Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Faves

So glad it's Friday, friends! I thought this week was going to creep along with impending three-day weekend ahead of us, but it wasn't too bad which helped a lot. Work was consistently busy (as it's been crazy the last few months), I made it to the gym/worked out multiple times, stayed pretty on track with WW, and still had time for some phone calls to my grandma and to start two new books.

But now I'm ready for the weekend! On to the faves...

ONE / Getting to see this face on Wednesday, if only via Snapchat, was definitely a favorite :)

TWO / Recent Purchases


I haven't online shopped in a long time (and I shouldn't have been doing it this week either...) but I recently realized just how OBSESSED I am with my Zella leggings, so I checked to see if Nordstrom had any on sale. I wear my plain black ones as every day leggings that I transition into workout ones when I go to the gym right after work, but I wanted ones that could be strictly for working out/running errands or something (aka not work). These were on sale for $30 (now sold out apparently) so I scooped them up.

I love the way tops with a front tie/twist look, but most of the ones I see tie too high up on the body for my personal preference, so when I saw this one I knew I would get a ton of use out of it. It doesn't seem to be available in this gray anymore, but it comes in black and oatmeal. BP has a very similar version that is cheaper, but I think the material on this one looks nicer.


Old Navy

Ah, my loyal and faithful friend. I can always find something at Old Navy which is why I try to steer clear of it most of the time. 

I grabbed this for working out because it was on super sale and I don't have many long sleeve shirts to work out in (my preferred sleeve length for working out). I sized up a few times as well because I hate clingy workout clothes. 

All the reviews were raving about how soft this jumpsuit is, so I can't wait to get it and try it on! I feel like this can so easily be dressed up or down and I'm excited for all the possibilities to try this spring.

I've been waiting to find a chambray sleeveless top/shell that I can pair with sweaters and jackets. I don't love layering long sleeved tops with one another (I get way too hot!), so this will be perfect to layer under some oatmeal and white colored sweaters.


I always delete my J. Crew Factory and Loft emails because if I look for even a minute at anything they have, I'll cave and start giving them all my money. I really need to just unsubscribe...
But the sales Loft is currently having (40% off your purchase and an additional 50% off all sale items!) are too good to pass up, so I fell down the rabbit hole a little.

This poncho felt like an incredibly necessary purchase to me (which was then enforced after reading the rave reviews it gets) despite it being not springy at all, although I fully plan to wear it in the Spring (and also rock the hell out of it come Fall). It's so me I can't even deal. I think it would be super cute in the Fall with a striped long sleeve T underneath.

I saw a coworker wearing this exact sweater a few weeks ago and I loved it, so when I saw it for 50% off this morning, I put it in my cart immediately. I'll definitely wear it while the weather is still chilly and the color is gorgeous for the holiday season.

These joggers get great reviews as well and I'm always looking for alternative options to jeans. I have a ton of sweaters, button ups, and casual shirts I'm going to love pairing with these.

I thought this would be so cute for summertime so I grabbed it since it was under $15 with the discounts. I could wear it to work with a denim jacket and some black jeans and call it day. 

I've been on the hunt for some gold hoops and really liked the textured detail on this pair. Couldn't tell (and they didn't list the dimensions in the specs for some reason) how big they were but for $7 I don't really care all that much. 


THREE / My Column in the Fra Noi

My mom has been sending this short piece to everyone we know haha. It's really sweet of her though and my relatives seem to be enjoying and getting a kick out of it. It's about St. Joseph's Day which is an Italian holiday my family celebrates in March. It's one of my very favorite days each year.

You can read it here, if you'd like.

FOUR / Valentine's Day Celebration

Sammy had to work on Wednesday night, so we postponed our "celebration" to tonight. We're going to cook dinner together and just chill out. I'm excited to do nothing with him haha. He's making steak for himself, but I plan on making this garlic butter shrimp for me:

recipe here!

FIVE / Weekend Plans

My plans for this weekend have been an upcoming favorite for the last few weeks and I can't wait! Tomorrow my entire group of girlfriends will be together (hopefully! one of them is still getting over the flu) for a wine crawl we do every year.

On Sunday, as I've mentioned several times before, When Calls the Heart comes back! I'm hoping my  mom and I can watch it live together and have a little girl's night.

 I mean...for this shit alone, right?

And I've been looking forward to having Monday off since...the last time we had Monday off haha. I can't wait to sleep in, do some reading, and stay in sweats all day.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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