Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites | Life Lately

I was in a pretty decent blogging habit until I let it go to shit this week. All of sudden it's Friday and I realized I didn't blog at all. Ugh. But! That didn't stop me from photographing every mundane thing that has happened to me lately. I'm sure you're all thrilled.

Life looks a little bit like this lately...

Some tea and relationship advice at work
{and my last week in our old space!}

Sammy and I spent last Friday night out downtown with friends. 
Sammy was kind enough to drive us and some of our friends so I could drink one Long Island iced tea and embarrass him with my dance moves as soon as Fetty Wap came on. #lightweight 
Note: the phenomenal picture quality.  

Saturday we went and saw his cousin's varsity soccer game. 
This is also clearly a quality photo. 

A little 1st birthday party action.
Looking psyched as hell to be here. 

Sunday we chilled hard AF on the hammock until we realized the fabric was ripping. 
Nothing has made me want to start my diet more. 

But not until I ate all this potato salad!!! 
Again, noting this photo...  I clearly did not care this week how pictures turned out. It's laughable. 
But Sammy made us dinner and we ate outside which was so nice before he went back to the academy. 


We finally moved!! Hence the leftover confetti heading into our new space. 
And there's my new desk! I have since decorated but I want to be a nerd and do a desk reveal since I've been waiting so long for one. 
Today, my boss sent an email around telling us to let her know if anything was wrong with our individual spaces and I responded with: "No. It's perfect. I want to live here." 
Always the professional. 

Speaking of professional... 
Here I am drinking prosecco in my cubical... alone... sans makeup {it was "moving day". That was my rationale} like the biggest dork on earth. I'm pathetically in love with a cubical. 

The invitations I had made for Chelsie and Dan's engagement party were delivered this week!  
These are the recipe cards I also had made to be included in the invitation. I had a little "instruction card" made as well in the same floral design. Dan really likes to cook so I thought having everyone bring a favorite recipe with them to the party would be something nice for him and Chelsie to go home with since most of the guests have already given engagement gifts. I also grabbed a recipe card box from Crate & Barrel to put out to collect them all in. 
 I've been making headway in the planning department and I think I have most things figured out already. There isn't much more I can do until we get a little closer except solidifying a color scheme and keeping an eye out for decoration ideas. Everything else is pretty set! I want to do a post about this as well to keep me in line with planning so hopefully that's coming soon!


This weekend we have another family birthday party for some cute 12-year-olds Sammy and I know, some binge watching, and major relaxing. 


  1. Prosecco is my absolute fave! And prepare to me to be creepy and comment on all your posts from now on. :)

  2. I can't wait to see how you made your office your own! Asking guests to share a recipe is one of my favourite Pinterest ideas. I love the thought of having a bunch of recipes, in a bunch of different hand writing and being able to think of that person whenever you cook that meal. Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Yes, that post should be coming soon since I pictures at my desk obsessively last week haha. Thanks girl! I liked that idea too. Totally agree about the handwriting as well. I think it's so personal.

  3. You sound like my kind of girl. I can drink one of something not even as strong as long island iced tea and start dancing to Fetty Wap! Ha! And prosecco is my faaave.

    1. Girl, I don't even like Fetty Wap. But get that long island in me and I'm Fetty Wap's biggest fan.