Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites | Fall Favorites

Today is the first day of September! And in my eyes, that means it's the first day of fall and I couldn't be more pumped about it. I thought I would do a little roundup this Friday of my current favorite fall items in honor of the changing of seasons :)
Bahama Mama might be my favorite nail color of all time, but it's for sure my favorite fall color. It's the perfect vampy shade for fall without being too dark--I love that the actual color shines through. Plus I think it looks good with any outfit. I instantly feel pulled together when I'm wearing that color.

I recently got a few new pieces for fall, but I've been trying to stick to sites that I know are on the cheaper side just because I really need to curb the spending over here. I tend to go for things that I know I can wear to work and wear on the weekends so I feel like I'm getting more use out of them.

These tops are from Jane (which is an app I peruse quite frequently now much to the dismay of my checking account). The deals disappear after a certain amount of time so all of this stuff is now gone, but everything was under $20 which is right up my alley. 

I love easy stuff for work (especially if it's flowy) that I can just throw on over jeans or leggings and walk out the door. 

I think this peplum maxi in olive will be so pretty in the fall especially with a scarf and denim jacket as the temperatures start to drop a bit.

I grabbed this bright red vest from ThredUp and I was so thrilled when I got it because it looked brand new! I think it will be super cute with sweaters and tunics underneath during the fall and winter time. It feels super festive to me. Not to mention that it goes with all of my "ugly" Christmas sweaters ;)

I also grabbed this vest for reasons even I don't understand. There was something about it that made me feel like I neeeeeeeded it. And for $13.99 I was like, what the hell. It looks so much better in person, screams "fall!", and I'm going to love pairing with a chambray shirt, leggings, and boots. 

I grabbed these booties that I think are so cute! I don't have any shoes in this color and I love the peep toe and unique ankle cut. I think it'll be a great transition shoe from summer to fall. 

I have wider calves, so I need a knee-high boot with a wide opening so they don't cut off my circulation ;) and I can always count on Amazon to have a pair of wide mouth boots for under $50. I'm really excited to get these in and wear with leggings and tunics and vests and scarves and all the fall things!

And speaking of clothes...Sammy and I couldn't resist a few things for our niece in honor of her first fall/Halloween ;) (that pumpkin on the butt!!!)

I love going to Target around this time as they've started to unveil their holiday items and try to find a few neutral seasonal pieces to add some festivity to my desk. I know a lot of people are still sad summer is coming to end, so I don't like to go crazy Halloween-in-your-face right away (but come October 1st...) but I like my space to look a little more festive. 

^that is like my ideal home office UGH.

I love to christen the beginning of fall with a huge pot of chili. It's such a comfort food for me and it's something that can really be a healthy option, so I try to make it as often as I can 'cause I rarely get sick of it. 
find here
My cousin served pumpkin chili at her annual pumpkin party last fall and I wasn't sure I was going to like it since I don't usually love savory pumpkin flavored things, but I ended up loving it. She added some crushed red pepper for an extra kick and I think that's what did it for me. I'm definitely hoping to make a few pots this season. 
find here
I would also love to try to make a batch of all-natural pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I love flavored creamers, but they tend to be full of shitty ingredients (not that I don't eat a ton of other stuff with less than stellar ingredients...) that leave me feeling gross, so I thought I'd make my own to try and avoid that. We'll see how that goes!

Well that's all for today, friends. I can't wait to get into all this festivity! What are some of your favorite fall items? I would love to hear. 

This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing Tim McGraw and Faith Hill tonight with some of my girlfriends (!), going to my favorite Italian fest we go to every year with my family, our niece's baptism (especially since Sammy has been asked to be the godfather!), and a relaxing day off on Monday. 

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful long weekend!


  1. Love that nail color! I just bought some Athleta leggings and have been searching for some cute tunics to wear with them. I really like that first one you posted. Now that it is September I am itching to check out Target! I think probably 75% of my holiday decorations are all from there! Even their Dollar Spot has great stuff!

    1. I've heard good things about their leggings! Definitely check out for tunics and stuff at a decent price. I really like their selection for the most part. Oh, Target's dollar section is basically the only place I look! It's the best!!

  2. Yum! That Pumpkin chili sounds amazing! I also love all your fall purchases! I love Jane! They always have great affordable pieces!

    1. Doesn't it sound good? Ah, thank you! They really do--I'm addicted to looking at them now haha.