Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July / Weekend Recap

Last week for me was honestly kind of like one long weekend. Having Tuesday and Friday off, made the week feel super short and easy to tackle. I wanted to do a quick recap of our fourth which led into another wedding weekend!


My first priority of the day was to sleep in because I've been looking forward to having the fourth off for like a stupid amount of time. 
I stopped by my girlfriend's first who was having friends over for some pool time and then Sammy and I went downtown to visit friends. 

Image result for caprese orzo pasta salad

I brought big batches of this caprese orzo pasta salad to both get togethers and it seemed to be a hit. This my go-to for picnics and outdoor outings. I don't even use a recipe, it's that easy! It also makes for great leftovers. 

An over-the-top-looking patriotic post on Insta with this guy was taken before the night was over. 
This was the first year we didn't see fireworks near our houses which is tradition and that made me a little sad. But on the way home from the city you could see at least 8 different town's fireworks from the highway going on all at once which was pretty cool. 


The rest of the week was pretty chill and easy going as I also had Friday off #BlessSummerFridayOfficeHours so I got prepped for another wedding weekend!

Will never tire of being gifted robes and sipping champagne while getting my hair done ;) Seriously, this robe though...the bride had to overnight ship these for us because the ones she originally ordered from Target were delivered without the belts! But these are soo light and airy for summer and the floral print is so pretty, right? Kind of glad we didn't get the originals ;)

Look how cute all the bridesmaid/parents/flower girl gifts look? Ugh, so pretty.

Most stunning bride.

Me and my SIL on the trolley!


Two of my very favorite men pretending to be serious aka already drunk

More trolley selfies (and really cool tan lines, nice job, Alex)

The bride and groom infused bottles of olive oil as favors for each guest which also doubled as place card holders. They're so cute, I can't. 

The ceremony and reception was at 19 East which is this cool loft event space downtown. They decorated the space so well. Everything looked simple and elegant--just like the bride. 

All the flowers were white and the table number holders were small Golden Retriever statues (!!) because they're so in love with their Golden, Eli (who happened to be the ring bearer and I died about it). 

The flower girl was pretty into the bride :)

This is the whole bridal party! The groom had 14 groomsmen and it was so fun. Can't wait to see how these turn out in the professional pictures. *please note Eli in front of the groom* ;) 

Two of my favorite women. 

See? Stunning, right? 

Everything looked so elegant with all the candles and super soft uplighting. 


Super into the fonts they used for everything. 

Of course her dance with her Nonno made me tear up. So sweet.

We had the best time standing up in this wedding. Sammy and I obsessively love spending time with his our cousins and weddings are so fun with them, especially when they're for them.
Sarah and Dario are one of the most lovely couples I know. They love so big, you can just feel it when you're around them. The day was so personalized to them, but they also personalized it to their family and friends and it was so nice to witness. Another cugini wedding in the books!


On Sunday we got Shake Shack before leaving the city and going home and spending the rest of the afternoon/night napping and recuperating.

We have one more wedding at the end of this month and then I'll be ready to move slightly out of wedding season ;) even though they are so fun. 

We're halfway through the week, people! 

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