Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Little Letters - March

Dear coffee with just the right amount of cream in it,
Your are the best color. I want all my clothes to be in your color.

Dear real estate agents,
Include more pictures on your listings! The more the merrier. Maybe I'm weird, but I want to see the garage and that unfinished basement and all the bathrooms. All. The. Bathrooms. Why is this an issue?

Dear Bulgarian Split Squat,
Fuck you. A big fuck you.

Dear pull press,
I like you because I can do you decently well. Thanks for that.

Dear nighttime rain,
Bless you infinitely.

Dear Trader Joe's,
You are my favorite place on earth, I can't even deal.

Dear scale,
I don't know, can you just be nicer or something?

Dear Old Navy,
Your spring collection though. YOUR SPRING COLLECTION. *throws credit card at computer screen*

Dear library books,
I'm so sorry I didn't do you justice this month. I didn't read nearly enough and I'm sorry for that. You will all be renewed immediately.

Dear anxiety,
Can we keep it to a minimum in April? You kind of went haywire there for a minute in March. Let's rein it in, okay?

Dear Easter,
I'm looking forward to you this year, man! Mostly because I got to make an Easter basket for my niece but also you too.

Dear yellow tulips,
You are the most delightful.

Dear March,
You were kinda crazy, but we made it through. It seemed like every week was jam packed with appointments and obligations, which left little room for relaxation and self-care, but I learned a lot about myself during your month, so thanks. Thanks very much.

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