Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favs

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Hoping to get a jump start on some stuff for finals but other than that I'm looking forward to not doing  a n y t h i n g. 

The temps are rising and I'm hoping for some Spring vibes in the next few days!

I got some fun Friday favs today! 

One // Sephora masks 

K. These. Buy these things. They're like $5-6 and they're lovely. I've tried the eye specific masks before and just tried the full face mask earlier this week and loved it. They're so refreshing and calming. I want to try all the colors. 

Two // Jaclyn Hill's hair

Is it weird and kind of creepy that I'm obsessed with someone's haircut? Maybe. But I don't care because Jaclyn Hill is queen and I have an obsession with fabulous women, so it's fine. I need to chop my hair off again but I feel like if I did this I would look like…not as good as Jaclyn Hill. 

I also can.not. with her husband because he's the most adorable human. 

Three // Cupcakes and Cashmere Formula X Collab 

I mentioned it last week but these beauties arrived at my house a few nights ago! I'm so excited to use them. I think I'm going to start with this nude in "Latte Run" first. I think "Haute Sauce" will be so cute in the summer on my toes and "Peach Tea" will be lovely for an all over mani/pedi. 

Four // OYE Bikini

I normally don't post about bikinis, or bathing suits in general for that matter because they're not my favorite topic since I'm bitter about not being able to wear one comfortably {THANKS BBQ CHIPS I eat in my bed at 1am}, but this one that Amber posted about I'm obsessed with. I'm actually obsessed with the bottoms only and am really annoyed they're not sold separately. That bottom seems like it would be so flattering on so many body types. It might actually convince me to wear a bikini. Or exercise. That could convince me to wear a bikini. Or like not eating all the things all the time. Also, OYE... why your bikinis crazy expensive? Like stop.

Need those bottoms. How can I get the bottoms?!

Five // This. Beautiful. Picture.

Kristin Davis posted this picture the other day and I died. Look at these faces! Obsessed with this reunion. Just need a few more... and then they could all discuss SATC #3. ;)

The end of this week turned out to be a good one. Productivity was through the roof at work and in school, I got lovely {and super helpful} feedback on my essay during workshop, I got my bonus at work, I found out I made the English Honor's Society, I ordered my cap and gown for graduation, and the cafeteria had fried pickles and curly fries on Wednesday. 

Here's to an even better weekend! 


  1. I just laughed out loud at my computer screen for a solid minute because I also ate BBQ chips in my bed at 1 am this week. Wishing you some spring weather!

    1. Haha! Snacking in bed is such a problem for me. I don't know how I'll ever live with someone! Thanks love! We're getting some nicer temps today and into this coming week, so I'm happy about that!