Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NYE Weekending

This weekend {starting with NYE on Thursday} was exhausting but felt extra long which is never a bad thing. Sammy and I both had Thursday off so we took the opportunity to get to our hotel we had booked for the night as soon as we could check in so we could make the most of it. 

But when we got there we discovered our room wouldn't be ready for another hour {this happens to us wherever we go it seems haha}. Luckily we had gotten Chipotle to take back to our room so we ate in the lobby while we waited.

Once our room was ready we headed up to chill out before the ladies infiltrated our room where I'd be doing their makeup ;) 

We had a really cute room although I could have done without the double beds ;) We had a king size and for some reason got downgraded. Luckily we got a free breakfast the next morning because of the change and because we had to wait when we arrived. Also, excuse Sammy laying on the bed. He refused to get up. ;)


The views were gorgeous, and as usual, I could not stop staring. 


As night drew on, I chilled my favorite wine and the views got even better.


Everyone gathered in our room before we went out where we drank, danced to Bieber, and took many selfies. 


I was not feeling the whole dress situation in 20 degree weather {also after all the calories I had been eating the past few weeks}, so I opted for my palazzo pants and a blush lace top. 

Two of my favorite girls! {our boyfriends are friends from high school so it's awesome we all get along. My girlfriend Tina, the one on the left, I've known since high school as well and she's been one of my best friends since}


All the ladies! {so nice to meet and include Megan into our little group}

A little after 10 we headed over to the bar where the "party" we had paid to attend was being hosted. We took selfies in line and didn't have to wait for long which was initially great until the bouncer took one look at my girlfriend and wouldn't let her in for absolutely no reason at all. 

We're very reasonable people and if there was a legitimate reason to not let her in we would have admitted to it and moved on, but he had no reason and basically chose someone at random to deny entry to. Especially since they her and her boyfriend got back in line and got in less than 10 minutes later… 


The whole night was kind of a shit show to be honest. It was loud, overcrowded, and under staffed which were all things they claimed would be under control. It was a complete waste of money and two of us have already written letters and complained. 

We tried to make the most of it but we were kind of soured by the whole thing {our friends who initially didn't get in left really quick because they were so disappointed in how they were treated}.


So we left after midnight and were home by 12:45 and we promptly ordered pizza since we were starving. I cleaned up a bit {because by the evidence below our room needed it} before turning on HGTV and falling asleep.

We all met up for the breakfast buffet the next morning and went home by noon. I was thrilled to get home and snuggle up with this face and do a little reading and napping before some family came over to have Chinese & Mediterranean food. Weird combo? You bet, but they were the only places open on the 1st haha. It was delicious anyway.


On Saturday, I headed up to Wisconsin with Sammy and his parents for Family Day at the academy. We got a lot of information, asked questions, and I personally took a decent amount of notes to calm my overactive brain down. 

This process is no surreal to me and I can't believe he leaves in a few days and this whole new aspect of our lives will be in full force soon. I'm not prepared for what's to come but I think that's what's going to make this journey such a lesson for me. There's only so much preparation one can have and the rest you have to leave up to God, the universe, the ones you love, and yourself. This year will be our 10 year anniversary and I have a feeling part of our long history has been in preparation for this journey together. We're a very strong couple, and while I have many concerns, I try to silence them by remembering our strength as individuals and as a team, and how far love can really take you in life. In my experience it can, at times, be the sole guiding force. 


When we had gotten back from our road trip family friends stopped by Sammy's house with their sweet little boy, Aiden. Watching Sammy with him was exactly the calming force I needed after a slightly stressful day haha. Doesn't he look so comfortable with him on the right? ;) He's actually really good with babies and it surprises me every time. Also, makes me giddy every time. 


I spent the entire Sunday over at Sammy's house just relaxing. We had a home cooked meal {thanks to his momma} and started Making a Murderer on Netflix which seems like it's going to be crazy good. People are blowing up my newsfeed about it. 

This week has been stressful for sure and I'm trying to take one day at a time because I don't want to start the new year off on the wrong foot. School started the week which eliminated three nights Sammy and I could have spent together before he leaves on Sunday but whattagunnado? I'm attempting to balance it all and I hope I can get acclimated quickly to this new schedule and balancing work, school, and social again. 

I'm looking forward to posting about some seasonal {winter} goals, the One Little Word project, and the 52 Lists Project. I get my book this week! 

Tonight Sammy & I are going to the Bulls game again and I'm so excited to spend the time with him. He's a good one, that guy. 

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