Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, all! It was a WEEK haha. I didn't make it home each night until after 9 p.m. this week and then didn't get to sleep until after midnight. I can't wait to not set my alarm tomorrow morning :) 

On to the faves...

// Our "new address" postcards arrived a week early! That was definitely a favorite. I love how they turned out. I have to grab some stamps, but I'll be sending them whenever we happen to pass a mailbox on Thursday after our closing :)

// I also picked up this little house ornament to give to our sellers with a hand written note. I'm going to put their house number on it with a paint marker. The circumstances around their move aren't very positive and I feel bad they have to move because it's clear they love their home and don't want to leave, so I wanted to give them a little something symbolic of their home and let them know how much we're going to appreciate and take care of the house. 

The Etsy shop is here. She hand paints everything and the details are so sweet up close.

// Speaking of moving, I grabbed this guy from Amazon last week per a recommendation from a coworker. It's supposed to be amazing for packing, so I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of it!
// I also grabbed this jumpsuit because I've been seeing it a ton on my Instagram (those sponsored posts are gunna be the death of me). It just looks so comfy and you can't beat the under $20 price tag on Prime.

// We ordered our couch this week! Sammy's parents have very generously offered to gift us our couch, so we went back to Value City Furniture and got that taken care of. We're so in love with it, I can't wait for everyone to come over and try it out. I swear to them they'll never get up.

We went with the Plush line and got the three piece sofa and ottoman which can be moved around to either side or in the middle.

// We also picked our mattress this week. We're going with the firm Tulo mattress from Mattress Firm which my mother has generously offered to gift us (because our parents are angels).

// Our bedding from Target came in as well (which is the same set I have on my bed right now). I just love the simplicity. Can you tell I love white? ;)
// Earlier this week we had a company outing to see the second Boxcar Children movie. Not sure if anyone remembers those chapter books, but I work for the publishing company that publishes them. The second movie released in a few theatres yesterday, so we all went downtown to go see it!

They picked a theatre that's connected to a FTW, so we got appetizers and drinks and played some games before the movie. We were able to invite significant others and since Sammy happened to be off that day, he was able to join us which was great. We had a lot of fun playing games which made me realize we need to find arcades way more often for date night.

// Stalking the Met Gala photos has definitely been a favorite this week. Can't get over King Chadwick Boseman. #WakandaForever  

// I have a haircut scheduled on Saturday with a new stylist. I've been going to the same gentleman forever because my mom has gone to him forever and his salon is across the street from my office, so you can't beat the convenience. And I normally love the job he does, but lately, a few weeks after I get it cut, the style seems to morph into something I didn't ask/intend for? So I reached out to the woman who did my hair for both of Sammy's cousins' weddings, because I LOVED how it turned out both times, and scheduled a cut with her. Turns out she works in Algonquin which is one town over from where we're moving, so it conveniently makes sense to start going to someone closer to where we'll be living. 

All this to say, I don't know that I have a super clear direction to give her about my hair haha. When my hair is this long, I always say the same thing: keep the length but add some layers for movement. Yet my hair always ends up being one length which I haaaaate. Hopefully what I would like is doable/complimentary to my face shape and all that.

Some of my inspiration:

// I was on the phone with girlfriends two nights this week for a few hours each and it was so good for my soul. Even when conversations drift to not so pleasant topics, it's so good to feel connected to them. Couldn't love them more.

I have plans to do a little shopping and have dinner with my mom on Saturday after my haircut and then looking forward to a low-key Mother's Day on Sunday. Wishing all the mothers/people that mother (however that looks in your family) a wonderful day on Sunday. I'm reminded more and more each year just how significant my mother's presence is. She is the most wonderful. 

Happy weekend! xo

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  1. Happy Friday! How cute to give a gift to your sellers - I have goodies ready for my buyers. Love the couch you chose & how fortunate to get those big ticket items as gifts! I'm intrigued by the shrink wrap thing..tell me more.

    1. Eeee, I can't wait to see what you have planned! I bet it's so cute! Thank you, we're obsessed with it haha. Extremely fortunate. Can't say enough how helpful having those purchases taken care of has been. I will report back on the shrink wrap--ha!!