Wednesday, March 2, 2016

another mid-week weekend recap

So, it's Wednesday again and here I am with a recap. Can there be a mid-week linkup for those of us who can't get their shit together? It's actually kind of nice to look back on the weekend halfway through the week {'cause you're closer to the next weekend!}.

On Friday night, Sammy and I went and saw The Revenant which was crazy good although I don't ever need to see it again haha {I watched several parts with closed eyes ha!}. Like the rest of the world, I was glad Leo won an Oscar for his preformance because he was pretty incredible. 

Alejandro Inarritu is a creative genius and the angles he used and shots he got are stunning. Despite some of the graphic and gory scenes this film is one of the most visually appealing films I've ever seen. I talked about the cinematography and symbolism and all that other pretentious shit for the whole car ride home. Sammy loves when I do that. ;) 

On Saturday, I had a 9am class downtown which I was thrilled about but luckily it was the last one of the quarter. 

{my commuting views}
After class I took a detour with a girlfriend and stopped at the Lush on Armitage and grabbed Sultana and King of Skin which were recommended to me for my Eczema/dry/itchy skin. I used Sultana that day and loved it. I've already seen a difference in my skin.

Later that night, Sammy and I stopped by his aunt's for his cousin's birthday dinner. It was such a fun evening getting to spend time with his cousins and SIL. We talked all night about the important things in life like liquid lipsticks, beauty gurus {I'm getting them all hooked on Jaclyn Hill}, and our next cousin weekend. 

I wore this outfit and got all sorts of compliments on this vest, but I wasn't surprised since I only bought the vest because Little Baby Garvin included it in her spring roundup and she is the Queen of good taste. 

{all the cousins. love these people.}

I spent the day at Sammy's on Sunday, per usual. His momma made pasta carbonara {sans bacon for me} and it was delicious. 

The last two weekends have been filled with friends and family plans and we haven't had as much "us" time, so our Sundays are special. I'm looking forward to this weekend being empty of plans. 

After he left to make his trek back to WI, I came home to work on a work project and presentation {on The Paris Review} for one of my classes. 


I ceased all work as soon as The Oscars began because award shows are my favorite and The Oscars are my very favorite. Clearly I was upset Brooklyn didn't win anything, especially when I had to hear "Mad Max" come out of presenters mouth's every five seconds. But I'm not bitter. ;)

This quarter at school is coming to an abrupt end and, and on one side I'm thrilled because I'm so looking forward to new classes and a new schedule, but all the work and finals are quickly piling up and I can't fathom when I'm going to get it all done. It's gotta happen though, so I'll have to figure it out!

{me. currently. every day.}

Hoping for a productive rest of the week!


  1. I feel like I should have basic knowledge of The Reverent but I didn't know it existed until Friday when all the talk shows were choosing their top movies. I'm still not sure what it's about but I know that it was shot in Alberta, which I suppose makes it kind of cool? There's a Thursday "Stuff & Things" link up over at Hodges Podges ! :)

    1. As I was watching the movie I was thinking to myself "I know this is supposed to take place in the United States but I guarantee it was filmed in like Canada or something" and I googled as soon as we left the theatre and I was right. I am in awe of your country. Seriously. After realizing PEI was part of Canada I think your country must be one of the loveliest places ever. The film was so stunning because of landscapes.

      Ah, you're right! I forgot about that linkup! Thank you!