Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ten on Tuesday | Ten things i'd rather be doing than finals

For those of you who don't know {meaning anyone other than the three people that read this blog} I'm currently working toward getting my Master's degree in Writing & Publishing. It's been an intense ride so far, but I've loved it {on most days} just the same.
Despite enjoying the program {because I'm a nerd through and through} there are plenty of days when I want to throw in the towel and this quarter has definitely pushed my limits.
As winter quarter comes to an end it has brought the inevitable "Finals Week" which has been kicking my ass.
Suffice it to say, this list could very easily consist of twenty or thirty things, but I'll keep it at ten for interests sake.

// Organizing my Pinterest boards 
Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Pinterest. Like scary obsessed. I currently want to rename all of my boards because I'm tired of how they look. Tired of how they look. Because I've somehow rationalized that this is important in life.

// Paint my nails
My Cupcakes & Cashmere "Latte Run" polish has started to chip, so it's time for a new coat. I may go with "Peach Tea" this time around.

Oh, stop talking about Cupcakes & Cashmere for like one post, you say?
Never. & how dare you.

// Baking and then devouring this cake
I found this on Pinterest last night after 2 am {shocking, I know}, googled where in the actual hell I could get maple syrup in a cute ass can like that {answer: Quebec, Canada}, put three cans in my cart, talked myself out of paying $27 in shipping, got pissed, looked at these pictures again, got pissed I can't take beautiful pictures of food, and cursed this beautiful wizard of a baker. So yeah. I really want this cake. 


// Stalk houses on Trulia
I'm not in the market for a house, shouldn't even be buying 90% of the things I buy, and have separation anxiety from my family, and yet here I am stalking Trulia like I'm ready to make an investment. 

Also, there's nothing out there remotely as beautiful as this Home Alone stunner. 
Since my part-time salary is going to get me in this ballpark real quick.
I'm "Bye, Felicia"-ing myself, don't worry. Also, I just started saying this phrase and people hate me for it primarily because I just say "Bye" {without the Felicia} in a different voice and expect people to know what I mean. They don't. 

// Watch House Hunters
And also Scandal {I'm behind, yet again}, and those TLC shows I can't look away from, and also The Office for like the fifth time in the last three months. Straight killing the social interaction game with all my tv time.

// Talk weddings with my bff
My girlfriend is getting married in June of 2017 and all I want to do is stalk her secret wedding board on Pinterest.
She's been sending me pictures of the dresses she's tried on and I'm obsessed with what she's loving so far. 

Like okay bye most gorgeous, romantic bride that's ever lived ;) 

// Organizing my closet
I have been itching to do this again for the past month or so, ever since I bought more things from Old Navy which seems to be like a weekly occurrence since their sales are the realest

I bought some staples recently and realized how much I could donate from my closet after purchasing these pieces. So, I've been itching to get in there to do some spring cleaning. It would be lovely if I could have a functional closet at any point in my life, but I try and fail, and end up looking like this:

// Read
I've embraced the 42 piles of books I have stacked all around my room. I've given up trying to contain them. Why should I? I've been forcing myself to read more this month instead of using school as an excuse for being "burned out". Books are too lovely to be put on the back burner. 

buy it here
The 576 page bible that sits on my nightstand every night. The ultimate of queens. 

// Buy Brooklyn on dvd
It comes out today, so realistically I'll be doing this before my finals are completed. It's SO good, guys.

// Spend time with my Grandma {!!}
Now that my Grandma is home from the hospital and rehab center all I want to do is spend time with her at home. I've been staying with her the last two nights and I'll be so sad to switch with my brother tonight since I have to work tomorrow. We've been staying up late talking, doing a little cooking {she sat and cut garlic today for the first time in months and it made my heart soar}, and watching Johnny Carson clips on tv. She is one of my very favorite people in this life and it's been such a joy to spend this time with her.
Finals can take a back seat to that.


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  1. I've been interested in seeing the movie, "Brooklyn". I'll have to check it out!

  2. I've been interested in seeing the movie, "Brooklyn". I'll have to check it out!

  3. I am soooo bad at stalking houses for sale - I'm always drooling over homes I could never afford! I really should be a realtor! Ha! And that cake?! Yes, ma'am! -Leah

    1. Right?! I've absolutely considered getting my license to be a realtor haha. & that cake will be the death of me haha.

  4. Too funny and totally agree with these. I'd rather be doing anything than studying and test taking!


  5. I had to take a final on Sunday and I definitely had a list of things that I would much rather do than take it ha ha! Pinterest is so darn addicting!

    1. I hope it went well for you! & yes.it.is. It's such a problem for me! haha