Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Midweek Thoughts

// House update: the inspection went very well (or as well as an inspection can go haha)! Our inspector was impressed with the condition the current owners have kept the place in. Getting to be in the house again was so fun for us, especially since there were rooms we didn't even walk into (some we didn't even remember!) the first time we saw the house since that was such a whirlwind experience.

We took some measurements of the living room and master bedroom since those are our priority rooms in terms of furniture, and now we go drain our savings to purchase a couch. I'll ask again, why is furniture so expensive?! ;) Regardless, that's a pretty great problem to have, and we're exceedingly blessed this process has continued to get easier. Fingers crossed it continues!

To show how adorable our sellers are--those cookies!
Next on our list is to start looking at paint for the first floor of our house--I think we're going with one color throughout since the layout is rather open and rooms extend into one another. And then start flagging some big piece furniture items we like so we can grab them during the Memorial Day sales.

I really loved this chair from Home Goods when I stopped in with my girlfriend over the weekend. Would love to go back and get it!

// I quit personal training this week. I didn't realize until somewhat recently what a mental toll it was taking on me. I hated the environment from the beginning because it turned out to be so capitalistic and shady and the customer service is absolute shit. And while my trainer had a lot of good knowledge to share, his attitude consistently rubbed me the wrong way. Then I developed plantar fasciitis in my foot (and getting a note from my earth angel of a doctor in order to get out of my ridiculous contract), and that was basically the deciding factor for me. I feel so much better without having to worry about going to that gym after work now. I couldn't WAIT to send that text to my trainer, to which I didn't even receive a reply which is telling in itself. 

I'm very excited to take control over my fitness/weight loss journey again. I'm so glad I have more knowledge about fitness and now know the proper positions and form in order to do exercises correctly, but I had started to convince myself I needed my trainer and that gym in order to lose weight and that's simply not the case. It was a terrible mental place to be in, especially when weight loss has already been an up and down battle for me emotionally and mentally. I don't need to add another element to that frickin' journey haha. I absolutely hate, hate, hate feeling dependent on someone else in a negative way. So we're back to just ME. And it feels awesome. I'm grateful to have had the experience because it got me to this realization, but I'm glad that experience is over haha. I'm hoping for a smooth cancelation process, although, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some hiccups along the way. Oh well, I'll take it as it comes.

My current plan is to go back to using the gym in our office building and go every morning to weight train and then do cardio at home a few days a week after work. Hoping I can keep this up, but more important, I'm excited to try which I've never been before. 

// Going back moving, has anyone dealt with homesickness upon moving out of their childhood home? Maybe this is super dramatic, but I've had several people tell me they experienced homesickness after they moved out and it's always been a big concern of mine. I've had terrible separation anxiety ever since I was a kid, and as I got older it became specific to my mom because she's who I lived with after my parents got divorced. I've done a complete 180 in terms of having anxiety about this, like I have very little to no anxiety about it now which I'm so grateful for, but I guess I'm concerned it's going to sneak up on me once I've officially moved and then it will be too late! Haha forever Ms. Dramatic over here. Would love any tips if anyone has an experience to share!

// How is it only midweek?!

// I've been counting down the days until I can get movie theatre popcorn on Friday with my girlfriend. Counting down the days. This is the kind of person I am. A person who is THIS excited about movie theatre popcorn. Legitimately, I've been thinking about this for over a week. It's no wonder I have a mental block against fitness.

// I borrowed a book from a co-worker (who is a fellow Anne of Green Gables nerd) that's a collection of Lucy Maud Montgomery's journal entries and I'm currently reading it and loving it. The entries start when she's fifteen and I think it's amazing how the things we worry about as fifteen year olds are the same now as they were in 1889. There's something so comforting and sweet in the universality of that. 

// I finally watched some TV that wasn't The Office over the weekend (although I definitely still watched The Office). I watched the premier of New Girl and loved it. Really excited for this last season and so sad it's ending. I also saw the first three episodes of Splitting Up Together and liked it a lot! Also excited to see where the season goes and if it gets picked up for another. And I finally finished the last season of The Mindy Project and I enjoyed it, but I love Mindy Kaling so it could have been trash and I still would have liked it. Now I just need to finish Scandal... and get caught up on this last season of This Is Us

// Did much lounging on Sunday (among laundry and a little additional organizing) and it was much appreciated 

The Sound of Music--forever my biggest comfort

Happy Wednesday, friends! Wishing everyone a speedy finish to the week.


  1. Furniture is so so expensive, but the cost per use (if you own for years) is veryy low...just a lot to shell out at once. I've heard to wait to buy things until after a close to not mess with credit or terms. Your sellers left you treats? Love that. I am listing today and want to have cute things out for showings and such, but I need to noodle on that. What were cute touches you saw at showings?

    1. SO true. I'm very about cost per use with clothing and it makes even more sense to apply that philosophy with furniture. We did see one other house that actually had a really sweet display of flowers on a silver tray with champagne! But we couldn't tell if it was just for show, like part of their regular decor haha, or if we were supposed to drink it? Haha it sure looked nice though!

    2. That's funny! I am usually booking back to back showings so I would never be able to keep that chilled but that would be so fun! I didn't so anything neat..only fresh florals all around.