chips and guacamole, fresh fruit, and a bottle of Lambrusco which is my favorite wine from TJ's. Can't beat a $4.99 bottle of wine! ;)

Neither of us could get a good picture but we had really good seats on the lawn and were able to pretty easily view the screens when they showed photographs, video clips, and newspaper headlines of Sinatra throughout the show. 

The weather was perfect (it didn't even rain which always happens when I go to Ravinia), our little picnic was great, and the music was clearly perfection. I may have even teared up a few times ;)

On Saturday, I went to Sammy's little league football game where they won again! The kids were so cute and I feel like I'm starting to learn how the game works which makes it more fun to watch. I'm learning with the best of the 7-year-olds. Swear to God, I have to have downs explained to me every time. I'm more of a baseball girl. 

One of my best girlfriends is dating one of Sammy's best friends, who also happens to be a coach with Sammy, so we get to go to the games together and spend the hour catching up which I love. 

It was so hot on Saturday that we sweat through our clothes entirely, so we immediately went home, showered and changed, and then met up with Sammy's family to watch his cousins' soccer game. It was a lot of sports this weekend, folks. A lot of sports for this girl. ;) Luckily, we got to spend some quality time with them at dinner for sushi.


For any sushi lovers in the suburban area of Chicago, I definitely recommend Wild Fish in downtown Arlington Heights for fresh sushi. A little pricy, but so good. 

On Sunday, I went with my Dad, brother, and Sammy to the Taste of Melrose which is primarily Italian food. Yes, it was another Italian fest but this is the one I wait all year for. If you're in the Chicagoland area, do yourself a favor and get over to Melrose Park over Labor Day weekend. The food can't be beat. 

Traditional tilt-a-whirl ride. One of my favorite things in life.

Afterward, we had a family dinner with Sammy's brother, sister-in-law, and her family. It was nice to be together, chill out with some cocktails, and plays bags all night.

On Monday I was able to get a lot done at home aka cleaning my room, doing several loads of laundry,  and getting myself ready for school to start this week. Last first quarter of school EVER. Bittersweet but I think I'm finally ready for school to be over. Still have a few things left to do meaning I have to go on a Target run and buy far more than I actually need.

Later on in the afternoon I went over to Sammy's house to chill out and have dinner with his brother and sister-in-law with his parents this time. I went home early and got to spend some time with my family before heading to bed.

It was definitely a packed weekend, and I'm looking forward to next weekend being a little calmer, but a feel good weekend nonetheless.

Hope everyone's long weekend was filled with all of life's good stuff. 

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