Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap

Another good weekend, another Monday...
Let's do a little recapping.

I stopped at the grocery store Friday after work to get a few snacks to bring by my girlfriend's for girls night. It was such an awesome night of catching up, drinking wine, and snacking. We stayed at her house past midnight and I absolutely crashed when I got home. There's no better place than my bed on a Friday night after a long week :)

Saturday morning I went with my girlfriend to a used book sale at the library near our houses. It was such a great sale which only reminded me why I don't let myself go to more than one or two a year because for $25 I got an insane amount of books.

A lot of my girlfriends are teachers who are always adding to their classroom library, so we hit the children's section first. Since I'm in the children's book industry, I love seeing if I can find any books my company has published :) I try to limit the amount of children's books I buy for my "future childrens' collection", so I stick to the classics like Berenstain Bears or Richard Scarry books or anything Christmas ;) Definitely intend on displaying seasonal children's books in our house even before we have kids.

The selection was insane. I couldn't believe how new the books they were getting rid of were. It's trade show season in our industry right now, and libraries are buying new titles as they release, so they were really clearing house for the new stuff. I left with three tote bags full of books for the price of one hardcover. Can't beat it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking the library plastic and stickers off the books, napping, and reading (wild afternoon!). Then I got ready to meet Sammy and our friends downtown.

We started out at our friends apartment in Lincoln Park and ended up at Fatpour

It isn't often I'm doing shots, so documentation. However, when this group does shots, we always do Fireball ;) 

Saw my girl three times in one weekend. Did my heart good.

Nothing like some blurry pics of some of my favorites.

PDA only when intoxicated. Normal relationship, it's fine.

Always reminded how great it is when your boyfriend has awesome friends. These guys are just so easy and fun.

Proceeded home after 2 a.m. which is laaaate for me to be out apparently. I came home, ate a bunch of goldfish, and woke up to a few under my body. #NoShame

I took my damn time on Sunday morning haha. Stayed in bed, got some ibuprofen in me, lounged around reading, and took a nap in the afternoon before finally getting up to do some laundry and paint my nails. 

Saturday I started reading one of the YA novels I picked up at the library sale. It's about a girl and a guy who have been best friends since 8th grade and made a list of "Nevers" or things they were never going to do throughout high school, but now during their senior year have decided to do all of them. The last one on the list is "never date your best friend" and of course the male character has been in love with the female lead for their entire friendship, so I'm interested to see how everyone ends up by the end. It's a cute premise and I'm really enjoying the writing. Hoping to finish it tonight.

I spent the rest of the night updating our house spreadsheets and making shopping lists. I'm way too exciting to go shopping at the dollar store--you can get everything there! ;) Does anyone have any favorite house buys/deals? Looking forward to getting sponges, food storage, and cleaning stuff from the dollar store, storage bins, laundry baskets, bedding and towels from Target, and have everything else shipped via Amazon Prime. 

I can't believe we're only two and a half weeks out from our closing. Craziness. 

Happy Monday, friends! xo

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, peeps! I hope everyone had a great week.

I made it to the gym every morning this week, drank a lot of water (and way less coffee and soda than I have in months), did pretty well food-wise, and stayed pretty positive throughout the week which made it speed right on by.

On to the faves...

// Are we sick of house talk yet?! I'm kind of sick of hearing myself talk about it haha but that isn't going to stop me! Sorry suckers.

Sammy and I picked out some larger piece furniture this week and even purchased a few pieces which feels good to get out of the way. Hoping to make a trip to Steinhafels for our mattress which is where I scored the best deal on my current mattress a few years ago. And the only pieces left are coffee and end tables (or so it seems...) and I've been scouring Craigslist and some other sites to see if we can get a deal on anything.

Wayfair had their "Way Day" sale on Wednesday, so I grabbed a few things we've been keeping our eyes on. We got our headboard in this ivory color. Super simple because we're boring and hate everything else ;) On sale for only $88! For a king! Super excited about that deal.

I initially had my eye on the chaise lounge chair from Ikea, but when we saw it in person I didn't love how it felt to sit in, so I went with this one from Wayfair instead. This kind of chair is more expensive than I was anticipating and the $250 one from Ikea was the cheapest I had seen around, which is why I moved quickly on this one when I saw the deal was for $150. Hoping to spend many, many hours reading in this thing.

And I grabbed these sheer curtain panels for every room that has windows because they were $5. Not sure if they'll fit or even look good, but they were $5 and I can't pass up a deal.

And we officially decided that this beauty will be ours. Can't wait to get this in the house and then never do anything productive again because I'll never be leaving that corner area.

// I mentioned Karen Adams in my weekend recap post and decided I had to throw her into this favorites post because she is definitely a favorite. I love her stationary, the greeting cards in particular.  Her sale section is amazing, I always look there first, and then I move on to the full priced stuff which is still only around $4 a card. I don't get quite as many of those unless they're something I can't pass up like the Gatsby inspired card below because I knew it would be perfect to give to my girlfriend at her bridal shower since their wedding is Gatsby inspired.

I recently picked up this card (for $2!) in the sale section to have on hand for literally anything. 
 And I grabbed this one to have on hand for a wedding. You get the picture.
I love how simple her cards are and that they're blank. 99% of the time I don't buy a card in a store is because I'm a stickler for words and hate how something sounds inside. What a brat, I know. But this way, I write whatever I want inside and move on. I love grabbing occasion cards so I have them on hand for baby or bridal showers because those are the kind of events I'm frequently forgetting to buy cards for.

This was probably a lot about stationary/greeting cards haha but her stuff is too good not to share. The paper and designs are quality, and I love supporting independent businesses.

// As I've said, I've been working out in the mornings at the gym in my office, and I don't have time to shower which is perhaps a little TMI but whatevs. I don't sweat enoughhh during my workouts to totally gross anyone out since I'm weight training in the mornings, but I've loved spritzing this on my face when I get to my desk. It helps me feel a little more refreshed and it smells great.
Image result for mario badescu rose water

// I started following Alison Koobie (@runningwithfrosting on Instagram) this week and I'm obsessed with her feed. Definitely my new favorite WW ambassador. I've saved so many of her ideas already.


// I picked up this nail polish last week and have really been loving it for spring. The Insta-Dri formula is now my favorite drugstore nail polish (coming from an Essie snob). It doesn't dry instantly obviously but it's pretty darn close and it lasts a decent amount of time without chipping. Can't beat it for $5.

// I have to include this seemingly random favorite. Sammy and I went to go visit his grandparents after work on Tuesday and when I got in the car he handed me a bag of pancakes... to which I was like yes, wonderful, pancakes, I'll take them. But was actually like "why do we have a bag of pancakes....?" He made them for his grandpa (who is currently undergoing his second round of radiation after chemotherapy) because his grandpa likes pancakes. This is a small example of why this man is one of my favorite humans of all time. A seemingly small gesture but he's always thinking of others, especially on his days off when he should be taking time for himself. Just love him.

// Another favorite this week was getting to see a movie with my dad at an old theatre near my office. It was built in the late 20s and they've kept it up really well. They were showing the silent film Wings, which won the academy award in 1927, and they had a live organist play while the movie played. It was really cool and the movie holds up well! Now I want to watch all the early academy award winners. Plus it's always my very favorite getting to spend time with my dad. I was sitting in the theatre thinking, this guy is my best friend haha. Couldn't have gotten better parents if I picked them myself, swear to god. So blessed.

// This is how I'm currently spending breaks at work. On round 97. Can't get enough of this book and this woman.

// Another huge favorite was the first hammock session of the season last night! Still need to find a place for this beauty in our new yard, but I'm excited to spend a lot of time on it this summer.

That's it for me this Friday morning. I have plans to hang out with some girl friends tonight, and going with one of them to a used book sale at our library tomorrow morning (wild plans, people), and  then no plans for the rest of the weekend and, as you know, I'm thrilled ;) hoping to come home with a big pile of books to look through Saturday and Sunday. Wild plans. xo

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

I finally remembered Shay's link-up with enough time to actually participate! Okay, I remembered yesterday, always just under the gun ;)

Can't wait to read what's up with everyone else!

What I'm Eating This Week...
I actually meal prepped this week which I haven't done in quite a while. I made a batch of the WW famous two-ingredient dough bagels for breakfasts this week and I've been having them with eggs and a piece of fruit. 

I baked a bunch of lightly breaded chicken tenders for lunches along with some vegetables and rice.
For dinners I've been trying to stick with protein and vegetables like on Monday night I had a turkey burger (sans bun unfortunately) with an artichoke. And I've been snacking on fruit and pretzels in the evenings. It's been pretty healthy, and I've been keeping under my WW points for each day, but that isn't to say I won't be having popcorn when I go to the movies with my dad tonight :)

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I've been reminiscing about my childhood lately. I guess seeing more friends getting married and our impending move (and moving out of our parents homes for good for that matter) will do that to ya. With every bridal shower and celebration comes a lot of remembering how far my girlfriends and I have come, but more importantly, come together. It's amazing. I look at them with their fiancés/husbands and I think, "Jesus wasn't it just last week we were writing the Jonas Brothers' names on our stomachs on the way to their concert?" ;) (no one ever saw those names, not sure why we did that) And while things have changed, I am consistently and utterly grateful that most things have stayed the same. I text my girlfriend about mortgage rates and property taxes, but I also just texted her about junk food and SJP's new bridal line...just like when we were sixteen :)

For visual purposes, a throwback (and one that could have been taken last week 'cause, gratefully, not much has changed):

What I'm Loving...
Planning all the logistics of our move with Sammy. Both of us are easily triggered by stress and moving is probably one of the more stressful tasks (I'm guessing/I've heard...), so it wouldn't have surprised me if we had been fighting for the last month or so about every little detail, but we haven't been. It's honestly been kind of a breeze and kind of easy and kind of a pleasure. We even each other out and I'm always so relieved to discover how well we work together as we venture into these new milestones.

And now, a photo of our future front stoop where the current owner has planted some very vibrant faux flowers ;) I love her.

What I've Been Up To...
Furniture. Shopping. And I'm kind of over it now? I'm sort of at the point of feeling like I hate everything haha and just want someone else to pick it for me which is an odd turn for my normal type-A personality. Sammy and I talk a lot about furniture these days and I will be glad when we have the bulk of it decided, paid for, and assembled (small feat, right?). I just want to decorate for Christmas haha.

The cutest (and the chaise I'd love in our loft). 

And the dreamiest couch I KNEW we shouldn't have sat on because $$$ and now we don't want anything else ever.

What I'm Dreading...
Paying for all this furniture! 

What I'm Working On...
Budgeting for this furniture... haha.

What I'm Excited About...
To be done looking for furniture? Okay, that's enough ;) Excited about raising temps (70s early next week!), getting my haircut in a few weeks, girls night on Friday, and possibly seeing The Avengers on Sunday (if Sammy can get a few hours off).

What I'm Watching/Reading...
Again, the reading has been really terrible this month. I still have the same books on deck, but I've been wanting to page through this book my mom sweetly gifted me when our offer was accepted on our home.

I can finally report that I've been watching shows other than The Office (although still greatly watching The Office). I've been watching New Girl, Splitting Up Together (loving both of them!), and finally finished The Mindy Project. Next on my list is to binge the next season of This Is Us (I absolutely refuse to watch each episode weekly. Way too emotional for me to wait for the next episode the following week. I much prefer to cry my heart out in one binged sitting, which I realize seems counterproductive but my heart is weird.) and the final season of Scandal which I'm now hearing mixed things about. Has anyone watched it??

I could look up New Girl gifs all day long.

What I'm Listening To...
I've been listening to "Meant to Be" by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line on repeat. Don't know how to pronounce her name, probably last person to the party on this song, but I dig it. 

What I'm Wearing...
I've been wearing this Free People henley a ton lately. I love layering it and I recently wore it over some linen wide leg pants for an extra boho look. I really want more colors but I want to wait to see if it goes on sale anytime soon.

I also grabbed this in the clearance section at Target a few weeks ago for around $9! It's super flattering and comfy and I've already worn it multiple times. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Girls night on Friday night and possibly seeing The Avengers on Sunday, other than that, I have zero plans and couldn't be happier about it. This is another week where I've had stuff going on almost every night after work, so I'm looking forward to lounging this weekend at home.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...
Hopefully closing on our house! 

What Else Is New...
Obviously, since I can't stop talking about it, buying our house has been the "new" thing lately haha. Not much else compares :)

Have a great Wednesday, all!

Monday, April 23, 2018


Happy Monday, all! Feeling pretty good this morning--I got my workout in which makes me feel great. It wasn't as long as I wanted it to be (still trying to work out the logistics--without getting stressed!--of morning workouts again), but I'm not going to let that make me feel less productive. Tomorrow's will be longer, that's all.

Now I remember why I love working out in the morning. Okay, I don't love it, but I definitely prefer the morning. I feel much more awake at my desk now than I normally do and the best part is that it's just DONE. No matter what the rest of the day brings, that part is finished. And that's worth a slightly hectic morning. 

Anyway, on to the recap! 

Chelsie and I started our girl's night at Big Bowl for some stir fry and 1/2 off pitchers of sangria which was much needed after a long week for both of us. 

We headed over to the theatre afterward to see I Feel Pretty which was so damn funny with an even better message. I teared up heavily at the end (as well as other parts throughout). You leave the theatre feeling so inspired and empowered to feel differently--better--about yourself. I've been trying to emulate the same energy and perspective ever since. I gotta say, so far, it's working. 

I am always reminded how much "girl time" feeds my soul. I'm left feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally just...better. I breathe easier when I'm with them. Eternally blessed for that.

When I got home, I started to get my gift ready for my girlfriend's shower. I had gotten her and her fiancĂ© a gift from their registry and had it shipped to their house, but I still wanted them to physically open something at their shower. Since Alicia and I are obsessed with Jessica Garvin, I purchased a digital file from her Etsy shop and framed it for them to have in their home. I normally wouldn't gift someone something so decorative since everyone has different style, but since we're so obsessed with JG, I figured it would be okay ;) 

I found this card from my favorite Karen Adams (seriously, check her cards out! her sale section is amazing.) and it fits perfectly with their Gatsby theme!

A recipe card came with the shower invitation, and since my friends are big whiskey lovers, I wrote a recipe for Jack Daniel's Mac & Cheese that I hope they'll enjoy. 

I went with Chelsie to Alicia's bridal shower and it was such a lovely afternoon celebrating the sweetest couple I know. Honest to god, Alicia and Cory are just good. Always thinking of others. It's such a pleasure to celebrate people like them.

Everything was decorated so nicely with the sweetest details. 

We had salad and fruit and sandwiches and hibiscus lemonade and it was delicious. 

I left with not one but two Starbucks cards because ya girl knows the bride most ;)

Cutest humans.

The favors were lip balms made by Alicia's sister, the MOH aka craftiest person of all time, and they said "kiss the miss goodbye" on them. Are you dead yet? 

Bridesmaids! (minus two sisters!)

After leaving the shower, I did a quick change at home and then went with Sammy's parents (he was working) to his uncle's for his cousins' birthday celebration. 

Forever inundated with the bestttt snacks at these parties...

I remember meeting these two when they were only 2 years old. I can't even stand how big they are! 

I hung out with his family for the rest of the night, got some time with our niece and my SIL and BIL which is always a favorite, and I spent a bunch of time with the older twins (yes, his aunt and uncle have two sets of twins: one adopted, one biological. Crazy, right?) which made me feel very cool since they're way cooler than I am ;) They were helping me pick furniture for our townhouse and I loved bonding with them.

I had zero plans for Sunday which always makes me incredibly happy. I spent the morning in bed updating our furniture spreadsheet ;) and then migrated downstairs to do laundry and lay on the couch. Our pup wasn't feel well so we spent a good chunk of the day keeping close tabs on him. 

Loving on this couch and I'm hoping they have in-store when we (hopefully!) go shopping tonight.

It turns out I hate a lot of hanging light fixtures, chandeliers in particular. But the closest style I've come to liking is anything that resembles a lantern? Obviously our entryway isn't this large haha so we'd be scaling down a fixture like that quite a bit, but it's really growing on me.

I watched the newest episodes of New Girl and Splitting Up Together and then my mom and I watched last week's When Calls the Heart. My grandma and uncle came over for dinner and I meal prepped while they were over. I baked lightly breaded chicken tenders, portioned out vegetables and a WW's frozen rice meal, and two ingredient dough bagels and breadsticks I turned into cinnamon sugar sticks (via @runningwithfrosting on IG) and promptly ate the entirety of.

I spent the rest of the evening folding laundry, packing up food, and packing my gym bag for the week. Sunday night isn't my favorite time to do this stuff because I'd rather be relaxing and mentally preparing for the week (I stayed up until after 10 p.m. getting this stuff done), but I'm happy to have done it. The whole time I was thinking why didn't I start this at noon?! Haha. Next weekend I will.

It was a wonderful, balanced weekend--my favorite kind. Looking forward to a continued positive Monday and rest of the week. Hope everyone had wonderful weekends!


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