Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday Favs

This week was kind of a pain. I definitely should have practiced more gratitude which may have curbed some of my complaining {which I did a lot of} but the stress eventually just got to me. Whenever I look back at weeks like this one I always realize that others have it so much worse than me, but that's sometimes hard to  remember in the moment.

Anyway, I'm glad this the weekend! Gratitude for the weekend ;) so, let's start it off with some fun Friday favorites, shall we?

One // Cupcake & Cashmere's "Time-Saving Tips" Post

{read here}
You all know I'm obsessed. So this post was no exception especially since I'm always looking to read how others save themselves extra minutes each day. I loved her tip on picking outfits for the week {slightly less daunting than picking out entire outfits} and the "top two" trick. I also need that wet skin moisturizer asap. 

*also. I grabbed the nail polishes she did with Formula X that launched today. Couldn't pass them up. I also couldn't choose just one of the colors, so I bought all three. Told you. Obsessed. 

Two // New Books!


Our Spring titles came into the office this week and we all got our copies! We make some of the cutest books out there. Look at those stinkin' animals! Too much. 
I may have also snuck a book or two early for my cousin to read with her little one. Worth it when I get pictures like that sent to me. Look at those little feet!

Three // Yoga Now Studio

For anyone local, I recently heard about this studio on LaSalle and can't wait to go. Their workshops and healing services sound amazing. I really want to partake. Like the Moon Magic with Yoga Nidra workshop? K. I need that in my life immediately. 

Four // Little Baby Garvin's Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party Post

{read here}
Again, you guys know I'm obsessed and I still can't get over this birthday party Jessica put together for her daughter. The details were subtle and fun but so on point. I want this for my next birthday party. AND the dinglehopper. Like. Yes, please. 

Five // The Sound of Music in Chicago!

I can hardly stand that my favorite movie ever, ever, ever is coming to Chicago on broadway! I've seen it at smaller theatres in the suburbs, and while I loved those productions, I have a feeling this one may be a little different. It's only here for about two weeks in June so I'm waiting for tickets to go on sale when I can grab a few. Ahh, too exciting. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to relaxing date night tonight & for the Oscars on Sunday!
Gowns. Popcorn. Chris Rock. Done deal for me. 
Have a great weekend everyone!

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