Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly Reads | March

I want to start documenting some monthly reads on here because I love talking about books and I think it will keep me accountable for reading more. I will try not to include stuff I read for school only because there isn't as much effort in that since I have to read those, but sometimes we read some really great shit, so if it really speaks to me I'll may just have to mention it. 

// Me Before You

I think I let the hype of the movie, and what a lot of reviewers and bloggers were saying about this book get to me too much this time around. I feel badly in saying that I didn't like this all that much. I read it because the movie trailer seemed intriguing and I wanted to read it before the film came out. I finished it in a day because it was such a quick read. While I felt the ending was realistic, which it needed to be in order to be believable and not overly sentimental, I felt it lacked a certain emotional connection. I also felt like there were some character inconsistency throughout. There were also some chapters that switched perspective which I already dislike in general, so if it's a choice the author is making I feel like it really needs to serve a specific purpose and serve it well. I was talking to my girlfriend who was also reading the book at the time, and we both decided if those chapters were eliminated it wouldn't make any difference because they don't really facilitate the narrative in any grabbing way. Overall, an easy "beach read" if you will, but I was disappointed unfortunately.

// Why Not Me? 

If you didn't know, Mindy Kaling is my girl. She's one of my very favorites and I'm convinced we'd be best friends in real life. I know girls say that a lot, but those girls are lying. I'm the real thing. I'll be your ride or die, Min! So it was no surprise that I loved this book especially since I loved her first one. It's an easy, hilarious read but also has moments of real advice and truth. Also, any time I can read about about her relationship with B. J. Novak is a win in my book. #coupleswhoarenotcouplesbutabsolutelyshouldstillbeacouplegoals
Definite recommend if you like reading about the television industry, or behind-the-scenes stuff, and if you enjoy reading badass women which you should. 

//  Wild 

I caught a glimpse of the trailer for the movie recently and decided I wanted to see it like immediately {since I'm late to the party} but I knew I wanted to read the book first because I respect and admire Cheryl Strayed very much. Before I read, I weirdly thought I was going to like the movie more than the book {which is really unusual for me}, but I ended up feeling like the movie left a lot out, which I realize has to be done to a degree, but I felt myself longing for parts of the book to be better represented in the film, but again, don't we always want that from film adaptations? I did however love Reese Witherspoon in the film because she's a gem.
 I really, really enjoyed the book and it's made my admiration for Cheryl Strayed that much stronger. Although I liked the book very much, I actually prefer Cheryl Strayed as an essayist than a novelist {Wild actually began as an essay before it was a novel}. Her essays are poignant and gripping {not that Wild wasn't} and fascinating reads. I love how accessible Cheryl Strayed is while remaining unique in the messages she lays out for the reader. 
Wild is such a cool story about self exploration, grief, self-love and hate, relationships {familial and romantic}, motherhood, death, etc. I would absolutely recommend it and definitely recommend Strayed's essays. 


Well, those are my reads for March! I was hoping to have more read {since I read each of these in about a day or two} but life got busy as it usually does. I have a middle grade and YA I want to read for work research and also pleasure because who am I kidding? I'm not beyond middle grade fiction and neither are you. ;) Also digging into some Dickens for graduate school, so I'm hoping to find some other titles in April that aren't as heavy. ;) 

What books have you been loving lately? I'm always looking for recommendations! 

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