Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, all!
I'm very much looking into sleeping in this weekend. That's for sure going to be a "favorite" ;) but let's get into some other ones first.

-I got this bag from Costco last week and I'm in love with it. It's enormous and fully insulated so it will keep things hot and cold. When I'm trying to eat well, I take a lot of prepped food to work so having a bag that will keep my haul cold while I'm on the train is awesome. 

I brought it with to the family picnic on Sunday and it held all my stuff with so much extra room. I love the design and I know we'll get a ton of use out of it on future picnics, beach trips, running errands, etc. Best part? It was $8. OKAY, Costco. I see you.

-Another Costco favorite: new sweats. Literally been waiting to buy clothes at Costco. It's become a very weird thing of mine. These are amazing. They're lightweight, which is how I like my sweats, super soft, and I live in them the second I get home from work. The sweatshirt has a semi-quilted detail on the sleeve which makes it appear more expensive than it is.

I sized up like several sizes because they seemed to run small and the last thing I need are fitted sweat pants... sounds like my personal nightmare.
Also best part: the were like $10 and $12. I'll be buying every color, ok, bye.

-Speaking of eating better, here's my haul from last week. I wouldn't necessarily say eating better is a "favorite" of mine because I generally enjoy food that is honestly just bad for you ;) but having my body feel better from eating cleaner food is a favorite for sure. 

-Goodreads has become a favorite this week despite my initial strong dislike for it. I should be the last person to dislike a site like Goodreads since I love books so much, but there was something about the format that was off putting to me so I never really utilized it. But then this week I saw someone pledge to do their reading challenge and was like, YEP, need to do that too even though we're already more than halfway through the year... and I went and pledged to read 75 books. Have only read 11 so far. So pissed about it. But I'm determined to get real close to that number by the end of the year considering I have about 20 books already started. I've been adding every book ever to my profile which has forced me to go through all the stacks in my room and it's brought me so much joy this week. Add me if you're on there! 

-My Dad and I are going to see John Mellencamp this weekend at Ravinia and I'm so excited. I got him tickets for Father's Day and have been looking forward to it since. Last year around this time we saw John Fogerty and we loved him. So I'm thinking this might be a new tradition for us. 

-Scandal. I forgot how much I love Scandal. I binged the shit out of that show the last few days in order to finish season five and six so I'm ready for season seven in October and now I can't wait. I have no idea where they're going to go with season seven now that there's a new president in town, but that makes me even more pumped for it, especially since it's the final season.

-I'm starting to see Halloween and other holiday pins infiltrate my Pinterest feed and I couldn't be more excited for it. I'm SO pumped for the holidays, it's crazy. Definitely need to write up my Fall Bucket List and post it on here.

-I saw on Cup of Jo that CVS started carrying several Korean beauty products and they were talking about the JJ Young Pore Steaming and Cooling mask. Apparently, it gives your skin this steaming sensation which opens up all your pores to release all the junk and then it finishes with a cooling sensation. I rarely need to be convinced to try any kind of mask and this was certainly no exception. It sounds awesome, so I ordered it ASAP. Can't wait to try it out.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!


  1. I'm hoping to go to Costco later today, so I'll have to look for those sweats! I don't get cold very often, so I like something that is lighter weight. I am so excited for fall too! I just wish it could cool down some here! It's supposed to be hot again next week and I am so not happy about it! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Oh they're so great. You'll love them. I wore that exact outfit to the drive-in last weekend and my boyfriend was like, "that's your favorite outfit now" and I was like YEP.

  2. Girl I am with you on Costco! I went last week to get mandarin orange cups and left with kids Contigo water bottles, 2 pairs of leggings, pajamas for my baby, shirts for my husband, and a book. Going to Costco is dangerous! I was also seriously contemplating a bookcase, but didn't have room in my car. LOL. Have a good weekend!

    1. Yes!! Hahaha. That's exactly how I expect to be every single time I go there now.