Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday Five {Valentine's Edition}

Hi, hi!

I've been looking forward to Valentine's Day this year. I love that it's an opportunity to acknowledge all the different kind of love in our lives. I like getting to celebrate in a variety of ways like I always grab mini boxes of chocolate for my parents and siblings as little v-day surprises. I love the idea of "Galentine's Day" #ThanksKnope to celebrate how great our girlfriends are. & even though that extra hint of forced romance makes Sammy and I more awkward than anything else, I still love spending some quality time with him, too. ;)

I love a holiday themed "Friday Five" so I thought I would post one this week with a roundup of outfit, drink, movies, food, and date ideas.

One // The Clothes

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Casual / I love the idea of a heart accented sweater or simple t-shirt to wear for a comfy night in.
Dressy / This blush dress would be so lovely to wear out to dinner.
Sexy / Eberjey makes such lovely lingerie and would be perfect for an intimate night. 

Two // The Drink

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Alcoholic / A strawberry mimosa would be great morning, noon, or night {in my book}.
Non-Alcoholic / A fizzy sorbet mocktail would be so fun.
Something Warm / Pink hot chocolate would be a festive spin on a cozy drink. 

Three // The Film

For the classics / I mean. Come on. It's Harry and Sally. 
For the candy enthusiast / I try to drop Willy Wonka whenever I can, so the candy aspect of this holiday has me rationalizing. Plus, Gene Wilder. Like let's be real. 
For the romantics / I am begging everyone, for the love of God, please watch Brooklyn. It is so lovely and deserves all the awards. 

Four // The Food

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Breakfast / A lovely Valentine's Day Brunch spread courtesy of Little Baby Garvin as usual since she's Queen.
Lunch or Dinner / I think pasta is so romantic and I could eat it for every meal, so that's all I have to say. I think Sammy and I are going to have a pasta making date night to celebrate Valentine's this year. 
Dessert / Strawberry, brownie, and marshmallow kabobs. BYE. 

Five // The Date

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Long walk / Taking a long walk while sipping on something hot with someone special sounds so nice.
Dinner & a movie / For all my classics. I will never grow tired of dinner and a movie.
Spa day or night / Whether you're spending the day at a spa getting a treatment together or having a DIY spa night at home… you really can't go wrong. 

*as a disclaimer: I'm a big believer in that all of these things can be {worn or watched or drank or ate or done} enjoyed ALONE. You do not need someone to validate your existence or worth. You want to wear lingerie and make yourself dinner and watch a rom-com? Do it {please watch Brooklyn!}. You want to dress up and go out for dinner? Take yo self out, girl. Go for that walk. Get the massage. Do, eat, and wear all the things for yourself. & enjoy. 

Valentine's Day should be spent celebrating the people we love and that includes ourselves. Loving who we are is so important to our individual journeys. Let's love all the people! Our partners, family, friends, and ourselves. 


  1. My bestie made those brownie, strawberry & marshmallow kabobs over the summer and they were everything you would imagine them to be. SO delicious and ridiculously easy to make! Hope you had a fantastic valentine's day! <3

    1. Ahh, I have to make them at some point! Thanks love, we did have a really nice night on Saturday celebrating Valentine's Day a little early. I hope you guys did as well!