Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Little Letters - February

I love reading Naomi's "Little Letters" posts, so I thought I'd be kinda rude and steal the idea ;)

Dear Spring, 
I'm ready for you, my friend. I know many of us are, but I'm like, really ready for you.

Dear Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffeemate Creamer, 
I know you're full of shit ingredients, and terrible, I'm sure, for my health in the long run, but I just love you. I really do.

Dear Kindle, 
I can't believe I like you as much as I do. 

Dear Physical Books,
Nothing will replace you.

Dear Paris, 
I can't stop thinking about you and it's becoming a little much for all the non-Francophiles around me.  224 days to go...

Dear Hemingway, 
I can't put to words why I'm obsessed with you. You were into a lot of things I can't get behind (big game hunting, misogyny...), and yet, I think you're one of the most brilliant men of our time. Your flaws are somehow endearing in a way others' flaws aren't. Also you were so handsome I can't deal, which doesn't make up for the misogyny or killing lions, but it helps. 

Dear Scale, 
I like what I'm seeing. I mean not really, but I like that I'm seeing the current number on it's way down. 

Dear Scale at the Gym,
Please match my scale at home.

Dear Personal Trainer, 
I like you, but also I like a lot of other people more than you. But also I have a feeling I'm going to owe you big time at the end of all this.

Dear Black Panther,
I'm excited to see if you live up to the hype on Saturday. I have a feeling you will.

Dear family, 
I went to a memorial last night to honor the life of a good friend's brother who died way, way too soon, and I've never been more grateful to have you. To be able to wake up in the room down the hall from you, to ask you for toilet paper in the morning, to ride to the train with you, to text you for a favor. You are my favorite humans.

Dear Zella, 
These leggings though. I, very dramatically, can't thank you enough.

Dear Paula McClain,
The Paris Wife has continued to occupy my brain long after I've finished it. I can't wait for your next book to come out in May.

Dear Women in My Life,
I can't wait to celebrate you all this spring and summer! Three bridal showers, two bachelorette parties, one baby shower, Mother's Day, my favorite woman's birthday, two first birthday celebrations, two weddings, one due date. Love watching these milestones and taking notes of the best women I know.


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  1. Zella leggings are the absolute best!!!!!! Do I need to read The Paris Wife?! I'm forever adding to my TBR list!

    1. Aren't they amazing?! & PLEASE add it to your list! It's so lovely. Her next book comes out in May about Hemingway's relationship with Martha Gellhorn. Can't. Wait.

  2. This is a great post idea! Love it!

  3. love this! I feel exactly the same way about Spring and Physical Books haha. Also, so jealous you are going to Paris! I've never been and always wanted to go. <3

    1. Right? Two of my favorite things :) You have to plan a trip. It's unlike any place I've ever been--pure magic! <3

  4. I love the idea of writing little letters, I wrote one to February this month

    1. Thanks, Jasmine! Oh, awesome! I'll have to check it out :)