Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday Recapping

People, I'm still of the mind there should be a "Tuesday Weekending" link up!! We need something for those of us who can't get their recapping act together on a Monday morning. Which more popular blog (that can harness far more participation than I can haha) wants to partner up?! ;)

This past weekend was a whirlwind. Dinner plans on Friday, two birthdays on Saturday, and a bridal shower on Sunday. All good stuff but I'm already looking forward to a break in these jam packed weekends.

We had plans after work to meet Sammy's coworker and his girlfriend for dinner. I had already met his coworker and loved him, so I was excited to find his girlfriend was every bit as sweet as I thought she'd be. So thrilled to have another police girlfriend friend. 

We headed over to Woodstock to go to D. C. Cobbs for dinner, but before eating, I really wanted to stop into their bookstore in town, Read Between the Lynes. I don't know why I even went in when we only had five minutes to spare because I needed at least twenty. It was SO cute. I definitely want to go back and scour the shelves. 

I got the fish fry at D. C. Cobbs and decided I should have gone with a burger which is what they're known for. Their fries were excellent though. Still thinking about them.

We came home around 8:30 and I painted my nails, put stamps on our "new address" cards, and wrapped our niece's birthday gift, while we watched The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars has never been my thing, like I've actively avoided it, but since Solo came out, I've been intrigued primarily because I have such a thing for Harrison Ford. SO we're attempting to watch all the Star Wars movies just so I can go see Solo.

Theoretically, I should have been able to sleep in on Saturday but of course I woke up at 7 a.m. Ugh. I read Wild in bed while Sammy went to go workout, and then we had to get ready for our niece's first birthday.

It was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" themed and SO cute. They had it at Maretti's in Hoffman Estates and we were all surprised by just how good the food was. 

Yep, that's a real Mercedes this kid received from Sammy's parents ;) 

Only picture I can include of the birthday girl 'cause you can't see her face haha (parents have a no social media rule in regard to posting about her)

Sammy and I split up at this point so he could stay with his family while I left early with my family to head to another party on my side. My cousin in the Navy was in town before her and her husband headed to Florida on vacation, so we stopped by my uncle's to see them and celebrate her birthday.

We hung out there until around 11 p.m., (I eventually fell asleep on the couch for a little while haha I was SO tired!) and then I went back home with my mom to sleep there because we'd both be going to my cousin's bridal shower the next morning. I've only lived in another house for a few weeks, but I love sleeping in my bed at my moms' house when I get the chance haha. Sometime at the end of July we'll be moving my bedroom furniture from her house to our new house, but I knew I'd be spending several Saturday nights there this summer just because of how my weekend plans have turned out and I'd need a place to sleep, so we've left a lot of that furniture alone for now.

My mom, grandma, and I went to my cousin Mallary's bridal shower at Venuti's on Sunday morning and it was a gorgeous day and shower. 

There was a fruit punch and Bellini punch station, an appetizer station, and dessert station for later. 

We got the cutest favors: white ceramic berry dishes from Crate & Barrel. So gorge. 

My mom got to meet her godson's new daughter, River Rose. She's absolutely the sweetest little doll there ever was.

That face cracks me up. She's so chill.

Me and the gorgeous bride. Another bridal shower, another opportunity for the SJP floral dress ;) 

It was a really lovely day and I can't wait for the bachelorette party in a few weeks and then the big day in July!

After the shower, we dropped my grandma off and hit Old Navy because I had gotten an email about their linen pants being on sale for $10 for one day only. My mom was just talking about how she wanted another pair of linen pants, so we took the opportunity to do a little shopping. 

I realized while in the dressing room just how much of neutral gal I am ;)

We went back to my mom's house and hung out with my dad and brother who were doing some yard work outside. They helped me haul my bike and hammock into my mom's car so we could take it back to my house later that night. I placed a quick Instacart order while we sat outside talking and then my brother and mom and I headed back to CL.

We dropped off my stuff, unpacked the groceries, and then went back out to Duke's for a quick dinner.

I know I wax poetic about my family all the time, but they're seriously the greatest humans I know. After spending all day doing yard work, my brother and dad filled the tires in my bike, took my hammock apart, and loaded everything in the trunk for me without even being asked (I would have done it myself!). My mom drove me back to CL on a Sunday night (after doing a ton of driving that weekend) and paid for dinner. She and my brother unloaded the car for me and helped me put away the groceries. They're the best. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Life certainly wouldn't be as comfortable or fun, that's for sure.

The weekend went by quickly, but I'm looking forward to a long weekend coming up. Summer hours have started at work and my first Friday off (we get every other off) is this Friday. Super excited about it because Sammy is off Friday as well, and he's off Thursday so I'm looking forward to coming home Thursday night and hanging out without any plans for Friday except (hopefully!) sleeping in :)

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week! xo


  1. I agree - Tuesday is a better re-cap day - mine will be going live today too! Ha. I also had a weekend full of great stuff, but I'd really love some white space in my calendar. We have an out of town trip this weekend that I'm already contemplating backing out of for said white space...doh!

    1. Right? I know I'm going to partially miss the busy season once it's over, but right now I can't help wishing for a little more free time!

    2. Are we the same person? I literally have these same thoughts - "someday your life will slow down and you'll miss this". Fortunate to have big families, ample friends, etc