Thursday, June 7, 2018

Little Letters - May

A week late, but that's nothing new ;)

Dear scale,
I love not having you at my new house. Nothing personal, I just have a tiny bit of an unhealthy relationship with you. My shit, not yours. But I'm thrilled you're being nice to me again ;)

Dear thirteen pounds,
I don't miss you, but thanks for keeping me warm throughout the winter. I'm trying to get more of your friends to join you so you won't be lonely wherever you are.

Dear bike,
Thanks for still kicking it after all these years. Hoping to get a lot more use out of you, you purple lady.

Dear books,
I need a new one of you! I think I'm going to stick with one genre all summer. Either all light, "beach" reads or all memoirs. We'll see which one of my holds at the library becomes available first. :)

Dear Walmart,
Not ordering from you online again. Your packaging is the worst and made a mess in my family room further proving you are just the worst store ever. Love the lamp though.

Dear haircut this month,
I'm almost concerned about just how into you I am. Best of my life.

Dear Chinese leftovers in my fridge,
You're the only thing I've cared about all day. Can't wait to get home to you.

Dear house,
Oh, house. It was rocky in the beginning, but I know you're going to be so good to us. And I already know I'm going to have a hard time leaving you when the time comes. And that's a lovely thought. Thanks for everything already.

Dear May,
YOU. You were a rollercoaster month. Bridal showers, a first birthday party, a Shania Twain concert, a bachelorette weekend, Mother's Day, Amy turning twenty-one, closing on our house... it was a lot. A lot of planning and tears and cardboard boxes and anxious thoughts and memories already made. A lot of a lot. You might be the month that ends up teaching me the most in 2018. We will see. Thanks for being patient with me.



  1. Wal-Mart - Glad you love the lamp! Now I need it. May - Loved your wording on all that - about it being the one that may have taught you the most. 13- wow!!!! Go girl. I need that to happen for me!

  2. I do love it. Definitely going to post a picture of it on the entryway table once it's all "styled." Thanks, love!! A lifelong struggle, or so it seems haha. I'll get there eventually. Finally enjoying the mindset of not rushing it or being on some weight loss deadline. xo