Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hi all! This has been a bitttt of a week. There were some major changes at work this week that were shocking to say the least and the last twenty-four hours have been pure mental adjustment on my end. After a few conversations within our department, I'm more at ease and am tentatively optimistic, but I'm still so, so, so happy to see Friday come around. A much needed break awaits. 

Since this week was somewhat of a shit show, I'm simply going to do a photo dump and call them all "favorites" ;) Sorry for the laziness, but it's warranted this week. 

Forever saving screen shots of Jessica Garvin's style (and everything else for that matter). She's my favorite blogger for sure and I can't get enough of what she posts. I love this look for fall.

I spent one weeknight folding laundry with some white cheddar popcorn and one of my favorite movies of all time. Gene is just too good...*sigh*

This quality photo is brought to you by me taking it sideways while walking incredibly fast. 
You're welcome. 
Last Friday I surprised my Grandma by bringing dinner (obviously a really classy dinner as evident by the Stove Top I have in my bag there, although, I'll always defend Stove Top because it's just GOOD. I don't even care.) and spending the evening with her. She totally lost her mind and was so happy to see me...even though I see her every single week haha.

Last weekend my girlfriend had us over for brunch. She led us outside and handed us each one of these super pretty boxes. 

Inside there was a clear balloon we had to pop and when we did, a little rolled up piece of fabric and gold confetti flew out! She asked us all to be bridesmaids in her wedding next June and it was so sweet and cute. 

This was her spread and I went back about three times because I have a death wish.

She served bagels, pumpkin cream cheese coffee cake, a fruit plate, a cheese plate, some pastries, and a cheesy hash brown casserole. We sipped on mimosas and raspberry spumoni all morning and afternoon and it was so lovely.

She gave us the rundown of some wedding details she's been keeping from us, one of which is our bridesmaid dress. She'd like us to wear this dress alternating in traditional gold and rose gold. I absolutely love it and think it will go perfectly with their Gatsby theme.

Later that night my mom, grandma, and I headed over to our cousin's for a girl's night she threw so we could all see her new home. It's so cute and they've made such pretty updates to it. 
There was also this fun spread as well.

And that would be my grandmother doing a jello shot with a spoon. 
OBV a favorite.

I finished We Are Never Meeting in Real Life and loved it. I mentioned it here before, but it's worth repeating: definitely, definitely recommended.

Some morning views on my walk to work this week. Our building is next-door to a communal garden and I love peeking over the fence to see what they're growing. 

About a month ago, Chelsie and I realized we needed one of "our days" together since we haven't had one since before her wedding, so we bought tickets to a Cubs game for tomorrow since neither of us have been this season and I am absolutely jacked up about it.

Since we haven't been yet this season, we haven't been since they've won the title and I can't wait to be in that space with all that energy, especially toward the end of the regular season. 
Can't wait to get a glimpse of that gorgeous ivy. 

I hope all of you are looking forward to some fun plans this weekend!

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