Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Recapping the weekend on a Tuesday, my speciality ;) It was a really lovely weekend. A perfect mix of having things to do and relaxing.

On Friday, Sammy picked me up from work (always a treat) and we headed toward the United Center for the Bulls game. We stopped at Kuma's for dinner to finally use the gift certificate my dad gave Sammy last Christmas.

For non Chicagoans, Kumas is a burger place that makes burgers with awesome topping combinations. Sammy got the "Led Zeppelin" which was a burger topped with pulled pork, bacon, and pickles. I got the "Slayer" which was a patty on a bed of fries, chili, cherry peppers, caramelized onion, andouille sausage, shredded monterrey jack, and green onion. We both enjoyed, but I think we came away feeling like we didn't get what the hype was all about.

A coworker told me she recently had the best burger at The Loyalist, so we've added that place to our burger list for Sammy.

My mom always gets Sammy Bulls tickets for either Christmas or his birthday (since they're only about a month apart) and he LOVES it. We both love the Bulls, but I think I love watching him at these games a little more. He gets so excited, like he's never been to a game, he takes pictures of everything, etc. It's adorable.

Unintentionally matching in our Jordan jerseys ;)

It was a close game and the Bulls ended up winning which was awesome. Sammy got his free Big Macs and all was right with the world :) 
(Each attendee gets a free Big Mac if the Bulls score over 100 points and win the game. Sammy gets very excited about this every time.)

On Saturday morning, I stayed in bed :) Which I do whenever I get the chance. I made some progress on my book while Sammy...

had his second burger of the weekend :) Au Cheval is his favorite burger so far. I've yet to go (we can never get in whenever we've tried, but he always gets in with his friends for some reason!), but I really want to try it.
He had plans with his friends Saturday night to go to a WWE event... I know, I don't know, he likes it for some reason, surprised me too... so, naturally, they started their day at 11 a.m. haha. They went to a few bars, Au Cheval, few more bars, then to see some wrestlers I guess haha. 

Meanwhile, I had moved from my bed to the couch ;) where we had some snuggle time and I made more progress on The Pilot's Wife.

I didn't get any pictures, but later on Saturday night I went over to a coworker's house where she was hosting a Hallmark movie night. We each brought snacks and sat on the floor eating and heckling the movies. It ended up being a lot of fun and I'm hoping I can host the next one!

These are the three we watched. The verdict was as follows (not that anyone remotely cares):

The Sweetest Christmas: Best of the three. We're all a little partial to Gretchen Weiners. Plus the guy was the cutest.

Stranded in Paradise: We heckled this the least, but it was weirdly less a romantic movie and more about the female protagonist's journey, which is obviously totally fine, but we felt like it was weird to market as a rom-com. Plus it felt kind of rushed like the entire time.

When Sparks Fly: Hugely excited to find out Meghan Markle was in this (and not someone who just looks like Meghan Markle) but the premise was over the top even for Hallmark (like no one cares about the Fourth of July that much) and we couldn't get behind her chemistry with the male protagonist.

I was so happy to have zero plans for Sunday, so I slept in, finished The Pilot's Wife, started a new book, and settled in to watch The Oscars which is my favorite award show, like I get real about it. 


It's looking like it's going to be a jam packed work week, which I hope means it'll go by fast. Already really looking forward to the weekend!


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