Monday, January 25, 2016

{emotional} weekending

This recap is going to be a short one because Sammy & I spent a lot of time with family as we both have family members in and out of the hospital all weekend. Lately we've been constantly reminded that life isn't guaranteed so, even though we didn't get to "do" a whole lot it felt really great to spend quality time with family. 

Sammy and I got to spend a few hours together on Friday night when he got home from the academy which was really nice. I helped him edit the academy newsletter he's in charge of (I love that we can share that a little bit now since he'll get a glimpse of what editing is like) and binged some tv. 

The next morning I got up early because I had a mandatory Saturday class meeting to get to. After class, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some flowers, and I met Sammy's cousin Christina at her, and her husband's, new downtown apartment so I could see it for the first time (SO gorgeous) and so we could all go together to visit their grandmother since she had just had surgery the day before to remove a tumor. She got amazing news that the cancer hadn't spread (as far as we know) and will have another follow up this week. Praying to God she receives the same good news. She was in such great spirits having all her children and grandchildren around for the day. You would never have known she had surgery which was so great to see. 
& on Sunday... it was finally Disney day! Sammy and I got breakfast before we picked up my cousin's youngest and headed over to the arena. It was such a fun day to spend with her and definitely lifted my spirits after getting worse and worse news about my own grandmother over the weekend. 

The show was really cute and the skating added a unique and beautiful element to the classic Disney stories. Also, this picture is my new favorite thing in life. 

This child certainly is magic. 

After the show, Sammy had to get back home to pack up his bags and equipment and leave for the academy, so I went home to do some reading and try to relax as I waited to hear updates on my grandmother.


There was a lot of eating and snuggling with my pup involved. I ended up finishing When Breath Becomes Air and loved every minute of it. I have been following Paul's story ever since Joanna posted about it on her blog. He is such a beautiful soul and his book is a beautiful collection of thoughts about living a meaningful life when you're always surrounded by, or faced with, death. I would recommend it to anyone and left it on my mom's nightstand last night as a surprise for her to read. 

My grandmother unfortunately suffered through 3 small strokes and a heart attack since she has been in the hospital, all happening within a few hours one day this weekend. She has miraculously recovered from those events and is back on track to recovery even though she's still heavily sedated and on a ventilator. The nurse was even surprised she's made the progress she has and said "she must have someone watching over her". I fully believe my grandfather has a hand in her recovery and it was so nice to hear someone say that out loud. 

Grateful for some lighter and meaningful moments this weekend that gave us a break from some of the harder ones we've been dealing with. Hoping and praying for more good news as the days roll on. 


  1. Keeping you and your grandmother in my prayers. <3 I'm glad you got to take a little break from family stress this weekend and enjoy Disney on Ice. She is so cute with her little Olaf, I love how BIG her smile is! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Donna. I really appreciate it. & isn't she so darling? I just love her :)