Thursday, February 18, 2016

LBH: Reasons I'm Annoying

New series idea on this little ol' blog of mine: "Let's Be Honest".
And let's be honest, this series may only last for one post, but I'll try to be self deprecating for more than that. 

I love, love, love Matt Bellassai like seriously go watch his videos {especially his older ones}. They make me cry I laugh so hard. For those who haven't watched, almost all of his videos consist of him complaining about stuff and giving "reasons why" things are the worst or whatever. 
I'm inspired by his honesty and willingness to just come out and say whatever he wants probably because I tend to edit myself way more than I would like to on social media, here on the blog, and in my own writing.

*I have to work on this*

Anyway, I wanted to do a post inspired by Matt and I must have been annoying myself when I got the idea to write about why I'm annoying. Because I so am. I'm even finding this intro to be annoying. 

We all need a little humility, no? Like let's just get over it. We're all human, we're all annoying at times. I'm just more annoying than others {but then there are people like D Trump and I'm like no, I'm the loveliest person on earth}.

But, ANYWAY, let's get into it. Here's to being humble and honest about who I am.

Reasons why I'm annoying:

-I am so loud at work. I throw things into my purse which ultimately hits some kind of empty container I hoard around with me making an obnoxious sound. I'm always smacking my ear buds on my table which makes a louder sound than you think. I'm a constant mover of things: papers, mouse, pens, post-its. It's an odd compulsion to constantly move things around when they don't really need to be moved. I'm sure people around me love it. Also, every water bottle I've ever had is destined to become defective so I even drink loudly. 

-I do this weird thing with my arm when I'm trying to be sarcastic. Like I can't even describe what it looks like. It's like something one would do during a square dance. I cringe every time I do it and yet I can't stop. It's the worst.

It's not far off from this kinked arm 12 year old Amanda Bynes is doing here..
-I never shut up. Like ever. It's such a struggle to convince anyone I'm an introvert and have anxiety because my rambling nature doesn't seem to match up to that. I'm working on listening more. I have a decent thought like once a week, so I don't really need to spew my shit all the time. 

-I will get annoyed if you prefer Jake to Fitz {even though I kind of love Jake also, but still Fitz) or Jack to Sawyer. And don't even get me started on Big vs. Aiden. I will get really annoying really quick on that one. Big always comes out on top. Always. 

like how on earth do you not prefer this man?! He's so clearly superior!
-I love Disney. I don't personally think it's annoying, but I'm sure some people do since I have to take it to an obnoxious level. I own several monogrammed Disney items. It's a love affair, and I'll always defend it, but I can admit it's annoying at times just because I can't be normal about it. 

-I never remember to grab napkins. Like stop being a barbarian and take a napkin. This is annoying to me and anyone who has to look at me while dining with me.

I am George Costanza.
-I never stop talking about Jessica from Little Baby Garvin or Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere with one of my girlfriends {and anyone else who wants to gush about them… aren't they amazing?!} and I'm positive the rest of our friends think we're equal parts nut cases, creeps, and stalkers. But it's all in good fun {and totally not creepy at all}.

-I quote the same movies over and over again. They are as follows: Home Alone, Space Jam, Sandlot, and Back to the Future. 

-I will listen to the same song on repeat until I'm sick of it which is annoying to everyone in my house especially when it's Drake one day and Chris Stapleton the next. 

-Christmas. I can't possibly be normal about Christmas BECAUSE IT'S SO WONDERFUL AND MAGICAL, so I become unbearable the moment Thanksgiving ends. 

I'll save the rest for part II {and III, IV, V...}
Top reason why you're annoying. Go.

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  1. This is amazing. I love it. I think I'm annoying because I constantly complain about the same things over and over. "I'm hungry." 10 minutes later: "I'm so hungry." Same goes for being cold and having to pee. Haha!