Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Midweek Thoughts

// Still not a ton of updates on the house situation. I've learned when you think you're "done" you're not actually done haha. I thought we had gotten all the information and documents and numbers and signed papers to our lender but there always seems to be something more! I mean, it makes sense haha, but still I'm like how is this not over yet?! Hoping to hear some appraisal news (and even more good news to follow...) sometime this week!

// I can't believe how little I read last month and the same habit seems to be following me into April. The only thing that seems to be able to relax my ever wandering mind these days is The Office, so that's all I've been doing in my downtime. Definitely need to pick up my Kindle and get to those library rentals! Currently on deck:

Miles Morales by Jason Reynolds
Love and Ruin by Paula McLain
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Jesus for the Non-Religious by Bishop John Shelby Spong

// I was really, really not looking forward to going to my personal training session last night. I've had two weeks in a row of only going in once a week (although, I was working out at home on other nights), and I've quickly gotten used to not being there as often. I hate the environment of this particular gym and it gives me anxiety just walking through the door, but I know a decent amount of that is caused by my own poor attitude. I spent the whole train ride after work yesterday trying to refocus my energy more positively and I ended up having one of the better sessions I've ever had. I deadlifted 115 lbs (up from 75 lbs from last week!) and was feeling pretty good. Making progress.

// Making good food choices was not my strength last week. After two solid months of making smart choices related to food, I totally backtracked for no reason at all last week. However, I didn't gain one pound which is incredible and totally undeserved. But this week, we're back on track and feeling good.

// I need to watch the New Girl premier, among 17 other shows. And I read about Wild Wild Country on Cup of Jo this morning and am now fully interested in that. What is it about cults that I find so fascinating?!

// Incredibly excited to have no plans this evening and no plans for the entire weekend. We're ramping up to weekends filled with various wedding, birthday, and other various events, so I'm soaking up the low-key weekends wherever I can get them :)

// I've been working on letting go of the feeling that I need to constantly be productive. Tonight I have nothing planned and my initial instinct is to think of all the things I "need" to do, but I'm trying to start acknowledging that taking time for myself IS being productive. I'm trying to cut down my to-do list to one thing a night so I can ensure I'm leaving enough time for me. It's in the 60s today and supposed to rain tonight, so I'm looking forward to going home, cracking open the windows, and fully relaxing.

// The Opalhouse line at Target is something I can't deal with. I already have a list of items I've deemed "necessary."

That's what's going on in my brain this week, folks. I almost deleted all of this and didn't post because who actually gives a shit? But then I figured, that's not really the point. This is what life looks like right now. These are my concerns and thoughts, despite being boring and random and kind of obnoxious. It's an accurate representation. Maybe I'll read this in ten years and be like, okay, Alex, seriously, who cares? And that would be okay too. But I'd like to think I'd be glad I wrote it down anyway :)

I hope the week is treating you well!


  1. I started the Seven Husbands book on audio, and had to return before I was finished. This reminds me to rent it again. Was intriguing!

    1. Glad to hear that! I've been returning and re-renting all month...