Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ten on Tuesday | Facts of Us

With our anniversary this Saturday, I've got "us" on my mind. I can't resist doing another relationship centered Ten on Tuesday post. This week I wanted to do ten facts about us! I asked Sammy to answer some questions with me over the weekend while we were on a date and it made for such a nice conversation.
So sorry ladies. It's about to get mushy and silly, and honestly, kind of great. At least to us. 

1 // How We Met 
Sammy and I met in elementary school. In second grade to be exact. I've told this story about 100 times but it never gets old. I remember seeing him come in during our "meet your teacher" day before school actually started. He was this little boy carrying a grocery bag full of school supplies. He had on a sweater vest and little wire framed glasses. Let's take a moment to repeat. He wore a SWEATER VEST to a not even real day of school. I was done right there. 

{Sammy's birthday party probably in 4th grade-sorry for the terrible quality but it's an old scanned photo} 

Our desks were next to each other on that first day of school and on every first day of school after that. Thanks, teachers ;) 

2 // How Long?
We've known each other for seventeen years and have been dating for ten. 

{one of our homecoming pictures}

3 // How Did He Ask?
Here's a classic tale for any of you 90's kids out there. Sammy asked me to be his girlfriend over AIM. AIM PEOPLE. I remember I was over at my girlfriend's house working on a Spanish project and I kept sneaking over to their family computer so I could answer his IMs. He asked me if I'd be his girlfriend using red bold comic-sans. Can't believe I've been with a guy this long who, at some point, preferred comic-sans. 

4 // Our Favorite Things About the Other
His: "I come home every weekend from a stressful place and with a stressed mind and just being around you makes me calm down. Sometimes we talk about work and sometimes we don't and that's okay {I think he's referring to good balance here}." He also insisted on mentioning one of his favorite things is "your attempt to be funny. The joke isn't usually that funny but you're attempt at being funny is what's funny." THANKS.

Mine: One of my very favorite things about Sammy is how passionate and dedicated he is to the things he loves. Loyalty is extremely important to me and Sammy proves his loyalty through his passion and dedication for what he values. He grows more dedicated to our relationship every day and throughout all adversity his passion for his career, family, and friends, etc., only strengthens. His dedication inspires me to be better every day and to prove my passions through action. 

5 // Our Favorite Dates
His: "The Signature Room was pretty nice." 

Mine: There's a little restaurant in Cicero called Freddy's Pizza. It's old school Italian and I like to think of it as our place. 

6 // Our Favorite Trips
His: "One of the Florida trips." I then made him pick a specific one and to my delight he chose our most recent trip which was to Disney. God bless him.

Mine: Excluding Disney, I'd probably have to choose one of our downtown trips. We did one of our Christmas trips down there and a trip after we graduated. We always pack so much into our Chicago trips, they end up being so fun. We love playing tourists in our own city. 

{rivals forever...Go CUBS!}

7 // Our Favorite Year of Dating
His: "I think the first year because we had reconnected after not talking {he's referring to middle school here...} and also this year because I feel like we've gotten back to acting just like we did when we were younger just..with things." 

Mine: I have to agree with him entirely. While I've loved every year for specific reasons, there were some in the middle there that were tough as we were dealing with all the shit that comes with growin up, but the first year was so much fun and light hearted and this year I think we really found our groove more than any year before {although we needed those previous years to teach us and get us here}.

8 // His Favorite Thing on Our Bucket List
His: "Moving in together. Picking the place together and organizing it." He literally said organizing it. Have I mentioned how much I dig him? Also, I was not expecting this answer AT ALL and kind of died in the restaurant. I told him I was thinking more of an activity or place we want to visit that's on our bucket list and he said, "well, this is on my bucket list". Okay, man. ;)

{can we find a place like this? ;) any chance I can to bring it up, I will}

Mine: Something I'm really looking forward to doing on our bucket list is doing a cross-country road trip, going back to Paris with him, camping in Yosemite. I can't pick just one! 

9 //  Our Anniversary Plans
We recently decided we're going to skip celebrating over this weekend {since Sammy has limited weekend time while he's in the academy. He's also going to be in Vegas from Sat-Sun with his buddies anyway} and save our money to take a trip celebrating our 10 year and both of our graduations {my master's degree and his academy} once Sammy gets his solidified vacation time. I can't wait to start planning that. 

10 // Why Do We Do It?
This seems like an odd question but people ask us this all.the.time. It's kind of weird because to us it's kind of self explanatory. 

Him: "Because it was bound to happen." When I asked him this question he brought up being seated next to each other in elementary school and because of that "we were bound to be together". 

Me: For me, there is no other way to be. He's my guy. There's no one like him and our relationship is one of my greatest joys in life. We work hard on it every single day and I'm very proud of where we've come and all the places we can go together. Loving him is such a privilege. He's the greatest life partner I could have asked for.


Anyway, thanks for reading all that if you made it to the end! It was really fun and nostalgic for me to put this post together so thanks for putting up with me. And for the obnoxious amount of photos of us. It was excessive. Sorry. They're just some of my favorites. But also, sorry. ;)