Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend Recap

Today definitely feels like Monday haha but another good weekend in the books and recapping it is making this day a little less ehh.

I stopped into Target on the way home from work on Friday so I could pick up a few storage bins. I wanted to attempt at consolidating some of my stuff in our basement so it's ready to go whenever we decide our first moving day will be (I'm thinking we're going to have a few "moving days"). Most of what I have down there is occasion clothing (not to be confused with special occasion clothing, I'm talking like "ugly" sweater attire and jerseys and shit like that haha), books (surprise, surprise), nostalgic stuff, crafting supplies I've barely used, and random ass purchases I have made for "when I have a house of my own" and totally forgot about. About half those purchases were good ones like the pretty table runner and oven mit below, and the other half were like "why did I need this silver bunny candy dish?" Hopefully it looks OK at Easter...

I did as much as I could tolerate (which was most of my stuff, so that was good) and then spent the rest of the night lounging around the house.

I woke up slow on Saturday and headed out to read on the hammock for a little while before getting a text from Sammy's cousin letting me know of their family's plan to take Sammy's grandpa to the Botanic Gardens. Sammy had to work, but I tagged along and had a great day with his fam.

We have a tiny crawler!

Mr. Green thumb :)

Terrrrrrrrible angle, but we felt some baby kicks too!

I ended up having dinner with Sammy's aunt, just us two, which was the nicest evening. It's rare we get to spend one-on-one time together, so it was such a lovely time. We have very similar personalities so we spent the night talking about books and movies and family. So good. 

We ate at Trezeros in Mt. Prospect (our families know the owner, so it's always nice supporting his business) and loved our meals. I got a glass of Carletto Prosecco and loved it, so I'm now on the lookout for that brand.

I got the meat and cheese appetizer as my entree and was in heaven.

I came home and hung out with my brother and mom for a while before heading up to bed to work on an embroidery project I'm giving my mom for Mother's Day. Two to one odds my mom gets half finished embroidery on Sunday.

On Sunday morning I went to my girlfriend Alicia's second shower! It was at Maggiano's in Vernon Hills, thrown by the MOG's close family/friends.

After the shower, I spent several hours on the hammock reading and napping (mostly napping). It was glorious.

Spent some time comparing the paint chips my mom has (she's painting our kitchen soon) as inspiration for our bedroom and bathrooms.

I'm loving a color like one of the top three for our bathrooms.

My grandma and uncle came over for dinner (per usual on Sundays) and we ate and hung out. I stayed up way too late reading Wild and watching The Office, but that's not a rarity on Sunday night. 

Looking forward to semi-chill workdays this week since we have a lot of prep to do in the evenings for our closing next week. Fingers crossed we get the clear to close tomorrow or Wednesday!

Happy Monday, all! xo


  1. A beautiful weekend in bloom! Sort of jealous you have a hammock to read on! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Looks like a well-rounded weekend. I like your home goods you stashed away! The close will be here so soon!

    1. Thanks! It's crazy--hoping to get that "clear to close" today or tomorrow!