Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekending | Easter Recap

Nothing like getting a weekend recap up on start of a new weekend. Wouldn't be me if I got a recap up on the proper day. #sorryboutit Normally I would forgo a weekend recap but since last weekend was a holiday I feel like I need to document it even though nothing crazy happened. I just can't miss an opportunity to talk about a holiday!
So let us get to the belated recapping, shall we?

I spent Friday night relaxing and making a World Market stop with my momma. She wanted to grab some Easter stuff {always getting everything right under the buzzer, that one ;) } and I picked up a few things to add to my Dad's birthday gift. I spent the rest of the night snacking, watching tv with my momma and brother, and I also started The Catch which I'm of course already totally into since Shonda Rhimes is a wizard of television.  

Sammy and I had a day date on Saturday which was so nice. We had lunch, walked around the outdoor mall aka I made him go to Crate & Barrel so I could "see all the new spring stuff for inspiration" {since I totally have my own home to use said inspiration...}, and saw Batman vs. Superman which was pretty awesome.


We went to Mod Pizza and we liked it a lot. Sammy especially loved that the toppings are endless and free {you only pay for the size of the pizza you get}. I did the "Lucy Sunshine" which was parmesan, mozzarella, garlic, and artichokes with dollops of marinara. I added black olives and jalapenos for a little kick.   

Sammy of course got something with 87 pieces of meat on it and added artichokes and roasted red peppers. For the record, he tasted mine and said he liked my meatless one better. A first time for everything, people.
Also, look at this face? Can we even discuss this face? We can not because it's too cute of a face. ;) 

Sammy wanted to see if J Crew had a pair of sunglasses he's been looking for and while we were there I snagged this top and a part cashmere striped infinity scarf for $8 each. Eight. Dollars. Died.


Again, the face. I could squeeze him like a weirdo forever. 

Sunday was a whirlwind of a day. Sammy and I don't normally split holidays but in the last year we've started to make a better effort about doing it. Since Sammy had to get back to the academy later that night, we spent the earlier part of the day with his family and then he dropped me off so he could make the drive back and I went to spend the evening with my family. 

Our first stop was by Sammy's mom's side. We ate a ton of antipasto stuff, per usual, like homemade bread, cheese, olives, soparsada, fried garduna, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, pesto zucchini, eggplant, etc. She also made ravioli, carrots and finochio, mashed potatoes, veal parm, lamb, and salad.  

my fav "SIL" // my favorite part of the meal - the antipasto!

Nana Tina with all her grandchildren :)

Sammy's brother, SIL, parents, and us. 

After his grandma's, we stopped over by his aunt's for a short visit to see his cousins and grandparents. We couldn't eat because we didn't have the appetite after eating such a big meal an hour before {who am I kidding? I totally could have eaten again} or the time. Plus, I was eating another meal with my family later in the evening, but their spread looked lovely. 


His aunt and cousins served lamb, ham, asparagus, meatballs, noodle kugel {Sammy's cousin's husband is Jewish :) }, corn salad, frittata, and a green salad. They had fresh berries and other fruit for dessert and his cousin made tiramisu which I don't normally like but I had a taste of Sammy's before we left and loved it. Amazing. Promptly asked for my own piece. It was Giada's recipe so it makes complete sense that it would be delicious since she's perfection. 

Sammy had a hard time leaving this week and I think not being around for the entire holiday made him realize what he'll be missing as an officer. Just another part of the job we'll all have to adjust to but I know he'll feel it the most. 

I went by my grandmother's for Easter dinner later that evening. It was a bit more chaotic at my family's than by Sammy's {hence the wine} but it was nice to be with my family regardless. They're supposed to drive you nuts, right? ;)


We served ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, pasta, Italian Easter pie (which is cheese like parmesan and ricotta and Italian deli meats baked into dough), sweet potatoes, and salad. 
My dad brought pumpkin pie for me for dessert since its my favorite {I'm slowly realizing we basically had Thanksgiving dinner for Easter...} and my uncle made strawberry cheesecake that was out of this world. Sammy's grandma also packed me up a container of her cookies to take with me so we served those as well. 


We still get Easter baskets in my family which I love. I didn't take a pic of the basket from my mom but she always gives us little treats from World Market and a gift card {I got Trader Joe's which I've already used ;) }, but she also made little baskets out of candy for my grandma since she couldn't really do it this year. They looked really cute. I love the nerd rope as the handle. 
And my dad nailed his "basket" which came in paper shopping bags #classy. He included the above list and one item per category in each bag. So for classic drink we all got Mexican Coke in the bottle, but for all the other categories we each got different items that are "classic" to who we are. So I got Doritos for my "classic snack" since I would eat them for my last meal. That's how strong the love is. It was such a fun gift to get. I'm definitely doing it for my kids and I really want to do it for Sammy for Christmas or his birthday next year. 

So that was my Easter! It was a busy day and it felt like a lot of running around but it was worth it because we got to see so much family. Because the day felt so busy I felt like I didn't get to spend nearly enough time reflecting on the meaning of the holiday and that was disappointing but I know it doesn't have to be a holiday in order to do that. I gotta get better, that's all. 


Also, some super nerdy things for this April {YASTHANKGODSPRINGFORREAL} Friday.


You may not be able to tell from my dorky, cocky ass screenshot {like seriously sorry for how obnoxious this is} but I ended up with straight A's this quarter. I don't mean that to be braggy but I am really proud of how hard I worked. It just makes all the stress of commuting and studying seem worth it. 
Also REALLY nerdy but I got my Honors Society sweatshirt yesterday. Yes, I bought myself a sweatshirt. Yes, this is also obnoxious. Yes, please bury me in this.
I've never graduated with honors and it's always bothered me. School was never overtly hard for me but it also didn't come easily either so I made it my mission to graduate with honors this year since it will likely be my last chance and it got me into the English Honors Society, so whats up. 
Also, Sammy was a Sig Tau in college so I jokingly told him I can be a Sig Tau too now ;) He told me I was incorrect about that real quick.

Anyway, enough boring, nerdy stuff. I hope everyone has a great Spring weekend with lots of fun plans! We've got a packed Saturday and I'm having brunch on Sunday with my girlfriends so I'm very excited.
Maybe I'll get the recap up on Monday this time. ;)



  1. That pizza place sounds amazing...I would probably just move in if given the option and eat pizza for the rest of my days. I can't decide which Easter basket I love more, the one made out of candy or all the classic treats, both are such fun ideas! Congrats on straight A's! Hope you have another great weekend! :)

    1. It was actually pretty good! I'm always wary of franchise-y places but this place was decent! Aren't they cute?! I loved getting them. Definitely stealing both ideas for the future. & thanks, love! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. This post was great. You cracked me up with your gushing over how cute Sammy is and talking about how nerdy you are hahaha. Also that shirt is so cute and I can't believe it was $8. I'm terrified of J Crew because of how expensive it is (at least full price) so now I feel like I need to go stalk the clearance racks.

    1. Thanks, Mattie! You made my whole day! I'm terrified of it too but I love their stuff so much! Definitely stalk the clearance racks AND the factory website. The prices on that site are amazing as is but if you venture over to the clearance on that particular site you won't believe some of the deals. Especially the jewelry.

  3. $8 a piece at J.Crew?! That top is gorgeous!!!

    Stopping over from the linkup. Hope you can hop by my blog as well. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Right?! It was on sale and then all clearance was an additional 40% off. Couldn't believe it. Thanks, lady! You too!