Wednesday, February 24, 2016

mid-week weekend recap

I'm here today pulling a classic Alex-couldn't-get-it-together-on-sunday-to-post-a-recap post! I know the world is waiting on breath that is baited (to quote Aleksandr Petrovsky's pretentious friend that one time in Pastis) for my recaps, so here it is ;):

Sammy had plans to go downtown for a guy's night on Friday night, so I stayed home finishing up some editing and revisions for a class and had a visit with my grandma. I can't begin to explain how happy I am that she's doing so much better. Her spirits are amazing!

Always love documenting her artwork ;)

As I mentioned in my Friday post last week, I had plans with some girlfriends to go to a wine tasting event near her house. I had so much fun spending time with them {and her fiancé!}, but to be honest I had no idea just how much wine would be there and how much it would affect me. There was a moment where I fell down on the floor of a motorcycle showroom. In all fairness to me this could very well have happened if I was sober as I have terrible balance. {but also why is there a motorcycle showroom in a quaint little downtown area? don't blame me for your mistake, village of Libertyville} Clearly I still have anxiety about it because I'm normally overtly aware of my behavior and had to leave the premise {and move on to the next tasting obv} immediately.

Anyway, here are some snaps my sober, and eventually not-so-sober, self thought was important to document. All in various snapchat filters, of course ;)

Eee! A wedding countdown at my girlfriend's house! // Pre-tasting snap

Some favs! {the one in the middle is the one getting married!}

I felt it necessary to document {at the weirdest angle} a bakery we stopped in // books I thought would look artsy

Mid-tasting snap // peace sign hanging in a pizzeria 

Chelsie // Sammi 
{always looking far better than me}

We stopped in like 18 {okay, two} art studios.
Random paint splatters I thought would be cool on my snap story // Sammi signing up for something she "felt she had to".

Chelsie with our new best friend {at this point in the day all I wanted to do was sit on the ground and stay with this dog} // easels to prove I have a keen eye for art

After the tasting we made it over to Firkin to have something to eat. Sammy was able to meet us there for dinner and I couldn't have been happier to see him. Based on my reaction to him you'd think I hadn't seen him in weeks but it had been like six days haha. If we're being honest again, I remember being really about my veggie burger and the tortilla chips we got for the table, so I'm not a great judge on the food beyond that although I'm sure it was good! I just wanted to eat and go to bed, so we headed home around 6 pm like the 87 year olds we are.

Sammy spent some time visiting with my mom and brother while I laid on the couch next to him singing the song from Spacejam because my brother mentioned Michael Jordan…. 

clearly a really classy day for me
Sammy then made himself an ice cream sundae and we went to watch Matilda before we both fell asleep. Naturally this is how our evenings go. This is who we are. 

On Sunday, I spent the day with Sammy running some errands {per usual} and then having dinner by his house since his mom was making pizza and pasta which is clearly everything to me in life.

I mean, really. 
& of course, this is the week I got back on the Weight Watcher's bandwagon. I'm also wearing my Fit Bit again. 
I already dislike me. 

I also watched him be cute as hell ironing his uniforms // & took pictures of recipes and apparently griddles I'm obsessed with in Bon Appetit 

So, there ya have it. That was my weekend. 

On today's front, I woke up with a charlie horse, forgot my computer for class tonight, and there's a winter storm warning for today, so current mood:

Things could be much, much worse Sophia. 



  1. Well at least you got a post up. Normally if I don't have one by 9AM on Monday, I just give up and say, well maybe next week. And wine has a way of sneaking up on you doesn't it? One moment your like oh I'm classy drinking wine and such and then the next you are on your a**. Ah wine. Fall and all, it looks like you had a great weekend

    1. Thanks for making me feel better about that haha! I try to do it even if it's far past the "recap" time frame just so I keep up the habit of documenting life. & yes! It sure does. Thanks for making me feel better about my fall too ;)