Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

What. It's a recap that's actually posted on a Monday? Big day for me, people. Initially, I was looking forward to doing nothing all weekend and although it started out like that on Friday night {Chinese food and a movie for the win} Saturday couldn't have been more packed with visits and activities. Also food. As my recaps always prove.

Like I said, Friday night consisted of Chinese food with Sammy's parents and a lot of lounging around.
Lent always makes me feel included because everyone is eating meatless on Fridays. I got excited listening to everyone's Chinese orders on Friday night because of all the things I could eat until I realized they were ordering shrimp fried rice because it was Lent. Whoops. 

After dinner we watched The Martian which I loved and now I'm officially obsessed with NASA and all things science. I added "watching a science related documentary each week" to my spring to-do list. 

Saturday was a crazy filled day but was so enjoyable. Sammy and I started early with visits to both of his grandparents. First to see his Dad's parents and then lunch by Nana Tina. 

Nothing like serving hot {homemade} sausage before 11am.

After visiting his Dad's parents we had lunch by Nana Tina {his mom's mom} and also got to visit with his Zia who was there. She's one of my favorite aunts, so I loved getting to see her.
Lunch by Nana Tina never, ever disappoints. That first picture is just "appetizers" which is craziness. She also made pasta with vodka sauce, breadcrumb stuffed fish, potatoes, green beans, and stuffed artichokes {which are my favorite}. For dessert she had cookies, as usual, and a strawberry angel food cake trifle that I want to make every week now.


After lunch Sammy received a phone call about his future that has the potential to shake everything up, so it's extremely exciting but also nerve wracking thinking about the unknown. Good vibes all around though. I know things will work out as they're supposed to. We ran an errand and then my momma treated us and my brother to a movie and a later dinner. 


We saw Zootopia which was awesome, awesome, awesome. So funny. Only further proving Disney's masterful ability to create detailed and magical worlds. We stopped at La Hacienda for some Mexican food. I had a sangria swirled frozen margarita {which calmed me down after I had a brief heart attack after I realized I left my purse in the theatre... luckily someone brought it to the front desk} and fish tacos.

It was late when we got home but Sammy and I hung out for a little while and when he left I hung out with leftover movie theatre popcorn in my own bed watching The Office. 

Sunday I spent the whole day doing homework and getting prepped for finals week. Sammy had reading to do for class so we ended up studying together before he made the drive up north. After coming home I did more revisions on pieces for class and in an attempt to prep for the week mentally I did a little pampering night consisting of a hot shower, at home mani/pedi, and eye mask. Finals week is next week and the assignments leading up to it {the ones not even included in my final projects} is kicking my ass. Can't wait for a new surge of energy after this quarter ends.
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  1. A good few days

  2. I LOVE your stance on carbs. I'm trying to convince myself not to buy this shirt ( It's perfection.

    That lunch sounds amazing! That sounds like dinner with how much food there was. Yum!

    1. Uhm. Thank you for saying that. Also. I need that shirt IMMEDIATELY and like 12 others on that site. How have I not known about this site?!

      Her "lunches" always feel like dinner. She's crazy. But I love anyone who can provide me with that many carbs.