Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap

Another good weekend, another Monday...
Let's do a little recapping.

I stopped at the grocery store Friday after work to get a few snacks to bring by my girlfriend's for girls night. It was such an awesome night of catching up, drinking wine, and snacking. We stayed at her house past midnight and I absolutely crashed when I got home. There's no better place than my bed on a Friday night after a long week :)

Saturday morning I went with my girlfriend to a used book sale at the library near our houses. It was such a great sale which only reminded me why I don't let myself go to more than one or two a year because for $25 I got an insane amount of books.

A lot of my girlfriends are teachers who are always adding to their classroom library, so we hit the children's section first. Since I'm in the children's book industry, I love seeing if I can find any books my company has published :) I try to limit the amount of children's books I buy for my "future childrens' collection", so I stick to the classics like Berenstain Bears or Richard Scarry books or anything Christmas ;) Definitely intend on displaying seasonal children's books in our house even before we have kids.

The selection was insane. I couldn't believe how new the books they were getting rid of were. It's trade show season in our industry right now, and libraries are buying new titles as they release, so they were really clearing house for the new stuff. I left with three tote bags full of books for the price of one hardcover. Can't beat it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking the library plastic and stickers off the books, napping, and reading (wild afternoon!). Then I got ready to meet Sammy and our friends downtown.

We started out at our friends apartment in Lincoln Park and ended up at Fatpour

It isn't often I'm doing shots, so documentation. However, when this group does shots, we always do Fireball ;) 

Saw my girl three times in one weekend. Did my heart good.

Nothing like some blurry pics of some of my favorites.

PDA only when intoxicated. Normal relationship, it's fine.

Always reminded how great it is when your boyfriend has awesome friends. These guys are just so easy and fun.

Proceeded home after 2 a.m. which is laaaate for me to be out apparently. I came home, ate a bunch of goldfish, and woke up to a few under my body. #NoShame

I took my damn time on Sunday morning haha. Stayed in bed, got some ibuprofen in me, lounged around reading, and took a nap in the afternoon before finally getting up to do some laundry and paint my nails. 

Saturday I started reading one of the YA novels I picked up at the library sale. It's about a girl and a guy who have been best friends since 8th grade and made a list of "Nevers" or things they were never going to do throughout high school, but now during their senior year have decided to do all of them. The last one on the list is "never date your best friend" and of course the male character has been in love with the female lead for their entire friendship, so I'm interested to see how everyone ends up by the end. It's a cute premise and I'm really enjoying the writing. Hoping to finish it tonight.

I spent the rest of the night updating our house spreadsheets and making shopping lists. I'm way too exciting to go shopping at the dollar store--you can get everything there! ;) Does anyone have any favorite house buys/deals? Looking forward to getting sponges, food storage, and cleaning stuff from the dollar store, storage bins, laundry baskets, bedding and towels from Target, and have everything else shipped via Amazon Prime. 

I can't believe we're only two and a half weeks out from our closing. Craziness. 

Happy Monday, friends! xo

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