Monday, February 1, 2016


This weekend was much needed {aren't they all?}. There was a lot of cuddling, food, and moderate productivity as usual. 

Sammy came home a few hours early from the academy this Friday which was a nice change of pace. We had Chinese food with his parents and lounged around all night. Have I mentioned how needed this is?


On Saturday we ran a few errands and spent the afternoon at the hospital visiting my grandma. The prayers are working people! My grandma has been progressing every day and her doctors are even talking about discharging her to rehab so she can get more physical and occupational therapy. We're not out of the woods yet, but she's making progress every day which is amazing. 

Sammy needed to get some preliminary editing done {and by Sammy I mean I...} for the weekly newsletter he publishes at the academy, but I thought a date night was much needed for the both of us after all this medical news on both sides of our family. So, we scoured Pinterest together {which obviously made my entire life} and picked out some recipes to cook together that night. We ended up making meatloaf (and fake "meat"loaf for me), mashed potatoes, oven roasted green beans, oven fried pickles, biscuits, and salad for Sammy since I just don't get lettuce.  

Sammy also scored meatballs {buy one, get one free} when he bought a pre-made meatloaf, so that's what you see me burning in the pan above. My "meat" loaves look burnt as well and that's because they were burnt. What can I say? It's my lot in life to burn at least one thing on the menu. Maybe one day I'll grow out of this. 
For dessert we had cinnamon rolls {one of Sammy's obsessions} and we each picked out ice cream. This Ben & Jerry's S'mores flavor is my kryptonite. Like so good I almost couldn't find it in the fridge last night and flipped a shit thinking someone had eaten the rest of it. Like I yelled out loud. Over ice cream. Then I found it and cried. 


We had a really nice night using nice dishes & fancy stemware ;) We rarely get the opportunity to set the table like this {mostly on account of still living with our parents and not owning our own table let alone dishes or glasses holla! actually those dishes are mine, so there's that. #adulting} so it was a nice change of pace. 

I spent the early afternoon on Sunday with Sammy before heading to work. I worked a birthday party at our park district {a side job I do occasionally for a little extra money here and there} until about 5 o'clock where I soaked my entire shirt while washing 87 paint brushes and paint palettes, had a child attending the party tell me it was embarrassing that I worked birthday parties, and had several fingerfuls of cupcake batter standing over the sink before I washed the bowl. So that was so much fun. 

When I get home I spent the evening with my brother watching Grease Live! I knew it wouldn't compare to the original because you don't f around with ONJ and John Travolta {nice try, Grease Live!}, but I still liked the dancing and singing enough.

My mom came home from the hospital later and the three of us watched the first episode of Chelsea Handler's new documentary series on Netflix which I loved. I can't wait to watch more of it! 

 Monday is in full swing as I've been doing laundry, homework, and some other miscellaneous things like writing a letter to Sammy, meeting my Dad for lunch to plan some stuff for a county fair we work every summer {we run the culinary division thank you very much because we're not the dorkiest people to ever live}, and hopefully journaling by the time the night is over. 

Also, I'm reheating shrimp fried rice, hoping I don't get sick, and queuing Scandal episodes so I can finally catch up. 


Okay, bye ;)


  1. I was really impressed with Grease Live! It wasn't the original, but I thought they did a great job!

    1. Going into it I knew it wasn't going to be the original, but that allowed me to enjoy it for what it was, and I thought they did a good job too!

  2. I have such a craving for Chinese food! I'm so glad you're getting some good news about your grandma! Keeping you all in my prayers! <3

    1. Ah, I don't crave chinese food often, but when I do I crave HARD. & thanks, love! I appreciate it so, so much. It's working! :)