Monday, April 23, 2018


Happy Monday, all! Feeling pretty good this morning--I got my workout in which makes me feel great. It wasn't as long as I wanted it to be (still trying to work out the logistics--without getting stressed!--of morning workouts again), but I'm not going to let that make me feel less productive. Tomorrow's will be longer, that's all.

Now I remember why I love working out in the morning. Okay, I don't love it, but I definitely prefer the morning. I feel much more awake at my desk now than I normally do and the best part is that it's just DONE. No matter what the rest of the day brings, that part is finished. And that's worth a slightly hectic morning. 

Anyway, on to the recap! 

Chelsie and I started our girl's night at Big Bowl for some stir fry and 1/2 off pitchers of sangria which was much needed after a long week for both of us. 

We headed over to the theatre afterward to see I Feel Pretty which was so damn funny with an even better message. I teared up heavily at the end (as well as other parts throughout). You leave the theatre feeling so inspired and empowered to feel differently--better--about yourself. I've been trying to emulate the same energy and perspective ever since. I gotta say, so far, it's working. 

I am always reminded how much "girl time" feeds my soul. I'm left feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally just...better. I breathe easier when I'm with them. Eternally blessed for that.

When I got home, I started to get my gift ready for my girlfriend's shower. I had gotten her and her fiancĂ© a gift from their registry and had it shipped to their house, but I still wanted them to physically open something at their shower. Since Alicia and I are obsessed with Jessica Garvin, I purchased a digital file from her Etsy shop and framed it for them to have in their home. I normally wouldn't gift someone something so decorative since everyone has different style, but since we're so obsessed with JG, I figured it would be okay ;) 

I found this card from my favorite Karen Adams (seriously, check her cards out! her sale section is amazing.) and it fits perfectly with their Gatsby theme!

A recipe card came with the shower invitation, and since my friends are big whiskey lovers, I wrote a recipe for Jack Daniel's Mac & Cheese that I hope they'll enjoy. 

I went with Chelsie to Alicia's bridal shower and it was such a lovely afternoon celebrating the sweetest couple I know. Honest to god, Alicia and Cory are just good. Always thinking of others. It's such a pleasure to celebrate people like them.

Everything was decorated so nicely with the sweetest details. 

We had salad and fruit and sandwiches and hibiscus lemonade and it was delicious. 

I left with not one but two Starbucks cards because ya girl knows the bride most ;)

Cutest humans.

The favors were lip balms made by Alicia's sister, the MOH aka craftiest person of all time, and they said "kiss the miss goodbye" on them. Are you dead yet? 

Bridesmaids! (minus two sisters!)

After leaving the shower, I did a quick change at home and then went with Sammy's parents (he was working) to his uncle's for his cousins' birthday celebration. 

Forever inundated with the bestttt snacks at these parties...

I remember meeting these two when they were only 2 years old. I can't even stand how big they are! 

I hung out with his family for the rest of the night, got some time with our niece and my SIL and BIL which is always a favorite, and I spent a bunch of time with the older twins (yes, his aunt and uncle have two sets of twins: one adopted, one biological. Crazy, right?) which made me feel very cool since they're way cooler than I am ;) They were helping me pick furniture for our townhouse and I loved bonding with them.

I had zero plans for Sunday which always makes me incredibly happy. I spent the morning in bed updating our furniture spreadsheet ;) and then migrated downstairs to do laundry and lay on the couch. Our pup wasn't feel well so we spent a good chunk of the day keeping close tabs on him. 

Loving on this couch and I'm hoping they have in-store when we (hopefully!) go shopping tonight.

It turns out I hate a lot of hanging light fixtures, chandeliers in particular. But the closest style I've come to liking is anything that resembles a lantern? Obviously our entryway isn't this large haha so we'd be scaling down a fixture like that quite a bit, but it's really growing on me.

I watched the newest episodes of New Girl and Splitting Up Together and then my mom and I watched last week's When Calls the Heart. My grandma and uncle came over for dinner and I meal prepped while they were over. I baked lightly breaded chicken tenders, portioned out vegetables and a WW's frozen rice meal, and two ingredient dough bagels and breadsticks I turned into cinnamon sugar sticks (via @runningwithfrosting on IG) and promptly ate the entirety of.

I spent the rest of the evening folding laundry, packing up food, and packing my gym bag for the week. Sunday night isn't my favorite time to do this stuff because I'd rather be relaxing and mentally preparing for the week (I stayed up until after 10 p.m. getting this stuff done), but I'm happy to have done it. The whole time I was thinking why didn't I start this at noon?! Haha. Next weekend I will.

It was a wonderful, balanced weekend--my favorite kind. Looking forward to a continued positive Monday and rest of the week. Hope everyone had wonderful weekends!


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  1. Starting your day with a workout is the best! That's a really cute phrase for the lip balm!! Hope you have a great week girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Isn't it cute? I loved it. Thanks, lady! Same to you! xo

  2. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend! The idea of a recipe card in the invite is so clever. I registered for a hearth and hand recipe box, so I'd love to have recipe cards to add! I just told my maid of honor about that. Love that entry light.

    1. It's a super cute idea--I did it when I hosted my bff's engagement party and it was a hit! Thanks--it's definitely growing on me ;)

  3. I loved I Feel Pretty and felt the same way! I thought it was hilarious but also heartwarming.
    Yesss to morning workouts. I hate when I have to go after work because I think about it all day. UGH!

    1. Right?! Ugh we loved it. Me too!! All. Day. Long. It creates so much anxiety for me haha.