Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Weekending...on a Wednesday

This past weekend was a good one, so I didn't want to miss documenting it! 
We're ticking off showers one-by-one, and while it feels good to have some of these "obligations" (even though they certainly don't feel like obligations since they're for some of my favorite people) checked off the list, it feels weird to take the invitations off the fridge. 
It brings a lot of excitement though! We're getting closer and closer to the "big days" and then I can replace those invitations with wedding pictures and pictures of newborns :)

Sammy worked this weekend, so I spent Friday night with myself ;) which is kind of my favorite thing. I decided to skip my workout to watch a bunch of New Girl episodes instead (and subsequently rewound the scene when Nick and Jess kiss for the first time because I'm a dork and it's amazing). I'm rewatching the series and even though I know it's hilarious, I can't believe I didn't remember just how hilarious. 

Saturday was kind of a nonstop day. I had my first therapy session in the morning which went well. I've been implementing a lot of her suggestions this week for dealing with anxiety and I've seen a noticeable difference which is awesome. 

After that, I went to lunch with my dad and was sosososo happy to find that Scuderio's has not changed in the slightest taste-wise. It's still the best food around. We got a slice of pizza to split, I got the eggplant parmesan (because that's all I order there) and my dad got the Italian sub. We're obsessed. 
If you're local, you should follow them on Facebook. They have specials every day of the week that aren't on their regular menu and they're going to start posting them on their page so people know when to stop by. 


We ran a few errands together after lunch and then I came home so I could wrap birthday gifts for Sammy's cousins.

I spent the night over at Sammy's aunt and uncle's for dinner and cake to celebrate these ladies turning 13. I can't believe it. To think I met them when they were 2... Absolutely nuts.

I got up early on Sunday to help Chelsie and her mom get ready for her bridal shower! It was an intimate shower (much smaller than I'm used to since our Italian families get nuts about showers), but that made for such a cozy and special environment. 


Chelsie's mom made really sweet flower arrangements for the tables and the one I got to take home hasn't withered at all. I can't believe it. They still look so good! 

We played a few games, wrote date night ideas for the couple, and Chelsie and Dan opened their gifts. 

Me and my soulmate. 
It was such a lovely afternoon. I can't believe the bachelorette party is the last event before the big day! The rehearsal dinner will be here before we know it. 

And how sweet are these favors her mom came up with?! "Something blue" aka blue champagne!

The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday and I didn't want to waste it, so when I got home from the shower I pulled the hammock out and read for several hours. It was so good. 

Overall it was a nice balance of weekend plans and relaxation. Just how I like it. 

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