Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Weekending | Labor Day Weekend 2017

I swear I always need another day to recover after a three-day weekend. The last few days have been kind of a whirlwind, but it was definitely a lot of fun.

Last minute, a few girlfriends and I decided to grab tickets to the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert on Friday night and I was surprised at how much I loved it. I'm not a huge country fan, but I can get down with some classics when I'm in the mood. Plus I'll never turn down looking at Tim McGraw, in the flesh, for a few hours. Damn that man. 
They are the sweetest couple like ever, I couldn't even stand how cute they were together.
It seriously rivaled seeing Brad Paisley--my ultimate favorite. 
Ben Rector opened for them and he did such an awesome job as well.
Highly recommend if they're coming to a city near you. 

On Saturday, my family and I went to the Taste of Melrose and it did.not.disappoint. I obviously grabbed everything Scudeiro's was selling ;) my family is now officially a little creeped out by how much I love that place. Among the five of us we got a stuffed pepper sandwich, pizza, a pepperoni roll, gnocchi, linguini with garlic, oil, and parmesan, two sausage sandwiches, a steak teriyaki kabob, corn, two arancini, sfinge, and chocolate covered strawberries ;)

And since we were in the area, my dad asked if I wanted to stop into Scuderio's and obv I didn't say no ;) I grabbed one of those focaccia loafs to take home and my brother somehow ate an entire meatball sandwich.

On Sunday we had our niece's baptism and it was such a lovely day. Sammy did a great job executing his godfather duties ;) He's seriously loving every minute of this.

We had an early dinner at Trezero's in Mount Prospect which was delicious. Dinner lasted from 3:30 p.m. until after 8 p.m. which made for a very long day haha but it was so nice to sit with family and catch up at a slower pace.

See? Loving it. Plus I never get tired of this view ;)

I hung out by Sammy's for the rest of the evening and we caught up on The Sinner which is getting a little creepier than I thought it would! But we're digging it. 
Is anyone else watching? Jessica Biel is so good.

On Monday I went to yet another Italian fest with Sammy's family. This one is more on the religious side, but there's still a carnival and food and what not. We went earlier in the day on Monday and the crowd was sparse which was nice on one end (no lines for food, easier to navigate the stroller), but made for kind of a gloomy experience (the weather didn't help) since it was so quiet. It was still nice to spend some quality time with Sammy's parents and his brother's family.

Sammy and I went back to my house in the early evening and spent some time on the hammock since the weather had cleared up. Then we lounged around watching Lockup because your girl can't get enough of prison documentary series for some reason. 

Love spending some lazy moments with Sammy, especially when he's coming off his weekends off. He won't have another weekend off until November, so I've been trying to soak up this time with him. Since we don't live together and don't automatically see each other every day, we'll have to find time  after I get home from work to hang out on his days off which will fall during the week for the next two months. 
I'm learning that this isn't as big of a deal as I thought it might be and we just have to work around his schedule since he doesn't work a conventional 9-5, Mon-Fri. 
I'm already planning our fall-themed weeknight date nights ;)

 I hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend! I'm already looking forward to lots of girl time this coming weekend. 

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