Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favs

This week has been kind of a lot. And I hope to get back to doing more on here than just "Friday Favs" because it's just lazy of me and I miss it over here.

I had a workshop earlier this week and then had to write two pieces (one for another workshop next week) among other homework related things before the weekend, plus various work meetings, errands for a bridal brunch we threw this morning at work, trying to fit in some Shaun T workouts since I'm a masochist, etc., which left little time for blogging unfortunately. 

Some things goin' on over here...

Got my new desk!

Obsessed with using old editions of Chicago as a computer stand 'cause I'm a nerd.

My little side wall/board. All Ephron, Dahl, and Disney wisdom. 
(and that one rando HP quote I got from a work party that I put up in an attempt to bond with all HP loving employees)

I also adorned my white board with Michael Scott genius. 
Some people in the office don't know what the quote is from so I think people think I really like Wayne Gretzky or something.

In the midst of planning my BEA schedule! I can't wait for the expo and to be with my team there next week. 

Sammy's cousin Sarah got engaged to her boyfriend Dario! & I'm obsessed with how he asked. We're in the midst of planning a cousins' weekend at the end of the summer and I'm so excited to talk all things wedding! Love those ladies. 

Also, this. K. 

We celebrated Sammy's twin cousins' 12th birthday last weekend which was so lovely. And clearly delicious. 

I became even more obsessed with Nora Ephron and bought all remaining books I don't already have on a recent Amazon splurge. 

Momma's mother's day gift came in earlier this week and I love how it came out. I made a photo book of some highlights from our Paris trip and it was so fun looking through those photos again.


We had some pup cuteness last week. 

I also participated in the stupidity that was a detox last week where I eliminated processed food, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and white flour (so basically, my life) and eventually dairy and whole grains and I could only eat vegetables, (minimal) fruits, legumes, fish, tofu, and beans. I lost five pounds and most of my sanity since I had to go to Chipotle and order that bullshit while Sammy got to eat his towering bowl as you see pictured. He literally gets every topping on the line. Every one. 

So by the end of the detox, I had enough and under extreme desperation I downloaded the Domino's app on my phone (which is disgusting enough. No one needs that app on their phone) and ordered the trash that is breadsticks and cinnasticks and loved
Miraculously, I've kept off the five pounds I lost last week. Needless to say I'm thrilled to be back on weight watchers. 
But I haven't deleted the app.

I tried to make lightsaber pretzel rods last night for a bridal brunch we threw for a coworker (since nothing says bridal quite like lightsaber ;) ) and I struggled. But she loved them so that's all that matters. 

We decorated our little library, had a lovely spread this morning for her, and all chipped in to get them a gift card to one of the stores they were registered at. I think she really enjoyed it. And I got two mimosas at work so I was real happy. And proceeded to eat two more mini bagels at my desk afterward in secrecy. 
The weight watchers is going well I'd say. 



  1. Love that Michael Scott quote. Oh, The Office. That show is so great.

    1. Haha thanks! It's the best show. I can't stop myself from watching it constantly.