Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday {holiday recipe edition}

Two F's today people. Friday & Food. Cue Julie Andrews because these are a few of my favorite things.

I have two holiday parties at work in the next two weeks that I need to bring a "dish to share" to, so in keeping with my festive themed Five on Friday posts I thought I would round up five recipes I'm hoping to make this season for some upcoming parties and for my family as well!

One // Peanut Blossom Cookies

So these cookies might be my favorite cookies of all time. Like ever. I love a peanut butter cookie. And yet no one in my family ever makes them haha, so I'm looking to literally quadruple this recipe. I thought I would make these traditional favorites and bring them to our department party! One of my coworkers also suggested adding green and red sprinkles to make them a little more festive which I'm definitely doing.

Two // Pistachio Cranberry Cookies

This recipe is the only one (so far) I make every year for the holidays because so many people love these cookies! They turn out so beautifully. I just love the green with the red of the cranberries. Also, they're so easy because you use a sugar cookie mix to make them. I'm thinking I'll make these for the full office Christmas party since they're foolproof for me now. 

Our department is having our own little Christmas party next week (before we have the full office party) and we were asked to bring something sweet or savory, and if you know me you know that if I am given the option of both I'm bringin' both, so I took to Pinterest to find a savory brunch appropriate, yet holiday-esque, casserole to bring. 

Three // French Toast Bake

This looks so nice. I've made french toast sticks dipped in vanilla egg batter and rolled in crushed up chex cereal actually (so good and a big hit with my family) for Christmas morning before, so this dish feels so cozy and festive to me. 


Four // Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

I want this right now. Anything with hash browns I want immediately. This sounds so easy and delicious I may have to make this for this year's Christmas morning! I'll end up doing one half regular breakfast sausage and the other half my Morningstar breakfast sausage (ooooh imitation meat! I know, so appealing right? It's actually really good haha) so I can partake as well. 

Either of these casseroles would be great to off set the massive amounts of sweets we're going to be eating. I'll be sure to take crappy snapchat quality photos of everything. Don't you worry.

Five // Christmas Morning Punch

I have a ton of bubbly drink recipes pinned for holiday cocktail hour, but for something like a holiday day party where it may not be appropriate to be popping bottles, or because people don't want to be drinking something that has soda and ice cream in it (I'm looking at you g at you Grinch Punch) at 10am (except me) I thought it would good to find a recipe that was more appropriate.

This recipe does call for ginger ale but I think that's a milder soda anyway, so it may not taste as sugary as some other recipes. Plus it would add some fun work appropriate bubbles to the drink!


I sent my boss an email today telling her how excited I am about our Merry Brunch-Mas we're having next week, so I told her I was coming guns blazing wearing a Christmas sweater and an elastic waist band. Gotta have a game plan.

What are some of your must have holiday recipes? I feel like I need to develop my arsenal of great recipes, so let me know! 


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