Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mid-Week Thoughts

+ I haven't watched any of the Olympics. Does this make me a bad person? Or unpatriotic? I just don't get it. I'm totally and completely in awe of the athletes, like I can't even begin to imagine the level of endurance, dedication, and passion one has to have to train the way they do in order to even qualify for the Olympics. So on that end, it's incredible. They're masterful individuals. But as an observer? I'm just exhausted watching them and I feel like I don't know enough about winter sports to be invested.

+ I'm getting incredibly excited for spring. As fall approaches every year, I always think to myself, it doesn't get any better than this autumnal pre-season vibe, but then spring comes and I just can't handle myself. I did a little online shopping for the first time in a long time and got a few pieces that are making me even more excited for the temp to climb a little bit (but just a little bit 'cause I don't need any of that eighty-five degree shit).

+ I start personal training tonight. Ugh. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude (really seems to be working, right?) and hope it goes well. The plan is to go twice a week and then workout one day at home. Hopefully I can kick that up a notch as we get closer to summer (a.k.a. wedding festivities, clothes that don't hide as much, vacations, etc.) and get four to five workouts in a week. That seems pretty crazy to me though, like how do you four to fivers do it? 

+ I'm really tired of thinking about my weight. I'm tired of counting WW points. I'm tired of pulling my clothes away from my stomach where they inevitably cling. I'm tired of declining sex because I don't want to take my clothes off. Or my stomach to jiggle. Or my arms to jiggle. You get it. But I'm not tired of the journey yet because I'm healthy and get to have a conventional (first world, none the less) weight loss journey. I'm not tired of being inspired by cool Weight Watcher instagramers. And I'm not tired of scanning barcodes to see how many points things are (not sure why that's so fun for me). Not tired of the praise Sammy gives when I lose a pound or so a week. Tired and not tired. Depends on the day. But such is life.

+ I'm so excited for the three-day weekend coming up. That's all.

+ I'm disgustingly excited that When Calls the Heart comes back on Sunday night. Officially a Hallmark convert.

+ Sammy works tonight, so we're celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday night by cooking dinner together. We're not big Valentine's Day people (too much pressure!), so we'd rather just chill out. However, I am big on getting snaps like this while I'm at work :) That uniform. never. gets. old.

Happy love day, all xo

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