Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday

Hopefully getting back on this Five on Friday kick! Lately I've been lazy and have been linking up with recap posts or "Friday Favorites" posts and haven't been properly participating in Five on Friday, so I'm happy to be back!

One // 
There are zero plans on the horizon and I couldn't be more excited about it. The last few weekends have been jam packed and next weekend is sure to be a shit show based on how much is going on. But a good shit show. If you feel me. 

Until then, I shall do nothing but live in elastic pants and love life. 

Two // 
This is about to be super exciting... I recently switched up the old workout routine and am officially a morning work out girl. And I'm kind of really digging it. I love that it's done by 8am and I have the rest of the day to focus on all other things. Only downside: I can't figure out how to keep my hair looking normal for work. It's a straight mess afterward so I have to figure something out since I can't rock a "classy bun" for longer than 45 minutes {although I try}. 

I also don't hate getting ready in the locker room for work as much as I thought I would. It forces me to plan my outfits even more ahead of time since I pack my outfits in my bag, but go to work in workout clothes and change after. I've followed some Instagram accounts for lifting workouts but I'm looking forward to simply getting into a routine I like that feels more fluid since constantly looking at my phone for direction is a little distracting. 

Three // 
Since Sammy graduated from the police academy, and after recent events in the news, I've had a lot of thoughts I'd like to get down some day about my experience and journey with dating someone who works in law enforcement. 

I'd love to keep most things pretty short and sweet {although most thoughts aren't always so sweet} while being as respectful as possible. I definitely don't want these posts to become controversial in any way, and I would avoid posting about specific opinions even though I prefer to remain as neutral as possible anyway, but would rather use this space as a place where I can record how I've been feeling and dealing with all the changes and realizations that come up while on this journey. It's only been week one and it's been a crazy ride so far. I'm looking forward to writing some honest feelings up in here. 

Four //
I decided to take the plunge and by myself an adult camera as a graduation present to myself and I've been loving it so far. I barely know how to use it but am loving all the experimenting I can do with it.

I was inspired to finally get one because my cousin is so amazing about documenting all of her family's big and small days and I really wanted to get in the habit of documenting daily life. She made such a great comment to me about photography the other day when she was telling me how much more I'm going to notice now that I have a camera and she said, "the every day is so revealing" and I just about cried because isn't that such a beautiful way to look at life?

It was a great investment because I probably won't ever need another camera and can always update by getting new lenses. And with all the new ways to back up photos, it pays to have a device that can take quality digital photos. I've taken it to so many family events already and love the photos I've gotten out of it even if they're amateur at best. I can't wait to share them on here!

Five // Family vacation
I keep talking about how comical it is that my divorced parents have planned a family vacation for us this summer. To go on...together. But by no means is that to imply that I don't fully realize how amazing it is that we're able to do this {although I'll never stop thinking it's funny}. They've gotten to a point in their relationship where they enjoy one another's company again so it's made birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations such a pleasure when they can both be there, joking and laughing together.

{we're driving through New Mexico and I would love to be able to stop and see Ship Rock on our way through. Isn't it stunning?}

We're driving from IL to the Grand Canyon and then flying back from Arizona once we've spent a few days there. The trip should be about seven days {we're doing part of the drive on Route 66} and Sammy recently got his approved vacation days so he's coming with! I can't wait to annoy the hell out of everyone with my camera.

{bonus!} Six //
I got promoted! 
My new title is Production Editor and I'll be helping to manage all of the front list, reprint, and marketing production timelines associated with our books, while also ensuring everything we produce as a company adheres to our style guides. Beyond appreciative and stupidly excited to dive head first into this new position {for me and for our company}. It's going to be crazy but I couldn't have a better team behind me. I can't get over how supportive our company has been of me and all the opportunities they've constantly thrown my way {despite my constant mistakes, like seriously over and over again}. I'm beyond blessed.

Ironically enough, right before my contract was offered to me I read an article on Man Repeller called "6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working" so since I'm a sponge, constantly looking for advice on all subjects, I clicked it immediately and loved the pieces of advice. While I've been working {as an intern and part-time employee} at this company for almost two years, this will be my first full-time position so I was quick to soak up any useful and wise advice.

Some of my favorite highlights:

"Get your questions out early. Even the dumb ones. No one will remember you asked."

I'm CONSTANTLY apologizing for "bothering" someone or asking someone to do me "a favor" by answering one of my questions. It wasn't until I made a rather large mistake and some of my co-workers {politely} told me it's better to ask questions earlier so we can avoid making mistakes. Sometimes they're not avoidable, and that's perfectly okay too, but asking questions early on proves more helpful than not. I'm working on not apologizing for every little thing {so when I do say it, it resonates as sincere} and realizing that I'm worthy of asking questions, no matter how small, stupid, or often.

"Do not defend yourself when someone provides you with feedback. Everyone has a reason for why they acted a certain way, which is precisely the reason it does not matter. Perception is reality. Take in the feedback. Ask them for it! Thank them for it! Sit with it. Consider how it might be true. Take the parts of it that feel helpful, leave or further examine the ones that don’t. Then keep moving."

This is HUGE for me. I'm constantly trying to defend my actions because I stupidly believe everything on earth requires an explanation, but I definitely need to work on simply sitting with advice and feedback, learning from it, and moving on.

"No one is thinking about you as much as you are. Everyone is thinking about themselves and how things are making them look."

Need to remember this forever about everything.


Hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend!


  1. I have been seriously contemplating a real camera purchase lately too. I think I will hold off and ask for one for Christmas. How did you decide what kind to get??

    1. Ah, girl, sorry I'm responding so late! Honestly, I didn't do too much research which sounds kind of ridiculous for such a big purchase! But I was so overwhelmed with information and options that I kind of didn't want to research forever, so I forced myself to stick within a certain budget and not even look at cameras above that price. But mostly I based my decision purely on the fact that Christina from the blog Carolina Charm uses the same camera and has raved about it on her blog for years, so if it's good enough for her it's definitely good enough for me haha.