Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lookbook | Spring

As the weather has started to warm up more, I've begun to get more excited about putting together lighter, more Spring-y looks!
Aka less leggings and more skirts. Always sticking with the elastic waists though. ;)


I thought I would put my pinning expertise to productive use and compile a list of some of my favorite Spring looks I've recently saved from there.

By the time Spring rolls around, I'm looking to put together outfits that feel light and fresh. I think mixing materials and different textures is a great way to add freshness to an outfit especially if two materials are seemingly contradictory like chambray and chiffon.
I'm looking edit the cotton maxi skirts out of my closet and replace them with a floral chiffon one. I think it will have so many outfit possibilities.


Whenever I shop for new pieces I'm almost always trying to see if I can wear it casually, but also the office. Luckily, I work in a creative office where attire is on the casual side anyway but it's nice to look a little more put together when I'm in the office.
I recently picked up these black trousers, linen shorts {in black} and d'orsay flats from Old Navy. Where else? That store is my entire life. I'm going to get so much use out of the pants and the flats at work and outside of work and while I most likely won't wear shorts to work I think they're of solid construction that they could be dressed up if need be. 


Even though I say every morning I'm going to look through my pinterest boards for outfit inspirations when it seems like nothing in my closet will work, but my laziness always wins out and I end up half-assing an outfit and wind up late to wherever I'm going.

I've heard of people taking ootd shots when they've put together an outfit they like and want to recreate again later and even hanging them on a hanger next to the item of clothing or next to their closet. I was introduced to Social Print Studio and thought their mini digital photo books would be a great place to display outfit ideas visually in a way that doesn't take up a lot of space. They're also a great way to organize photographs since the albums are so small, you could create an individual one for different categories {outfits, travel, family photos per holiday, occasion, etc.,}.

Some of my favorite Spring trends are pretty obvious in the photos above: sweaters with chiffon skirts, chambray, light trench coats, and d'orsay flats.
What are some elements you're excited to add into your wardrobe or utilize this Spring?!

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