Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on Friday

I haven't done a Five on Friday in a while, so I thought I'd pop on here and join in on my favorite link up! It is a whole bunch of randomness this Friday which feels rather liberating after a week that felt so structured and scheduled. 

One // 

It's been an emotionally draining week for me. My grandmother hasn't progressed like we had hoped and it's starting to make me more and more nervous. We also received some distressing news about one of Sammy's family members this week and my cousin's baby was operated on as well. Luckily, that sweet babe came out of her surgery amazingly well and is going home today. 

It's been difficult dealing with everything on my own this week. I'm rather selective with who I go to with problems especially since I tend to get emotional easily, and with Sammy being gone during the week at the academy, I felt kind of isolated and alone. Luckily I have my family around me but we all deal with things differently, so it's been kind of a tough week dealing with this (while also keeping it together for work and school). Definitely in need of some prayers and healing vibes, that's for sure. 

Two // 
I have really been loving my journey with the OLW project. With this past week being so hard I found myself reminding myself to find the magic in every day even during the times when it seems magic would be severely missing because those have been the times when finding that magic has been most significant to me.

This practice has changed my perspective dramatically in this first week of putting it to use, so I can't wait to see what it will show me throughout this entire year. I had to include this quote because it's, A, Cinderella, B, has the word magic in it hehe, and C, because I've been repeating this quote over and over in my head the last few days which has helped my mood in general. 

Three // 
I have been obsessed with Anne of Green Gables lately. I got the entire book set for Christmas, the miniseries, and have been watching and reading, well, obsessively. 

I read that one of the writer's from Breaking Bad is going to be writing a new Anne of Green Gables series with the CBC and I'm so thrilled I can't stand it! I am a little worried though only because I love the Kevin Sullivan mini-series so much, but I'm sure this will be good as well. 

Also, more fun AOGG stuff: this buzzfeed article about Gilbert Blythe melting everyone's hearts and this Anne of Green Gables inspired wedding is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Isn't Gilbert Blythe such a dream?

Four //
We had to read two Anne Lamott pieces for one of my workshop classes this week and I was so glad when I saw her name on the reading list because she's one of my very favorite writers. The two pieces are called "Shitty First Drafts" and "Perfectionism" and they're amazing pieces for all you writers out there to immerse yourself in. They're all about allowing your work to suck, and that it's okay and it needs to be shitty before it can be better. Also how limiting and soul crushing the need for perfection is. They're such liberating pieces from her famous Bird by Bird book about writing. She's absolutely a vision. I would recommend all creative people {which is all of us since we all have the capability of being creative} to read her. 

She also writes beautifully about God, faith, her family, and loathing Donald Trump. She is such a wonder. 

Five // 
This Sunday is the day! Disney on Ice! I hope with everything going on with both of our families we're still able to go because I could use a little bit of that incomparable Disney magic. 


I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead! I'm definitely going to be trying to stay as positive as possible and enjoy everything I can.


  1. I love that you're loving OLW! I need to get back on track with my word. So many quotes you shared are amazing, I need to check out Anne Lamott asap! Disney on Ice sounds pretty fantastic!
    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, wishing you a bit of an easier week! <3

    1. Yes, I have been loving it! I'm anxious for the next prompts to come out (especially since I felt like the first ones were introductory, so I'll be interested to see how she gets more specific with them)! & omg please check her out. She's one of my favorite people for advice like on all things. She's so smart and relatable.

      Thanks so much, love. I appreciate it. I hope we're on the up swing of things now.