Sunday, March 13, 2016

Recap, recap

Back at it with a recap! This weekend was filled with family, friends, and good news as all weekends should be.
Friday night consisted of late-night calzones and lounging for Sammy & I. 

He came home ready to show off his new baton. I came ready for the calzones.


I had my girlfriends over on Saturday afternoon for coffee. We chatted about wedding dresses, future plans, and ate double vanilla butter cake with whipped cream and strawberries. There's two sticks of butter in this cake and I didn't burn it, so it was a huge win for me. 

Later that evening, Sammy and I met up with his family to celebrate his cousin's son's birthday at Lou's. It's always fun getting to see those cousins, so it was an enjoyable evening for sure. We came back to my house afterward and did what we usually do: pretend we're going to watch something on Netflix, but actually pass out until 1am when Sammy leaves annoyed he slept that late. We're such a fun couple! ;)

Sundays are reserved for laundry, naps, and Pinterest which is exactly what we did. Also reserved for taking snapchats of Sammy he would hate if he ever saw. For dinner I was super healthy and had pasta and sushi. And then cereal and then toast because self-control is not a concept I understand. 
I spent the rest of the evening finally buying Carli Bybel's palette and spending time with my grandma who I'm THRILLED to report is back at home! She came home Saturday afternoon and has been adjusting after two months of being in the hospital and rehab. She's so happy to be home though and we're so relieved and blessed to see her here. I'll be having a sleepover with her tonight just like old times. :)

Twins from the beginning ;)

This week marks the end of my winter quarter! But that means I'll be walking around like a zombie trying to get all my projects, papers, and prototypes finished on time. Hoping I can finish things early so I can tack on a few more days to my spring break. 

Hope everyone is having a pleasant start to their week! 


  1. That palette is amazing! That's great your grandma is back home too!

    1. Ah, I'm so excited to get it in the mail. I love her.
      & yes, thank you! It's so great. :)