Friday, April 7, 2017

Life Lately

I thought I'd pop on here for the first time in April with a little "Life Lately" post. This month marks the beginning of the I'm-booked-for-the-rest-of-Spring-and-Summer phase. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been feeling a little overwhelmed as we approached this month just because there won't be as much weekend downtime, but now I'm feeling excited! I can't wait to celebrate my people. There's a section on our fridge that is covered in save the dates, wedding invitations, bridal and baby shower invitations, etc. I love looking at it every day. It's a constant reminder to enjoy this season of life. 

Events this month are:
My dad's birthday 
Sammy's SIL's first baby shower
A family friend's baby's 2nd birthday party
Chelsie's bridal shower
Sammy's cousin's bridal shower

So far, every Sunday is booked and the Saturdays are filling up as well. I'm trying to leave one Saturday open if I can so I can have a little me time, which should be doable.


I never saw myself as someone who would get married and/or have kids before hitting my late 20s, but I sure am glad I'm friends with/related to people that do because I love celebrating them. Plus I'll admit that with every shower I go to, it gets me more excited to approach those late 20s which aren't that far off after all. 

I've been pretty amazed at how my feelings about things have changed and how I've envisioned my life at this age in the past. It's definitely different than what I had planned, but isn't that how it always goes?

I read this quote in an interview Gloria Steinem did with Anne Lamott (who happens to be one of my favorite writers and humans of all time) and it was so necessary for me to read today. Her writing just guts me. I physically react when I read her stuff because it resonates with me on such a level. I immediately related this quote to how I've been feeling lately and it's so true. The expectations I have for myself typically result in negative energy and feelings (and eventually resentments) because things rarely end up the way I expect them to. And life is so good. So why the need for all the expectations? Especially when dreams are so much lovelier than expectations. 


In other news, I took last Friday off from work so I could go to Sammy's graduation from (yes, another) police academy. 


It was a really awesome ceremony, and in my opinion, much better than his first academy ceremony. The speeches were all so heartfelt and there was such an emphasis placed on how significant familial support is for people in law enforcement, but also how important it is for them to show us gratitude for making sacrifices and coming along for this (sometimes bumpy) ride. It was nice to be acknowledged that way.

Afterward, we celebrated with my parents and his mom at Steamboat BBQ which we enjoyed. We loved trying all the barbecue sauces which were really good. I had the fried catfish, but the menu is pretty extensive, so I'd definitely go back to try some other stuff. 


Going back to wedding talk, I had an appointment with Chelsie's seamstress on Saturday to get my bridesmaid dress altered. I definitely didn't need it taken in anywhere good, I can tell ya that. 

The straps are a little big, so we took it in there and then hemmed the bottom slightly, but that's it. It's definitely a little snug everywhere else so the fight journey continues to lose several upon several pounds before the summer. #StoryOfMyLife


Last Sunday was Sammy's last day off before going back to the department, so we spent it as we've spent the last several Sundays over the past few months:

Laying around with the dogs and watching tv. (Another great picture, I know.) 
There are already a few events listed above we know he won't be able to go to because he'll be working over the weekend, but it was really fun having him around while it lasted ;) 


I bought these because I need to work out more:
But mostly because Emily Schuman wears them. 
Entirely because Emily wears them.

I think that's all the randomness I've got. On to Five on Friday!

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  1. First of all, I'm so happy to see you blogging again! Secondly, that quote...right in the feels. I struggle a lot with expectations and how to have goals without winding up disappointed because they really weren't all that realistic. It's a hard habit to break, but one that would be beneficial to get rid of!