Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A birthday weekend recap

This weekend was spent celebrating one of my favorite people. We spent our Friday night as we usually do: lounging, eating, and me taking early evening naps while Sammy works. He then spends the rest of the evening trying to wake me up which I'm sure is thrilling for him ;) 


Saturday was Sammy's 24th birthday! After he ran a few errands in the morning we spent the afternoon eating burgers and fries at Bulldogs in Wauconda. 

That cute birthday boy!


There were lots of burgers on the menu and every combination could be made with a veggie burger, so I was able to eat anything I wanted! which is unusual for me so it was fun having so many options.
We loved the retro vibe and the tin ceiling featuring pictures of all their burgers. 
They played Aerosmith & CCR so I was in heaven. 
 We definitely want to come back and try other stuff. I'd love to try the baja fish tacos and nachos as well. 


Sammy got the "Main Street" burger which came with a huge onion ring and he added his signature fried egg on top. I got the "Scarlett Johansson" which came with jalapenos, apple bbq sauce, cream cheese, and bacon but I opted out of the bacon, obv ;) I loved mine because there was cream cheese and I would literally lick cream cheese off cement, so. 

Then we stopped at Honey Hill Coffee Company across the street which is one of my Dad's favorite coffee spots. They serve Intelligentsia coffee and it's the best. I got a vanilla iced coffee even though it was thirty degrees and had no regrets. So smooth and delicious. The owner is lovely, so if you're ever in Wauconda, IL definitely stop in. 

Before heading back home I gave Sammy's his gifts and he seemed to really like them! I got him a leather key holder thing from Coach {because he got rid of his lanyard when he got his new car keys}, Bull's tickets to a game against the Detroit Pistons, and a Michael Jordan jersey {I also gifted myself one a well because we're obsessed with MJ}. 


Later that evening Sammy's parents hosted family and friends at their home for pizza and Portillo's chocolate cake {Sammy's favorite}. It was nice to see everyone and have them there to celebrate such a special guy. 

On Sunday, Sammy and I did some more lounging before he drove back to the academy and then I did some visiting with my grandma at her rehab facility. We're so happy she's moving forward and is no longer in the hospital. Hopefully her therapy keeps progressing and she can go home in a few weeks. 

I came home and only looked at the tv for the commercials, to see if I won money from any of my squares, and Beyonce. Obviously. 

That's me being bitter for not understanding football as a sport. But also I had a lot of homework to do, so I really couldn't watch. Also, I don't know what a down is. Except for when seven year olds play. Then I know all the downs. 


I spent the rest of the night giving myself a mani/pedi, pinning, reading some blogs, and taking screenshots of stunning women that will make me feel totally inadequate when I show my hairdresser {I'm chopping it off again on Friday afternoon}. Also included but not pictured: Emily Blunt who makes me feel loads of inadequacy. 

All in all it was another great weekend. I'm always so happy to celebrate Sammy. He's one of my favorite humans and deserves so much celebration and recognition. His dedication to creating a life he loves and is passionate about is so inspiring to me. I know it's cliche to say "he makes me a better person", but Sammy really does. Whenever I'm feeling lazy or undetermined I always think about what Sammy would do and get my shit together. He has always overcome any obstacle in his path and has never admitted defeat. 

I'm in awe of every positive thing he does for his life and for us. He enables my Disney obsession, always grabs the napkins when we get popcorn at the movies, and knows all the lines in Home Alone. He's pretty great. I can't believe this was our tenth birthday spent together as a couple. Can't wait for the next seventy. 



  1. Hahaha...I hope both teams lose <3. That burger place looks awesome! I'm not a huge fan of beef burgers so I probably would have opted for the veggie one as well, I don't know about cream cheese on a burger, but I'd be willing to try!

    1. I think you would like the cream cheese touch on a burger. SO good. But I have an unhealthy obsession with cream cheese so I could be slightly biased ;)

  2. Love that you got your guys tickets. Such a great gift. Your giving me some ideas because my husband's birthday is right around the corner

    1. Ah, thank you! After several years it gets hard to come up with unique gifts each birthday, but I know Chicago Bulls tickets never disappoint so I know it's a safe route. I bet you give me some gift ideas once your man's birthday rolls around!