Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Little Letters - April

I'm a few days late, but that's the charm of me.

"April morning" by Sue Fenlon (currently lives in Northumberland on the border of  England and Scotland where she draws much of her inspiration from her surroundings)
Dear personal training, 
I quit you this month and I'm so happy. You were mostly OK and pushed me to do more than I would have done on my own, but our relationship became super unhealthy toward the end there, so I'm not at all sad to see you go. Peace.

Dear personal trainer, 
You were also mostly OK, but kind of definitely not, so idk, just be nicer? Like in general? Maybe tailor your communication style to each of your is a "personal" experience after all. And reapply your deodorant like I'm not sure where you think you work, but multiple applications is a logical step in the right direction.

Dear furniture, 
Cost less.

Dear naps in the sun on Sunday afternoons, 
You're my favorite semi-new tradition.

Dear I Feel Pretty,
Still thinking about you. 

Dear jumpsuits, 
You are my favorite piece of clothing right now. Bless your existence.

Dear library used book sales,
I couldn't love you more. You're forever proving my impulsivity, lack of self-control, and inability to bring cash to cash-only events. Still couldn't love you more.

Dear impatiens at the train station, 
I love smelling you every day. I'm planting a whole bunch of you in our yard. 

Dear house, 
Get ready for us. We'll see ya in two weeks. 

Dear April, 
You were kind of lovely, dude! The weather wasn't so great, but we pushed through. Sammy and I celebrated 12 years together during your days, my dad's birthday, we had our inspection done on our house, went to the first bridal shower of the season, and planned a trip to NY with my best girl. Thanks for it.


  1. So much goodness in April. I can't wait to watch you guys close + make your house your home!! Your post with the cookies from your seller inspired me - I left granola bars & iced coffees for my buyers/inspector this morning for their appointment. I already started gathering items for a close-day basket to leave and got a mini bottle of champagne to leave in the fridge! I hope they love it's fun to help make for an extra-fun experience on their end.

    1. Eee, thanks girl! It's getting real over here! Omg, are you the cutest ever?! I love those ideas! So sweet.

  2. OH wow, 12 years?! Congrats!

    The library sales are the best. I'm a librarian, and so it's hard for me to resist when they're being held RIGHT HERE! The next one is next week. I'm trying not to go. I have too many books. LOL

    1. Thank you!! Aren't they awesome? Ugh, girl, tell me about it--ha!!